January 25, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 60 of 365

Garbage Collector

Subject: Every Mondays and Thursdays are garbage collection days.

Model=Canon PowerShot A580
Exif Version=0220
Shot Time=2011:01:24 17:37:27
Digitize Time=2011:01:24 17:37:27
Compress Rate=5.0 bits/pixel
Exposure Time=1/30 Second
F Number=3.5
Minimum F Number=
Focal Length=9.98 mm
X Resolution=11520.0 pixels/cm
Y Resolution=11503.0 pixels/cm
ISO Speed Rate=ISO800
Flash=Flash Used
Light Source=
Exposure Program=
Color space=sRGB
Image Width=640
Image Length=480
User Comment=
Related audio file=
Optoelectric conversion factor=
Shutter speed=1/30 Second
Exposure bias=0.00
Maximum lens aperture=3.63
Subject distance=
Metering mode=Pattern
Flash energy=
Spatial frequency response=
Subject location=
Exposure index=
Sensing method=
File source=
Scene type=

Our Subd

Digiscrapbook Layout created in Microsoft Visio
using "DCWV Fall Stack 23" as a paper background

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