October 31, 2008

Pinoy Street Food # 02 : Inihaw Set A

as i mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every friday and the Food Friday Meme

My featured menu for today:

(1) Chicken Intestines (aka isaw)

(2) Pork Blood (aka betamax)

(3) Pork Intestines (aka bituka, isaw bilog)

(4) Pork Ears (aka tengga)

(5) Chicken Gizzard (aka balun-balunan)

(6) Pork Liver (aka atay)

(7) Pork Barbecue (aka BBQ, laman)

(8) Hotdogs

October 30, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 31: Kadiliman (Darkness)

Nakaka asar pag may brownout lalo na pag gabi kasi
hindi lamang sa madilim kung di
hindi ka maka Blog, Plurk, Multiply at blog-hop, etc.
sa madaling sabi,
walang ilaw, madilim.
walang Kuryente, walang ilaw, walang internet :(

at sigurado, pag makulimlim at
madilim na ang kalangitan, uulan at magkaka-brown-out :((

buhay sa ngayon, nakadepende na karamihan sa
liwanang ng ilaw, buhay, puso at isipan :))

It really angers me when there is a power failure during the night.
its not only dark but
we can not do our blogs, edit our sites, and surf the internet.

for sure if its cloudy
the sky will darken and the rains will pour that can cause a power failure :((

Life now a days really depends on the
enlightenment of bulbs, life, heart & mind.

Maganda at mapagpalang araw mga ka-LP!!!!!!!

October 26, 2008

La.Pi.S.#20: Halloween


Trick or Treats?

Trick or Treats? me?Ayaw!!!!!! Pwede Cash nalang???!!!

Gandour is a Malaysian Choco Factory

This is the first Goody bag.............

not too spookie and small for me, i want the pumkin guy.....here it its.......

...............Oh! dear!!!!!!! this is not a good bargain, too little goodies inside for a big price.....what about this one...............

yup, i bought the pail....."sulit na sulit"..........

Im a chocoholic. The first time i tasted a Gandour Choco was the "Tourist", the red bar. next to the pail, top row..it was ??? years ago. i liked the crispy waffer shell with a generous chocolate inside, the small one has 2 shells but the big but has 4 shells. the blue tourist is milk filled.

I wanted this take pix of these with a spider to make it spookier but no luck so bribed this black cat with a piece of bread snack to make it look like he is eating my goodie........

........of course I know that chocolates are poisonous to cats & dogs so don't worry, he didn't have chocos since im very selfish when it comes to chocolates.

Black cats are a thing of Halloween isnt it?

Happy Halloween to all................... :)

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460

October 24, 2008

Pinoy Street Food # 01 : Banana & Sweet Potato Cues and Turon

as i mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every friday and the Food Friday Meme

Bananaque or Banana Cue (1) is made of Philippine Banana Plantain locally called "saba" deep-fried in oil with brown sugar glaze.

Turon (2) is simmilar to bananaque but the saba is sliced in half, rolled in brown sugar, sometimes add ripe jackfruit meat to make it special then join the 2 halves then covered with spring roll wrapper before deep-frying in oil and brown sugar glaze.

lastly, Kamoteque or Kamote cue (3) has the same cooking procedure like bananaque but this is made of sweet potato slices.

Turon is my favorite because of the extra crunch from its wrapper.

This photo was taken by my sister "shutterhappyjenn"

October 23, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 30 : Liwanag (Light)

Sa Kadiliman lang masisilayan ang Liwanag.
Only in Darkness we can see Light.

There is light at the end of the Tunnel (and its celling).

kuha mula sa Litratong Pinoy EB Agosto 9, 2008
Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila

Maganda at mapagpalang araw mga ka-LP!!!!!!!

October 19, 2008

La.Pi.S.#19: on a Stick


Make tusok-tusok that and saw-saw it there!
Prelude to "Pinoy Street Food"

Where ever I go, I always find myself make tusok-tusok that fishballs. When I went to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, I was fascinated to this one unfamiliar thing. They call it "tempura". I thought it was home/selfmade by the vendor, but its not when he took out a pack of it. Well the pack says "tempura" but weeks after I went to a grocery then i found out that that tempura thing is actually a "squid roll". similar to a squid balls but in a roll or elongated. That vendor was so thankful to me because I persuaded my friends and some by-standers to buy and try tempura, he took out about 3 kilos in just 30 min or less. Sayang, wala akong pix nun kasi di ko pa hilig ang food photography.

So, as my entry to this Theme:

I got the phrase "make tusok-tusok that" in a situation where a college "pa-susyal" girl is a newbie in eating fishballs. Her also "pa-susyal" friend taught her how to eat fishballs by saying "here, grab a stick. make tusok-tusok that fishball then saw-saw it there sa sauce". Oh! diba sossy ang conyong dalaga :))

I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and i want it to launch this on this theme. since i haven't cropped and organized my photos. ill just post it next one at a time. so do come by next time to see it. but as of now, here an intro to my "pinoy street food" on a stick.

As I said that I make tusok-tusok that fishballs everywhere i go. So here are the the pix of a traveling fishball man. Im sure, my sister Jenn will be mad when she found out I also used fishball as my entry. Kasi I said na yung "ihaw-ihaw there in the kanto" will be my entry. eto yung feel ko eh, sorry nalang sya :))

Agoo, La Union May 2008

Crisologo St., Vigan City, Ilocos Sur May 2008

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460

October 17, 2008

Taste Test # 01 : Three Sausages of Pizza Hut

This is Pizza Hut's
Three Sausages Pizza (Family sized).

Me and Baby sister ate this at SM City Baguio last October 2007.

Unfortunately this pizza flavor was phased-out,dont know why.

What i do know is that i really love this Pizza,
i crave for this flavor.

Just imagine......
three kinds of sausages in mayo garlic sauce (the white lines)
on top of Pizza Hut secret pizza sauce and cheese
oh! crap! i forgot the names
Hungarian, Vienna and Italian sausages i suppose.
What the hell, it's phased out anyway.

im just blogging this for
revival of this flavor

Pizza Hut Philippines!!!!!!
i hope you can hear my call!!!!!!!!!!

October 16, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 29 : Bago nga Kaya (is it new?)

Kuya! may bago kaming damit!!!!

Hmm??? bago nga kaya????

OO! bagong-bago, galing UK!!!

Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!Sabi ko na eh!!!!!!!!!

Muli po, maraming salamat sa pag bisita at pag akda ng komento...iikot po ako sa huwebes at viernes ng 11 ng gabi.

Maganda at mapagpalang araw mga ka-LP!!!!!!!

October 12, 2008

La.Pi.S.#18: School of Fish


Danggit Bai!!!

This is my second fave dried seafood. My first is Dried Squid. Since squid is not applicable to this theme and I don't have a photo of it either, thus this will be my take on this theme.

Danggit (rabbitfish or spinefoot) is Cebu's Pride on dried fish. Cebu being an island has many variety of dried fish, but I love this one the most.

This one will not be complete without a best saw-sawan(dip). And the best for danggit is this one - sukang pinakurat :) - Spiced Coco Nectar Vinegar.

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460

October 11, 2008

Taste My Life # 02 : Culinary TV Viewier

I am so hook on Culinary TV shows

When I was on my elementary days, I'm fascinated with this Chinese Cook and his show "Wok with Yan". Then I became a "Tita Maggi" fan (a lady dressed in yellow and red dress who endorses and uses Maggi products). Then "Del Monte Kitchenomics" segment on a noon time show and I became a Kitchenomics member.

At present, i follow numerous kitchen TV shows, thanks to Lady Han & Jang Geum (characters in a Korean TV soap "Jewel in the palace") and to the Iron Chef (tokyo). Since Culinary is a major thing and profession today, I believe there is more shows and segments to come.

Here is the list of shows and cooking segments I follow, and this is not listed or arrange in any order or rank.

"A Taste of Life with Heny Sison", sadly its off the air, don't know why. I am just a simple Heny Sison fan :)

"Ka-toque"; QTV11; Sat 11am. A group of young Chefs who battle with each other who can win over the guests' discriminating taste.

"Tablescapes: Life on a plate"; Studio 23; Mon 11pm. Its a travel and cooking show. The Host Chef Bruce Lim wonders the place to source out native dishes and cook/mimic it back home. Since not all local/native ingredients are readily available here in Manila, Chef Bruce make use of a better substitute. While Angel Aquino tour the viewers of the place and buys some household items and use it on the shows later part - the dinner. At dinner, both host will met and dine together with a guest.

"True Confections"; QTV 11; Sat 6pm. A baking and dessert show with Pastry Chefs Aileen Anastacio and Jackie Ang Po and TV host Sam Oh. I am really amazed how these bakers do the presentation of simple baked goodies. They just stated airing last sat (oct 4, 2008) and it is a blast! cant wait for the next episode.

"Quickfire: 10 minute kitchen wonder"; QTV 11; daily 6pm & 7pm; sat & sun 9pm. This is a 10 minute segment hosted by Chef Rosebud Benitez. She does quick & easy dish in just 10 minutes. this is good for busy people and for those "unexpected guest".

"Chef to Go"; QTV11; sun 7pm. Hosted by Chef Rob Pecson who cooks a full course meal for its guest(s). Same quick and easy to prepare meals.

"tara lets"; segment of "the beat"; QTV11; mon 10pm. Where the host Tonypet Gaba tours and reviews restos and other dinning places. Oh! I envy his work.

"rapsa papa"; segment of "balik-bayan"; QTV11; fri 10pm. Where the host Drew Arellano tour diferent places where stars are born & grew up. at this segment he will cook a local dish.

If I'm lucky, I can watch early morning cooking segments but its hard to wake up that early just to wait for the cooking segment to come. I'm still sleepy. It is hard to wait when you are sleepy, I will definitely doze-off in waiting.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid sponsorship nor endorsement to the said shows, personalities, website links and entities.

October 10, 2008

Taste My Cooking # 01 : Orange Chicken

Grilled Chicken:

1 Chicken Breast Fillet (skin & bone off)
1 Maggi Savor Liquid Seasoning – to taste
1 tsp Maggi Magic Sarap
Black pepper, ground – to taste
Orange Zest

Marinade chicken in the remaining ingredients for at least 30 min.
Drain marinade mix for the sauce.
Grill or fry until done.
Set aside.

Orange Sauce:

Juice from 1 Orange
1 Tbsp Cornstarch
Sugar – to taste
1 tsp Maggi Magic Sarap
Marinade mix

Mix all in a saucepan.
Fire up the stove to low fire. Simmer until slightly thick.
Mix in the chicken. Simmer once again until desired thickness.


Arrange the chicken and pour the sauce on top. Garnish with sliced orange

submitted to yummy magazine as entry to a promo from Maggi Magic Sarap
original posting date was oct. 7 but re-dated for food friday entry

October 9, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 28 : Luma na! (it's old)

MV Doulos
Ang pinaka lumang lumalayag na barko sa mundo.
MV Doulos is the oldest sailing ship in the world.

at mission nya ang magbigay ng magandang libro sa lahat.
it's mission is to bring "good books for all"

Para sa buong storya
Related BLOG entry

Muli po, maraming salamat sa pag bisita at pag akda ng komento...iikot po ako sa biernes ng 11 ng gabi.

Maganda at mapagpalang araw mga ka-LP!!!!!!!

October 8, 2008

ABC Wed R3 : the letter "L"

L is for

This is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Its the highest Lighthouse in the Philippines.Solar powered and funded by the local government.

Situated on top of the hill, It has about 230 steps from ground to its bulb. When you reached the top,you can see the sea to the west and the mountains to the east. its breeze is so cool and the scene is breathtaking.

to get there:

proceed to
Laoag, Ilocos Norte by bus or plane from Manila;
then by bus to Pagudpod, just ask the conductor to drop you on the site;
then walk on the hill, thus renting a van will be the best idea

All photos herein are captured using Kodak KE85
at Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines last 13 April 2008
and digitized using Canon CanoScan Lide25


October 7, 2008

Prelude to Personal Food Blog

This is my Food and Beverage Blog.

This is how I will share my Cooking to you my readers.

This is me being me and all I want to be. Take this as a journal in the events of
my Cooking, being Cook, being the man in the kitchen.

"MyFoodBlog" is the general category or label for all about food and drinks. Be it my Cooking or Dinning in and out.

"Taste My Cooking" is for my cooking experiments. Be in concocting a new dish or trying out to cook a classical dish.

"Kitchen Lab" is for trying out recipes published or seen on different forms of mass media: Cook Books; magazines; TV shows and advertisements; Product labels; etc.

"Gulp Lab" is about beverages and other forms of drinks.

October 5, 2008

Taste My Life # 01 : Excited to fly

Excited To Fly

Cebu Pacific started their operation in flying every Juan since March 1996. At that same date, I also wanted to fly on one of its planes. After few years, they had these colorful paint jobs on its planes, thus, it made me more got eager and excited to fly. And now that they have all-in fares, seat sales, go-lite fares, fun tours and the youngest Fleet in the country, flying is never that hard to imagine.

On year 2009, I am planning to go to my dream destinations: Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

As February nearly comes, I am getting more and more excited to fly. I will go to Cebu City to attend a conference. From 2002, I have been attending conferences traveling by water or by land but on this conference, I decided to travel by a plane.

I will be with my sister in the conference. We are planning to arrive there a day earlier and leave a day later. We will stroll around where the City of Cebu is famous of - Basilica de Santo NiƱo; Magellan’s Cross; Provincial Capitol and the City Hall; Cebu Archdiocesan Museum. I will also ask some friends to impart us some information about gimmicks or things to do while we are in Cebu.

After the conference, I need to earn again for I will go to Cagayan de Oro to visit a friend. Good thing that she will have a month long vacation on the month of April. I will not only stroll around the city with her but also I will visit her in her home to meet her family.

The last time we talk about this, we were able to plan to go to the following places: St. Agustin Cathedral; Macahambus Adventure Park where there is zipline, rappelling & hanging bridge skywalk; White River Rafting on Cayayan river; to her workplace, a school wherein she’s a teacher; her school in college where there is also a museum; the Provincial Capitol, the City Hall and the Plaza; and my much awaited to see – the Divisioria weekend night market, lastly the Pineapple plantations of Del Monte Corp.

Oh dear! I’m really excited on these plans - to stroll the cities of Cebu and Cagayan de Oro and to meet her after a yearlong of waiting. I hope that she can also attend the conference and that there would be no conflicts on her work schedules and from her Masteral Arts Studies. I really am so excited to see her again as much I am excited to ride on a plane as well.

Dearest Lord, I hope you will grant these wishes, bless my Dreams. As early as now, I am giving you thanks and praise for hearing our prayers.

Parting words:

Cebu Pacific flies daily to our dream destinations. They have all-in rates, go-lite rates and seat sale rates, piso fares and zero fares and even Tour Packages. Check out their website at www.cebupacificair.com for more details on rates and destinations. It is Cebu Pacific's commitment to let every Juan flies and every Juana have fun.

La.Pi.S.#17: Pica-Pica (finger food)


Pick me some more :">

These are the most satisfying peanuts I ever tasted. Its not oily nor salty. The only bad side for me is, it is not spicy. Good thing we always have chili powder.

Let me introduce to you "Cheding's" you extra-ordinary peanut pica-pica.

This is a toasted peanuts from Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Since its toasted, the oil of the peanuts comes out naturally thus its almost greaseless and not saturated. It is not salty, not even a trace of salt at all. I guess if you grind and whip this on a food processor it will become an all-natural peanut butter.

This was given to me by a friend from Cagayan de Oro last February. She again gave half a kilo last April and we (me & 3 more people) ate it in less than 10 minutes.

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460

October 4, 2008

Taste My Life : Prelude

on this category
I will share a slice of my life to the readers.

This is me being me and all I want to be.

Take this as a journal in the events of
my life, my thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations.

This is my life,
come have a taste of it

October 2, 2008

Litratong Pinoy # 27: Aking Kompyuter

Paunang Salita:

Una sa lahat,gusto kong magpasalamat sa litratongpinoy.com at sa lahat ng membro nito. Kasi nabuhay ng maganda at matiwasay ang aking blogsite na ito. Salamat MEME

Salamat din sa nag komento noong nakaraang Huwebes kasi ang lahok na iyon ay naka tangagap ng pinaka maraming komento sa blogsite na ito.

At dahil din doon, naging 2(two) ang page rank ko, yehey! salamat talaga ng marami...

o sya, eto na po ang aking lahok sa Huwebes na ito:


Gaya nga ng sabi ni kasamang Clicking Away maaga ako sa huwebes na ito kasi ang lahok ko noong nakaraan ay na-aayon din sa tema ngayon.

Ako po ay kumuha ng Computer Science na kurso sa kolehiyo. Bago ako mag-3rd year High School pa ako nagsimulang mag aral ng kompyuter (1994).Marahil siguro, lahat na yata ng kumpyuter at ilang lang doon ay laptop brands ay nagamit ko na, maliban na lamang sa Apple o Macintosh Computers.

Dahil sa isang kaibigan, at sya rin ang nagturo sakin ng halos lahat ng nalalaman ko sa kumpyuter, ay naging loyal ako sa isang brand ng Computer Processor. Ang Advance Micro Devices o AMD.

Ang una naming nabili na Computer ay isang AMD486-100Mhz. Tapos noong tumulong ako sa pag simula ng Computer Rental Shop ng nasabing kaibigan, nag palit kami ng Computer at napunta sakin ang kanyang Pentium MMX 166Mhz. Dahil unti unti na itong naluluma ng panahon at teknolohiya, naka bili ulit kami ang AMD Athlon 1Ghz, pero dahil hindi tugma ang motherboard sa Processor, di ito nagtagal ng 2 taon, kaya ina-up-grade ko yung motherboard at RAM nito. umayus naman sya. at ngayon eto na ang pinaka huli naming kompyuter dito sa bahay sa Caloocan City, ang AMD Athlon64 3000+ AM2.

Tatlo kaming mag-kakapatid ang gumagamit nyan. Halos 1 taon at 1 buwan na sya samain. Ganito rin ang kumpyuter ko sa bahay namin sa
La Union, iba lang yung mesa, printer at scanner.

At kung hindi dahil sa temang ito, hindi ko pa ito mabubuksan at malilinisan nang bahagya.

Pero syempre, di ko malinisan nang maigi kasi nga madalas gamitin ito. kasi nga naman pag pinaliguan ko ito, mahigit isang linggo itong patutuyuin at hindi magagamit.

Kapatid ko po si
Jenn (Shutter Happy Jen) kaya sigurado, kamukha nito ang lahok nya.

Personaly, ang maganda lang sa laptop ay madli syang bitbitin kahit saan. pero sa Desktop pa rin ako kasi lahat ng pyesa madaling hanapin, mahirap lang bilhin, mahal eh.

Muli po, maraming salamat sa pag bisita at pag akda ng komento...iikot po ako sa biernes ng 11 ng gabi.

Maganda at mapagpalang araw mga ka-LP!!!!!!!

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