January 3, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 38 of 365

Hot Chicks

Subject: While me and sister was strolling in the market, one merchant is selling this colored chicks. he is selling like hot cakes. the kids love it as a pet and its color is inviting. i really wonder how they put dye(s) to this chicks. he also sells uncolored (natural colored) chicks and ducklings.

Camera = Canon Powershot A580
Mode = Manual
Metering = Evaluative
ISO = hi auto = 125
Shutter Speed = 1/60s
f-Ratio = 2.6
EXP = 0(zero)
Flash = off
WB = auto
Color = Vivid
Macro = off

Date = 02 January 2011
Time = 17:04 (GMT+8)

Location = Caloocan City

Digiscrapbook Layout created in Microsoft Visio
using "DCWV Fall Stack 23" as a paper background

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