September 27, 2011

Bloggers' Manifesto

My Code of Conduct as a Blogger

While I'm blog hopping, I came across to this wigget. with full curiosity I cliked it.

Then it lead me to "The Blogger’s Manifesto" which serves as a guideline for Best Blogging Practices of the current and future members of Digital Parents Australia. I do belive on this manefesto and yes, even if it was created as guidlines for the said community/group, the founder of this manifesto - Ms. Brenda Gaddi - is opening it to all blogger all over the world who wish to adhere to it. Since the day I started blogging, I knew that I should be an ethical blogger and this manifesto really put words to what I feel as our code of ethics in blogging, thus I'm sharing this menifesto.

Do you agree to the manifesto? Can you adhear to it? Me? I will! its now my concrete code of conduct as a blogger. If you are too, visit Blogger's Manifesto now to know more and then sign up into their Honour Roll then copy and paste the badge to your site.

Photo herein provided and taken from
Bloggers' Manifesto


September 23, 2011

@ Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Chocolate Fudge Cake

26 April 2011
Max's Restaurant Cagayan de Oro

Its GF's parents wedding anniversary. GF's eldest sister instructed us (me and GF) to buy cake for the parents. We pick up her money at the courier office before proceeding to pick up the cake at Red Ribbon Bakeshop of CDO's Divisoria.

GF sponsored the anniversary dinner. We held it in Max's Restaurant so that I can also use my Gift Certificates with a face value of regular half sized fried chicken.

For this feature ill share to you first the anniversary cake. I thank the Max's Restaurant for allowing us to bring the cake in without any corkage fee. They even let us use some utensils. We only ate a quarter and save the remainder for the next day savoring.

I love the icing and the filling. you really cant go wrong with red ribbon cakes. BTW, cake topper is not included nor bought at red ribbon. GF cant recall how she got the topper for it was ages ago and she came across to it when she cleaned her bookshelf.


01 October 2011
*This entry was featured in Food Friday Meme's September 30, 2011 entry.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Max's Restaurant
last 26th of April 2011


September 19, 2011

GK The Nation Building Expo 2011

Experience how Gawad Kalinga (GK) can move and change the nation.

Team GK from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and even our GK family from across the globe are excited as each day brings us closer to the celebration of faith, patriotism and volunteerism.

Help us in inviting your family and friends to The Nation Building Expo. You can either one or two or three or all of our steps below:
1. Post the GK1world GK Expo Webpage on your FB wall:
2. Post this photo in your blog or tumblr account and direct them to GK1world GK Expo Webpage
3. Use this photo as your profile picture or post this photo on your wall. Tag your friends.
4. Use #GKExpo2011 hashtag in Twitter

We would also like to thank our event partners: Globe Telecom, University of Sto. Tomas, Pilipinas Natin and PAGCOR.

See you there!

September 16, 2011

Cooking Marathon at SM City Fairview (part 2 of 2)

Cooking Demo by
Chef Lowell Cauilan

08 September 2011
SM City Fairview Hypermarket

I'm still in bed when I receive this SMS inviting me to attend the 5th and last cooking demo at SM City Fairview leg of the cooking marathon. The Demo starts at 2pm and I replied yes to the sender.

The demo started as soon as the chef arrived. Chef Lowell cooked a very simple, super fast and yet yummy meals for us using the CDO brand products: CDO young pork tocino and CDO ulam burger.

First dish is CDO young Pork Tocino Yang Chow

The organizers did not gave us the recipe handouts. What i do recall, this is a simple fried rice with mix veggies (corn, carrots and peas), chopped omelet and pre cooked & chopped CDO young pork tocino. He added chips on top as garnish.

Second dish is CDO Ulam Burger Fajitas

For this, he mix shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. He spread this mixture to the a tortilla and added strips of pre-cooked CDO Ulam Burger then rolled before cutting into bite sizes. He again garnished it with chips.

In between demos, the usual raffling off of gift packs from CDO brand. It really happened very fast thus the event ended fast too. Before leaving the venue, Ms. Annie - the event's emcee - gave me a SM Supermarket's 25th year commemorative mug.

Once again, Thank you SM City Fairview Hypermarket and CDO brand for this cooking demo.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
SM City Fairview Hypermarket
Pasong Putik, Quezon City, Philippines
last 08th of September 2011


September 13, 2011

do you want to know how much calories you had? Del Monte Fit 'n Right Calorie Counter-the is a perfect app!#fitnright

do you want to know how much calories you had? Del Monte Fit 'n Right Calorie Counter-the is a perfect app!#fitnright

Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness

As of this writing, GF and her family is so sad to loss their dear friend and good neighbor. He - let's call him Ped - is diagnosed to have Osteosarcoma (cancer in the bones).

Last Saturday (10th of September) while me and GF are having our usual phone call, she stopped me from talking for she is hearing a kind of commotion outside her room (at their gate to be exact) then she said "pls call later, there is some kind of emergency".

After about 30 minutes of waiting I called her up and she said that their neighbor asked her dad to rush Ped in the hospital. Ped is having difficulty in breathing. Then our call continued with a different topic. After about an hour or more, we heard the their landline phone ringing. She did not answered it but her mom called her up. GF entertained the call but she forgot to end our call so I patiently waited. I don't totally understand their dialect (visayan) but at some point I did understand some words and I want to end our call but I did not when GF said goodbye to the landline caller. As soon as she said hello to me, I just said "sorry for what I heard". GF confirmed to me Ped's death.

In our family, one of my uncle (my mother's brother) is taken away to us by Leukemia (cancer of blood and bone marrow) and one of my uncle (my mother's brother-in-law) SURVIVED cancer (we forgot what was it, as of this writing, my cousins haven't replied our query)

What do I know about cancer? I admit, I am not a medical practitioner but here are some of my ideas that I do know about Cancer.

Our body is made up of millions of cells. Our organs is a group of common cells, example skin cells form our skin. When a cell became different to their group, that cell can be cancerous. when that cell mutates and multiplies it will became a lump. So that's the first sign of cancer - the Lump. If we feel some lumps or swelling in our body like in our chest, skin and bones, refer it to a medical practitioner immediately. Some lumps and swelling is far visible in our eyes and touch specially if those occurred internally. Thus if we feel something bad inside us that cant be explained, seek medical advice immediately. Some Lumps can become tumors and Some tumors will lead to Cancer.

What causes cancer is substances that is classified as Carcinogenic. So lets limit (if not avoidable) these substances. many of these classified as carcinogenic are all harmful chemicals. Some are not harmful at first (like food and drinks) BUT if abused and taken in excessive amounts and in long periods of time, it can lead to cancer. X-ray, CT scan, MRI, Blood Test and biopsy are just to name a few to diagnose tumor and/or cancer.

How to survive cancer? Just stick to all medical advises. To name a few, you might undergo surgery, gamma knife, chemotherapy, cobalt therapy and drugs (intravenously and/or oral pills).The most powerful weapon against cancer is faithful prayer. For it was written "its your faith that healed you".

For me "big C" is not cancer, its Christ! If you are not a Christian, let me revise it. "big C" is not cancer but the Creator. If he created all things, He can create a way for us to combat cancer. Together with our Creator, church and community, cancer is just a piece of meat.

Blogger Ms.Steffie of "life and fever" is having a “Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness”. She is also telling us that there will be a a whole-day event for cancer patients and survivors is to be held this December. The event will include contests, freebies, inspirational talks, and performances. Donations are accepted and may be forwarded via PayPal to doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com.

September 12, 2011


Why do you want to experience and join the
in Camiguin Island

"Have you been to Camiguin?"

That's the question friends ask every time I'm in Cagayan de Oro to visit my Girlfriend. "You should go there; nice place, beautiful beaches and of course! The lanzones there are so sweet" they added even before I answer "no" to their question.

Yes, I admit that I ha vent been to Camiguin. I do love too. If pictures can tell a thousand words, pictures of friends and love ones in Camiguin only tells me of one thing and that's "come here!". Going to Camiguin is always part of the plan but due to budget concerns going there is always a plan.

The Philippines is definitely a "festival" islands. Visiting or traveling in different Philippine destinations is good BUT visiting a place in time of a festival, it makes the travel more fun and exciting. It’s a great bargain. There is a festival in every month and Lanzones Festival is scheduled every last week of October. According to my friends, Lanzones or "buahan" is harvested every October thus the festival was set in October as a thanksgiving for the abundant harvest not only of buahan but of all products.

Legend says, the festival started from a couple who wished for a child from a fairy who guards a lanzones tree. When their wish was granted they became so happy and forgot give thanks to the fairy. One day, as the child was playing, an old lady approached the child and the child became ill. The parents realized their ungratefulness to the fairy and so they performed a ritual to please the fairy and to ask for the child healing. The fairy then granted the couple's wish and the child was healed. The couple asked town folks to be with them in thanksgiving and merriment and it became annual ritual thus the festival.

For what I heard of while I’m in Cagayan de Oro, the lanzones festival has: lots of sweet lanzones at a very low price, some folks even gave it away to some tourist and visitors; It also has beauty pageants, band concerts, street dancing and lots of food. The stories i gathered and heard are all inviting to experience it to be part of it. I want to be there to join the festivities to experience it for myself for the first time.

White sand, clear water beaches, hot and cold springs, seafood, piniato, hot choco from tablea with pastel on the side. um um um! stop dreaming and start saving up =))

Why do I love to experience and join the Lanzones Festival? I only have a simple reason and that is "to witness locals do their thanksgiving". All Fiestas and Festivals here in the Philippines are made to offer thanksgiving. Be it a patronal fiesta or on-season of local produce - just like the Lanzones festival. Locals have their own way of thanksgiving, be it in a dance, or in singing or offering ones harvest. I want to see how they perform their way of thanksgiving.

Furthermore, I want to join the lanzones festival by being the lensman. To capture all that I witness: the scenery, the happy faces and the fun that the festival is giving to both locals and tourist.

The Philippines is a festival islands all year round. Three (3) major festivals are celebrated for the month of October. There’s a lot of time to save and who knows we might experience MassKara Festival, Hermosa Festival and Lanzones Festival this October. Airphil Express flies daily to BACOLOD, ZAMBOANGA and CAGAYAN DE ORO from Cebu and Manila. Visit to book!"



September 10, 2011

Cooking Marathon at SM City Fairview (part 1 of 2)

Cooking Demo by
Chef DeeJay Santos

06 September 2011
SM City Fairview Hypermarket

My sister got an email invite for her to cover the Cooking Marathon in SM City Fairview Hypermarket last September 06, 2011. Since I want to watch the cooking demo, I asked her if I can join her, she said yes and off we go,

Upon our arrival, the host for that event welcomed us. Its sister's second time to cover the event, the host recognized my sister immediately. We waited for the demo to start so we sat on the same bench. Then a co-blogger Ms. Joy Blanca of "Delectable Ideas" came and sat beside us together with her son. A few more minutes, the cooking demo started.

Chef Dee Jay Santos cooked three dishes:

First, an appetizer, Tomato and Herb Bruchetta;

then the Main dish, Beef Stroganoff;

lastly, a refreshing drink, Rosemary Iced Tea.

In between dishes, the host raffled off gift packs from McCormick. My sister won the raffle and me won in the Q&A portion thus we got a pack each. After the demo, the usual photo ops. The host asked us of we can be on September 8th and we just said we will try. We went home happy with our gift packs plus the host gave us some goodies as loot bag.

Thank you once again SM Hypermarket and McCormick.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
SM City Fairview Hypermarket
Pasong Putik, Quezon City, Philippines
last 06th of September 2011

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