September 30, 2008

Salamat MEME

30 September 2008

Kasali na ako dito !!! :)

Maraming Salamat sa bumubuo at tagapagtaguyod ng

Litratong Pinoy
Photo Meme Community


Lasang Pinoy Sundays
Food Meme Community

at sinali n'yo ako sa opisyal na kasapi ng grupo.

dahil sa grupong ito:
naging two (2) na ang page rank ko mula sa zero (0);
marami akong naging katikiman, kainan, kaibigan, kabalitaan at kakampi :);
at mga idea sa mga angolo sa pag kuha ng litrato.

muli po
maraming maraming salamat :)

at gayun din sa mga taong
naglagay ng aking pangalan at/o blogsite (back link)
sa kani-kanilang blogsite

maraming maraming maraming salamat din po sa inyo :)

Nawa'y pagpalain ang lahat :)

September 28, 2008

La.Pi.S.#16: Rice, Rice, Rice

28 September 2008


Extra Rice Please :-)

Every time i eat out, be it in a mall or just a corner kiosk, i always eat "rice meals". It's budget friendly and the BEST tummy full-fillers.

first, Java Rice...its best with Roast and Grills. think about BBQ :)

Tenderroast @ SM City Fairview (java rice, pork chops, ice tea & pasta)

Reyes BBQ @ SM City Fairview (java rice, pork Liempo, ice tea (hiden))

second, Plain Rice....its always present and "bitin", so call for Extra rice.

@ home (Sautéed Vegies w/ shrimp & rice)

Hen Haw Resto @ Bacnotan, La Union (Sautéed Letchon Kawali & Vegies & rice)

Parting Shot

if you are complaining to the high price of Rice these days, well you are not alone. BUT this Rice is one of the most expensive in this country, even in the world.

Kalinga Rice claims that its a meal at itself. Kalinga is a province north of Luzon in the Cordillera Mountain Range.

Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460

September 25, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 26 : Itim at Puti (Black and White)

Itim at Puti

Black and White

Hangang ngayon, 'di ko parin kabisado ang keyboard ng komputer, kahit halos 12 na taon na akong nagkokomputer at ang masaklap pa nito, 2 daliri sa mag kabilang kamay parin ang gamit ko (hinlalaki at hintuturo). hay :( kelan kaya ako matututo ng "speed typing" :(

Up to now, i still can’t memorize the PC keyboard layout, even if im using it for 12 years now. Much worst than that, I still use 2 fingers of both hands - the thumb and index fingers. ohh :( when will be i be learned to do "speed typing" :(

Litratro kuha gamit ang Sony Erickson k800i
Photo taken using Sony Erickson k800i

September 21, 2008

La.Pi.S.# 14: Colorful & La.Pi.S.# 15: Fried (Golden)

Double Entries
Colorful & Golden Fried

I was on a conference last Sunday & i cant afford an rent on a internet cafe so i decided to post two entries for today.


at first, this is not a colorful one, not as colorful as I expected. but since it has more than two colors, it can be colorful isn't it?

This iced/frosted cupcakes & brownies are the dessert for our dinner in our conference in CFC Singles for Christ last Sept. 12 held in San Juan, La Union.

2nd, Golden Fried

from left to right:
Okoy (shrimp fritters), Cane Vinegar w/ onions & salt and; Vigan Empanada

Okoy is made of batter(of corn starch,egg whites & water); shelled shrimps with heads on;and onion leaves. It is deep fried like tempura.

Regular Vigan Empanada(right) is made of grated green papaya or shredded cabbage or both, encased on a corn flour dough.

Special Vigan Empanada(top of vinegar) is similar to regular empanada but this has Vigan Longanisa and egg yolk.

These are deep fried so expect it has excess oil when served.

The Cane Vinegar is locally called Sukang Iloco is made from sugar cane juice fermented in earthen jars. The sweet fermented juice becomes wine and it is locally called Basi and the sour batch or overly fermented is the vinegar.

These are bestsellers specialties in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. The Empanadahan (Empanda kiosk) are located beside the St. Paul Cathedral, between Plaza Burgos & Mc Donalds Resto.

Parting Shot:

Me and a cart of fried Fishballs in Calle Crisologo (Crisologo street. also in Vigan City.)

the vendor is so trusting enough to leave his whole cart to us. Since he is so camera shy, he opted to exchange for coins while we (me and sister) are enjoying our photo session.

September 19, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 25 : Ginintuan (Golden)


Natuto akong mag "cross stitch" noong kolehiyo ako. Tinuruan ako ng nobya ko noon ('di na ngayon - hehehe) ang dami kong sinulid noon, pati na patterns at karayum. pero dalawa lang ang naka-frame at ito yung ikalawa. ang dami kong nasimulan na gawin pero pagdating sa kalagitnaan di ko na pinagpatuloy - tinamad na ako.

I learned to do cross stitching when I was in college. My ex-Girlfriend taught me. I have lots of DMC treads, patterns & needles. But i only have (finished) two projects put in frames and this is my second. I started many projects but I stopped in the middle due to laziness & boredom.

September 11, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 24 : Pilak (Silver)


Wedding Rings ng Mommy ko; pang 25 na taon yung nasa ilalim

Mahal na Ina

sa iyong
pagtaguyod, pagmamahal, pag-aaruga
sa aming magkakapatid

Thank You
dear Mother
for your
rearing, love and care
for us your children

September 10, 2008

ABC Wed R3 : the letter "H"

H is for
Hands of Heart

It's been 4 years after we last met.
So the first thing I have in mind when we met again is to have this picture.

Praise God I met her again.
The Gift of technology made this meeting/Reunion possible.

Come to think of it, I didn't got her contact details when we first met.
After 3 years, I seen/searched in a social networking website.

Thank Goodness she remembered me.
and the rest is what they say "history".

Truly, meeting her is sweeter the second time around

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

All photos herein are captured using Canon Powershot A460
in Expo Pilipino, Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines last 17 February 2008
Cropped using PhotoStudio5 by Arcsoft


September 7, 2008

Lasang Pinoy Sundays # 13: To Go (Baon)

for Take-Out Please :)

Every time I order on a fast-food, I always say if it is for dine-in or take-out to save the crew's effort & for her/him to serve my order immediately.

Jollibee's "Super Meal"
consist of: Spaghetti; Fried Chicken; Rice; Corn & Carrots; brownies and Drink.
Sundae is sold separately.

About 2 years ago, there's this fast-food/Chinese Resto that is near the bus terminal. Every time I go to our province, I take-out some food for the (at least) 6 hour trip. Usually I order rice meals if my trip will fall on a lunch or dinner time. A hot bowl of ramen is a MUST for me to take out so that it will heat up my tummy and the air conditioning will not chill me out for the next 2 hours just in time for the 1st bus stop-over. Wondering how i can manage to eat the ramen on a moving bus? your not alone because me also ask the same question :)

Unfortunately, that resto closed down, dont know why. they closed down even the fact that its a big hit since its near a 5 bus terminals.

for this entry im sharing the last 2 meals i took-out this weekend..have a MALASANG sundays :)

Jollibee's "Palabok & Fried Chicken Value Meal"
drink not seen on photo)

Photo "Jollibee Super Meal" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
Jollibee Lagro
Quirino Highway, Lagro, Quezon City, Philippines
last 06th of September 2008

Photo "Jollibee Chicken-Palabok" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
Our Home
last 31st of August 2008


September 4, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 23 : Tanso (Copper)


Ang lupit ng hagupit ng teknolohiya ngayo, 'di po ba? Parati nalang tayong namamangha at nagsasabi ng "wow, High Tech". Pero alam nyo ba kung ang mahalagang sangkap para tumakbo ang teknolohiya? Syempre kuryente, at sa tanso dumadaloy ang kuryente.

Technology are fast-pace now a days. We always see ourselves amazed in saying "Wow! High Tech". But do you know what is the most important thing that makes technology run that fast? Of course its electricity, and it goes thru copper.

My OLD Video Card - S3 Trio 3D/2x 8Mb

Kab-le ang una kong naiisip pag tanso ang usapan. Ito daw kasi ang isang uri ng bakal na mabilis daluyan ng kuryente at madaling mahanap. Tanso ang dahilan kaya lahat tayo ay may telepono at internet. Kahit may "optical cables" na, iba parin ang tansong kable kasi mura ito at madaling gamitin at kumponihin :)

Cables are the first thing I think of copper. They say that this kind of metal conducts electricity much faster that any other metal and its easy to find. Cooper is also the reason why we all have telephone & internet access. Even if Optical Cables are now in use, nothing beats copper cables because its cheaper & easy to maintain. :)

Telephone Cables & SD Memory Card

September 3, 2008

ABC Wed R3: the letter "G"

G is for

I learned to play the guitar when I was on my 3rd year High School. 1993 I guess. At first, i just looking at my schoolmates play then I bought a song magazine that contains a chord chart so that I can start memorizing the chords. A few months later, my parents gave me my own guitar as a birthday present. Since then, I actively learn to play some songs.

I had some hardships. The most common is the aching wrist and corned fingertips. That made me lazy to learn more tricks in playing. Laziness has it toll. As I grow older I cant make use of some basic and even simple techniques to make the sound/song more livelier. I should have been a better guitar player if I only endured such pains :(

Lesson Learned: "You can't teach old dogs new start while it's young".

"Who draws the crowd? Who plays so loud? Baby its the guitar man.
Who's going to steal the show? You know baby its the guitar man."
--- bread

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

All photos herein are captured using Canon Powershot A460 in Subdivision's Chapel last 17 August 2008


September 1, 2008

Lasang Pinoy Sundays # 12 : Creamy

The Creamy goodness of Milk is in... breakfast cereals;
('Nestle Koko Crunch' and 'Milk Magic' fresh milk) Sundae;
('Burger King' strawberry sundae) Halo-Halo;
('Chowking' petite) Frozen delight;
('Nestle chocolate pinipig crunch loaded' & 'Selecta MOO' ice cream)

Government Warning:
Breast milk is still the best for babies up to 2 years

Photo "Breakfast Cereals" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
Our Home
last 28th of August 2008

Photo "Sundae" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
Burger King
SM City Fairview, Quezon City
last 30th of August 2008

Photo "Halo-Halo" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
SM City Fairview, Quezon City
last 30th of August 2008

Photo "Frozen Delight" is captured using
Canon Powershot A460 in
Our Home
last 01st of September 2008

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