September 10, 2015

Globe Telecom Blocks Scam Text Messages

Are you a Globe Telecom subscriber? Be it postpaid or prepaid? If yes, probably you received a text message like this.

If yes, worry no more. Globe Telecom blocked a total of 30.8 million of spam and scam text messages in less​ ​than a year.They intensified their campaign to rid its network of such annoying ​​and unwanted​ ​messages and protect its customers.

The leading telecommunication provider expanded coverage of an automated filtering ​​functionality that keeps its customers from receiving scam and spam messages. With the expansion, majority of the company’s 2.3 million postpaid customers are now covered by the filtering mechanism, said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Service Management Division, Network Technical Group.

Me too is a Globe Subscriber and me too also hopes that all spam and scam messages be gone. Sadly, these crooks will make better ways to fool us with their scams. If you still do receive such pls send a screenshot to @talk2globe in twitter so that they can be also updates with the crooks' antics.

Stay safe and vigilant guys.
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