October 20, 2015

Cebu Pacific Air CANCELS Flights for APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Manila

Please be informed that Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) CANCELS flights for the APEC Economic Meeting that will be held in Manila from November 16 to 21, 2015. The cancellation of these flights are due to the runway closure of NAIA when the APEC guest and delegates arrived and/or leave in Manila.

The following flights and schedules are affected: (Alpha of destination)

November 16, 2015 (Monday)

5J479/480 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J481/482 Manila – Bacolod – Manila

5J399/400 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J395/396 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila

5J575/576 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J583/588 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J579/582 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J571/572 Manila – Cebu – Manila

5J977/978 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J969/972 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J982 Davao – Manila

5J629/630 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila

5J997/998 Manila – General Santos – Manila

5J118/119 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila

5J461/462 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J463/464 Manila – Iloilo – Manila

5J733 Manila – Kota Kinabalu

5J501 Manila – Kuala Lumpur

5J937 Manila – Phuket

5J645/646 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J647/648 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila

5J375/376 Manila – Roxas – Manila

5J807 Manila – Singapore

5J653/654 Manila – Tacloban – Manila

5J621/622 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila

November 17, 2015 (Tuesday)

5J483/484 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J485/486 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J479/480 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J473/474 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J481/482 Manila – Bacolod – Manila

5J791/792 Manila – Butuan – Manila

5J561 Manila – Cebu
5J590 Cebu – Manila
5J557/556 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J573/574 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J579/582 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J565/566 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J575/576 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J583/588 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J567/568 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J553/562 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J581/580 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J569/570 Manila – Cebu – Manila

5J397/398 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J399/400 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J383/384 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J385/386 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila

5J629/630 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila

5J982 Davao – Manila
5J961 Manila – Davao
5J955/960 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J969/972 Manila – Davao – Manila

5J993/994 Manila – General Santos – Manila

5J108/109 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
5J114/115 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila

5J453 Manila – Iloilo
5J468 Iloilo – Manila
5J459/460 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J457/458 Manila – Iloilo – Manila

5J188/189 Manila – Incheon – Manila

5J339/340 Manila – Kalibo – Manila

5J734 Kota Kinabalu – Manila

5J502 Kuala Lumpur – Manila

5J323/324 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J325/326 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J321/322 Manila – Legazpi – Manila

5J938 Phuket – Manila

5J641/642 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J645/646 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J637/638 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J643/644 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J639/640 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J647/648 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila

5J375/376 Manila – Roxas – Manila

5J813/814 Manila – Singapore – Manila
5J808 Singapore – Manila

5J651/652 Manila – Tacloban – Manila

5J621/622 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila

5J506/507 Manila – Tuguegarao – Manila

5J857/858 Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
5J851/852 Manila – Zamboanga – Manila

November 18, 2015 (Wednesday)

5J561 Manila – Cebu
5J590 Cebu – Manila

5J961 Manila – Davao

5J629/630 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila

5J451 Manila – Iloilo
5J468 Iloilo – Manila

November 19, 2015 (Thursday)

5J479/480 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J481/482 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J477/478 Manila – Bacolod – Manila

5J399/400 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J395/396 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila

5J575/576 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J579/582 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J571/572 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J573/574 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J557/556 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J561 Manila – Cebu
5J590 Cebu – Manila

5J969/972 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J982 Davao – Manila

5J629/630 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila

5J744 Manila – Hanoi

5J118/119 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
5J114/115 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila

5J461/462 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J455/456 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J459/460 Manila – Iloilo – Manila

5J645/646 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J639/640 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila

5J653/654 Manila – Tacloban – Manila

5J621/622 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila

November 20, 2015 (Friday)

5J483/484 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J485/486 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J475/476 Manila – Bacolod – Manila

5J791/792 Manila – Butuan – Manila

5J887/888 Manila – Cotabato – Manila

5J561 Manila – Cebu
5J590 Cebu – Manila
5J552/585 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J559/560 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J565/566 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J553/562 Manila – Cebu – Manila

5J397/398 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J379/380 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila

5J623/624 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila
5J629/630 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila

5J961 Manila – Davao
5J951/952 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J955/960 Manila – Davao – Manila

5J991/992 Manila – General Santos – Manila

5J745 Hanoi – Manila

5J108/109 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila

5J451 Manila – Iloilo
5J468 Iloilo – Manila
5J449/450 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J457/458 Manila – Iloilo – Manila

5J339/340 Manila – Kalibo – Manila

5J325/326 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J321/322 Manila – Legazpi – Manila

5J637/638 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J643/644 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila

5J373/374 Manila – Roxas – Manila

5J651/652 Manila – Tacloban – Manila
5J655/656 Manila – Tacloban – Manila

5J617/618 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila

CEB is arranging the re-accommodation of affected guests on the soonest available flights. Affected guests may avail any of the following options without penalties, if they are unable to fly on soonest available flights:
* rebook their flights for travel within 30 days from the original departure date; or
* opt for full refund or travel fund.

October 1, 2015

Cebu Pacific Accepted its 32nd Airbus A320 Aircraft

Last Saturday, September 26, 2015, The Cebu Pacific accepted delivery of its 32nd brand-new Airbus A320 aircraft which arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

The brand-new Airbus A320 is the airline’s thirteenth aircraft that comes equipped with Sharklets. Sharklets are 2.4 meter wingtip devices that enable airlines to reduce fuel burn by up to 4% on longer sectors.

Photo courtesy of Ajig Ibasco / Cebu Pacific Air

With an average age of 4.82 years, CEB’s aircraft fleet is one of the youngest in the world. Between 2015 and 2021, CEB will take delivery of 6 more brand-new Airbus A320, 30 Airbus A321neo, and 16 ATR 72-600 aircraft.

September 10, 2015

Globe Telecom Blocks Scam Text Messages

Are you a Globe Telecom subscriber? Be it postpaid or prepaid? If yes, probably you received a text message like this.

If yes, worry no more. Globe Telecom blocked a total of 30.8 million of spam and scam text messages in less​ ​than a year.They intensified their campaign to rid its network of such annoying ​​and unwanted​ ​messages and protect its customers.

The leading telecommunication provider expanded coverage of an automated filtering ​​functionality that keeps its customers from receiving scam and spam messages. With the expansion, majority of the company’s 2.3 million postpaid customers are now covered by the filtering mechanism, said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Service Management Division, Network Technical Group.

Me too is a Globe Subscriber and me too also hopes that all spam and scam messages be gone. Sadly, these crooks will make better ways to fool us with their scams. If you still do receive such pls send a screenshot to @talk2globe in twitter so that they can be also updates with the crooks' antics.

Stay safe and vigilant guys.

July 10, 2015

#HalleLuyangDilaw : Trying out Turcumin Food Supplement

I been using turmeric as a way of combating inflammation that comes with body pains. Why? Simply because many grandmothers recommend it. I only come to believe it when my ankle was so inflamed and painful due to wrong posture while sleeping. Even a week of Diclofenac Sodium and Bengay massages provides little comfort. So bought fresh turmeric, boiled it and drink it like tea - like salabat and the pain and inflammation drastically gone in just 3 days.

The problem is fresh turmeric is not that abundant in the market unlike ginger. So, the next alternative is to buy powdered turmeric in supermarket's spices section. Sadly, after 3 days of opening a powdered turmeric its taste, effectiveness and potency will be gone. After a few years, a co-blogger featured Turcumin, right on the spot, i knew it will be the solution to my non-potent turmeric problem.

Why did I say that it is the solution to my non-potent turmeric problem? First, i dont need to look for turmeric in the market, its not that easily available. Second, i dont need to prepare like slice and boil and let it cool before drinking. with this, ill just pop out the pill. Third and the most important reason of all, unlike fresh or powdered turmeric, this Turcumin will all be potent in both strength and benefits because it is sealed in its capsule and blister pack.

Turmeric promises many medicinal benefits like anti-inflamation, anti-free radicals, anti-oxidant and many more BUT there is no clinical studies and researches for it thus I do know and I am aware that Turcumin is not a drug nor can treat illnesses. but i will still try Turcumin simply because of its content - the turmeric - can help me with my occasional painful knee and ankle.

for the first week of trial ill take one capsule a day then on the 8th day, ill pop twice a day (if there's no adverse reaction to me). Ill report in this blog and to social mediacast anything i observed. for the mean time, lets use the hashtags #Turcumin #HalleLuyangDilaw #HealthRichPharma for us to monitor other users observations and testaments.

July 9, 2015

#proTECH101 : A Message of Concern from Globe Telecoms


Globe Telecom, the Philippine National Police, and the National Bureau of Investigation have arrested and charged 65 alleged cable thieves and fraudsters as the drive against such illegal activities continues to intensify.

In line with this also, Globe has launched the online campaign #ProTECH101, to inform and keep their subscribers and all netizens vigilant against this global online crisis. GLOBE has launched a new online security campaign to serve as an information drive reminding netizens to keep vigilant in sharing personal information online. It is also to further promote online security and online crime prevention as it is now a rampant global issue at this technological age.

As distinguished and trusted influencers in the online space, we strongly believe you could be a great online security advocate and help spread the word about this campaign. The first part of our information drive series is presented above which is social media-ready for sharing! We hope you could also use the official hashtag:#ProTech101 and encourage you to share your own online safety tips! :)

We truly hope you could help us share this news. We're sure a lot of readers are worried of the ongoing online scams and we need them to be wary, and know that Globe is willing to cooperate and fight cases like these.

Yours Truly,

Globe Telecoms Inc.

July 2, 2015

Cherry Mobile brand CUBIX to be sold exclusively in Lazada

Don’t have the time to visit actual stores to look for the best phone that fits your lifestyle? Worry no more because Lazada Philippines, the country’s one-stop shopping destination, houses just the best brands in the market—with a never-before-seen Cherry Mobile CUBIX!

Cosmic Technologies, Inc., the creator of Cherry Mobile, introduces its first exclusive online brand CUBIX which will add to Lazada’s complete product portfolio. The brand is set to launch on June 26 at 12 noon and will be sold at P4,490 exclusively in Lazada. According to InancBalci, CEO of Lazada Philippines, this year is the perfect time to introduce new phones that set the standard for an upscale lifestyle, with an added shopping convenience without the added price.

“The number of mobile subscriptions is set to overtake the global population this year,” Balci said. “Now that we are more connected than ever, the only challenge left for most Filipinos is to find the perfect mobile companion that can handle all their lifestyle needs.”

The TNS Mobile Life reported that 54 percent of Filipino consumers consider mobile phones as their most important piece of technology. While most of them had a change in purchasing priorities since they now buy phones based on the right features that enhance personal experience, Balci said that they can better complement this user experience with a sophisticated phone design.

Balci added, “While there is a growing number of people looking for more affordable phones that promise the same—or even better—phone quality, we can offer a whole lot more than what they expect with CUBIX.” Cosmic Technologies partnered with Lazada for retailing CUBIX to the online shopping site’s customers with an aim to increase its target customers, especially those who are looking for their next target phones.

The upbeat smartphone runs on Android KitKat with a 5” HD On Cell Display. It boasts its 13MP Rear Camera and a 5MP Front Camera, designed for people who love to take pictures.
The CUBIX also has a 1.4 GhzOctacore Processor and 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. This will be available only in Lazada via www.lazada.com.ph/cherry-mobile-cubix/.

Balciconcluded, “Cherry Mobile has been our partner since Lazada entered the Philippines. With the trust they gave us to launch another premium brand, this only means that we gained new grounds in terms of online shopping. For its part, Lazada will continue to provide quality service to its customers as well as its partners no matter where they are around the country.”

About Lazada
Lazada(www.lazada.com.ph) is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provide additional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.

For more information, please visit http://www.lazada.com.ph. For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines).

June 30, 2015

40% Off on TGIFridays Baby Back Ribs

TGIfridays “fourth of july feast” treats guests to a 40% off on baby back ribs.

What’s a Fourth of July celebration without the mouth-watering goodness of Baby Back Ribs? TGIFRidays, the go-to American casual dining restaurant, offers a delicious feast on July 4 with its signature full-slab and half-slab ribs at 40% off their original prices, available all-day long.

TGIFridays’ Baby Back Ribs are slow-cooked until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. They are then seasoned with Cajun spices, fire-grilled and generously glazed with their tangy Jack Daniel house BBQ sauce. Chow them down with crispy seasoned fried and a refreshing coleslaw salad.

So if you are up for a food fest, come on over to TGIFridays and have a 4th of July treat with family and friends.

TGIFridays “Fourth of July Feast” will be available for all dine-in guests only at a maximum of two slabs per table the whole day on July 4 at all TGIFridays branches.

June 26, 2015

Delicious Mornings with Italianni’s

Wake up to delicious mornings with new breakfast dishes and free coffee at Italianni’s. Set your alarms early because Italianni’s whipping up new breakfast dishes that are so delectable you’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

Available at the restaurant’s Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street branches from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the new dishes are Bistro Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood’s way of delighting early birds who come to the restaurant. And you can enjoy all these with free coffee, all the more to perk up your day!

Simple but scrumptious, the Baked Ham and Cheese Bread Bowl is the perfect morning starter - strips of cured ham and sliced shitake mushroom in warm cheese sauce topped with a sunny-side up egg and served in a freshly baked bread bowl.

Country Ham & Cheese
Guests will also love Country-style Chorizo & Beans, an old-fashioned Italian breakfast that satisfies one’s craving for a filling meal that’s savory, salty, and sweet. It has chorizo and beans topped with two eggs then baked to perfection and served with grilled Tuscan bread.

Chorizo & Beans
Meanwhile, Chef Boutwood puts his own gourmet spin to the classic hash brown, bacon and egg combo with the Three Cheese Potato Rosti Cups. The dish features warm potato rosti filled with mozzarella, parmesan, and taleggio cheeses and finished off with egg and crispy bacon strips, then served with French toast on the side.

Baked Potato, Bacon & Eggs

To know more about Italianni’s, check their:

like and follow them on social media at

June 19, 2015

Cebu Pacific Air Advisory on Manila Terminal Changes

Starting August 15, 2015, Cebu Pacific flights utilizing turbo-prop or ATR aircraft, such as those from Manila to Caticlan, Busuanga, Laoag and Naga, will operate out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 (aka Manila Old Domestic Airport).

Meanwhile, all Cebgo (formerly Tigerair Philippines) flights will operate out of NAIA Terminal 3, beginning the same day. All Cebgo flights utilize jet or Airbus A320 aircraft.

This is in line with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) advisory, dated May 28, 2015, to maximize runway space at NAIA. CEB fully supports this government effort to improve air traffic conditions in Manila.

The Cebu Pacific group advises its passengers of the following terminal changes for those departing from and arriving in Manila. Flight times remain the same. (click the photo to zoom in)

Please be all be guided accordingly.

June 17, 2015

Cebu Pacific Air orders 16 ATR-72-600s at the Paris Airshow

Le Bourget
16 June 2015

The Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific Air (PSE:CEB), ordered 16 ATR72 -600 from ATR, the European Turboprop aircraft manufacturer. At the Paris Air Show, Cebu Pacific and ATR announced that the order includes options to acquire an additional 10 ATR72-600, valuing the total aircraft order at US$673 million, based on current list prices. The transaction will see Cebu Pacific double its turboprop fleet size, subject to the execution of final purchase documentation.

The order is part of Cebu Pacific’s fleet renewal program. Cebu Pacific currently operates a fleet of eight ATR 72-500 aircraft, which will be retired as the new aircraft enter service. The entry into service of the ATR 72-600 will see Cebu Pacific with new generation aircraft to meet growing demand in the Philippines for inter-island services.

ATR aircraft enjoy a high reputation not only for versatility but also for their ability to operate on short runways. This will allow Cebu Pacific to expand its operations not only on main airports but also to several other airports around the country, enabling Cebu Pacific to continue to play a leading role in the development of regional transport, tourism, and local economy in the Philippines.

The ATR 72-600 ordered by Cebu Pacific will be equipped, for the first time, with the high density Armonia cabin, the widest cabin in the turboprop market. It will be equipped with 78 slim-line seats and wider overhead bins with 30% more stowage space. These new technological innovations further enhance space and comfort for passengers.

About 330 ATRs – including more than 100 ATR 72-600s – are currently operated by 55 airlines in the Asia-Pacific region, where for many years now, they have been seen as the reference regional aircraft. The ATR 72-600 has the lowest cost per seat mile in the 70 seat segment, with significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to similar class aircraft.

On their new order from ATR, Lance Y. Gokongwei, President and CEO of Cebu Pacific states: "We have been operating ATR aircraft since 2008, and they have enabled us to bring safe, reliable, and affordable air transport to smaller cities and islands throughout the Philippines. This order is an affirmation of our commitment to extend the convenience of affordable air travel to even more communities. We are very pleased to be the launch customer of this new configuration of the ATR 72-600, as this will allow us to offer our customers more seats at even lower fares.”

Patrick de Castelbajac, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, declares to be "very happy to continue our partnership with one of the leading airlines in South-East Asia and to contribute to the expansion of its network throughout the islands of the archipelago. Cebu Pacific will also be able to benefit from the vast support network for ATR operators in Asia. When their first ATR 72-600 arrives, there will be five ATR pilot training centers in the region."

About the ATR 72-600:

Passenger capacity: 68 to 78 seats
Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 127M
Maximum take-off power: 2,750 horsepower per engine
Maximum take-off weight: 23,000 kg
Maximum load: 7,500 kg
Maximum range when fully loaded: 900 nautical miles (1,665 km)

About Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB)
Cebu Air Inc. is the largest carrier in the Philippine air transportation industry, offering its low-cost services to more destinations and routes with higher flight frequency within the Philippines than any other airline.

CEB currently operates a fleet of 55 aircraft comprised of 10 Airbus A319, 31 Airbus A320, 6 Airbus A330 and 8 ATR-72 500 aircraft. It is one of the most modern aircraft fleets in the world. Between 2015 and 2021, Cebu Pacific will take delivery of 7 more brand-new Airbus A320 and 30 Airbus A321neo aircraft.

June 12, 2015

Enjoy a Different Tea Experience with Serenitea’s Tea Confections

As the country’s leading homegrown milk tea brand, Serenitea has always been at the forefront of the industry, introducing new flavors and pairings when it comes to their offerings. Now with their Tea Confections line, tea lovers can enjoy Serenitea’s flavors in various forms with chocolate bars, candy bits, and tea jams.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to give customers a different kind of milk tea experience which is why we added a line of sweets and other treats to our ever-evolving menu,” said General Manager Juliet Herrera.

Serenitea Chocolate Bars

Serenitea Tea Confections - Chocolate Bars
Indulge in Serenitea’s decadent, tea-infused chocolate bars made in partnership with local brand Theo and Philo. Choose from four exciting chocolate-tea flavors, Matcha Marble (Php 150), Hokkaido Milk Chocolate (Php 135), White Chocolate with Taro (Php 150), and Milk Chocolate with Assam (Php 135).

Hokkaido and Okinawa Candy Bits

Serenitea Tea Confections - Candy Bits
Curb your Hokkaido and Okinawa milk tea cravings with Serenitea’s candy bits for only Php 110. With the help of Made in Candy, Serenitea packed their best-selling flavors in bite-sized candy bits – ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Serenitea Tea Jams
Spread the love of tea all over your snacks with these tea-infused jams available in two flavors: Strawberry Rose and Salted Caramel. Made exclusively with the freshest Serenitea ingredients, grab a jar of goodness for only Php 180.

Serenitea Tea Bags
Have a moment of Serenitea in the comforts of your own home with Serenitea’s tea bags. Choose from the five available flavors – roasted tea, peppermint, white tea, blueberry, and gyokuro genmaicha tea – and enjoy freshly brewed tea for only Php 185 per pack.

Available in selected branches nationwide, these goodies are sure to give you your fill of Serenitea goodness wherever and however you want.

For more information on Serenitea:
Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea
Twitter and Instagram = @iloveserenitea

June 9, 2015

VEEMS : the newest way of messaging

We already used text messaging with 180 characters, then came the 180 characters by 5 in just one send. Then Apps came with 140 characters, then hashtags and likes was a major breakthrough. Much more phenomenal was sending selfies or photos, then with 15 sec videos but no sounds/audio. Oh men! as I aged, messaging apps are growing fast. Until I came across Veems.

it has everything we need in a messaging app : text, stickers, even selfies/photo with audio. its the newest and craziest thing in messaging. all we need is to register using email or FB / Tweeter log in details and follow the next procedure in setting up and its good to go.

wife and I are now on veems to make most of our conversations fun and more lively. so download veems and see for yourself the true power of messaging.  

June 8, 2015

Energizer Night Race Manila 2015

Energizer is set to launch its first open run on June 27, 2015 where over 3,000 runners are expected to light up the streets of Filinvest City in Alabang. This is part of Energizer’s ongoing commitment to share positivenergy with the children of Bantay Bata 163.

According to Claire Guevarra, senior brand manager of Energizer, the company’s partnership with Bantay Bata 163 allowed them to further their thrust in giving back to the community."It is important to put self-improvement as your daily goal in life, but stretching your arms to further help others is one of the best indicators that we have lived fully. With our partnership with Bantay Bata 163, we were able to realize this, and we will continue to engage ourselves in a partnership that nurtures both the brand and the beneficiaries it embraces." said Guevarra.

As an open run, the participants are encouraged to keep going and run as far as they can within the 2 hours given time. For every 3k loop that the runners will run, P100 will be donated to Bantay Bata 163 as part of its operation and medical treatment funds. With the expected runners, the Energizer Night Race Manila 2015 aims to raise P1,000,000.00 with the help of the participants who will run within the 2 hours given time.

According to Vincent Lizo, Energizer Philippines’ business director, the first open run bears truth that no competition is needed if we want to help improve the lives of children. "Being generous is all about benefiting others more than yourself”, Lizo said. “For its part, Energizer, as a company, will recognize every runner of this event as a winner since no medal nor any form of special recognitions are needed to fulfill our responsibilities to the community," added Lizo.

Meanwhile, MJ Tiquia, Energizer brand activations manager, shared that the company will offer a different running experience to its loyal participants. This year’s race kit is priced at 700 pesos covering any distance, which includes a race singlet, race bib, Energizer headlight, Energizer cap, and Schick Xtreme 3 Razor. It will also provide access to pre and post race activities, which will feature different bands to provide fun and entertainment. "The runners’ time will be monitored through the radio frequency identification (RFID), which tracks every 3k loop a runner makes. Kilometer markers in the race route are available to serve as the runners’ references,"” Tiquia said. “"For this event, runners will have to run as many loops as they can to keep on going for positivenergy."

A battery meter will light up every time a runner finishes a three-kilometer un. This battery meter will compile all the three kilometer runs every runner makes until it reaches a one million target. This will be put on view through an LED-display onstage, and in the start and finish arc. "We would like this year’s night race to be the participants’ source of fulfillment since they are able to radiate positivenergy to the people involved. Truly, this will not only be a venue of fun and excitement, but more importantly, a source of hope for the children of Bantay Bata 163."

"We are inviting everyone to come and join us in this event. This is a good venue to bond with families and friends through a healthy activity, and at the same time help in the common cause for the children of Bantay Bata 163," Guevarra concluded.

Registration includes both online and through official registration sites Reebok Filinvest, Trinoma and Megamall, RUNNR BGC and Royal Sporting House Glorietta. Online registration and details of event are through Energizer’s official website at www.energizer.com.ph, www.Facebook.com/EnergizerPH, and race partner www.pepsquadevents.com.

Fish & Co Launches New Ultimate Fish Mate For Four

Flavor is four times the fun as FISH & CO. launches “Ultimate Fish-Mate” - a perfect meal good enough for 4 (four). Aside from the Best Fish And Chips in Town, this Ultimate Fish-Mates will surely be the group’s latest favorite.

Delight in this newest combination platter that includes satisfying servings of Seafood Curry, Leg, Thigh, Peri-Peri Chicken and steamed rice. Enjoy every bite of the savory chicken marinated in spicy Peri-peri as it marries beautifully with seafood drenched in curry sauce. Priced at P995, this could easily be your next combination dish of choice.

Fish & Co always dishes up the best of flavors by offering winning combinations that bring together the best of their menu and that get guests hooked all over again!

To know more about Fish & Co., check us out
Website : www.fish-co.com.ph
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/fishandco
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FishCoPh
Instagram : http://instagram.com/fishncoph

June 2, 2015

Cebu Pacific Air Unveils New Logo.

The Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific Air (PSE:CEB) rolls out its new logo starting June 1, symbolizing the airline’s growth and evolution from a low-cost pioneer to its larger operations today.

Proudly Filipino, the airline now uses the country’s natural canvas as inspiration, featuring shades of the Philippines’ land, sea, sky and sun.

“We have always prioritized building an extensive network within and from the Philippines, because we know how much air travel makes a difference in the lives of Filipinos. We bring the Philippine warmth and sense of fun everywhere we go. Now, with the Philippines natural colors on our logo, we showcase the country to the world,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.

“The new branding is not just a tribute to our roots, but also a nod to the future. As we expand to farther shores, we look forward to being an even more relevant player in the wider, global market,” she added.

Artist Rendition.
Photo grabbed from Google Image Search, all rights reserved to the owner

A game changer, CEB began flying in March 1996 with four aircraft and 24 flights to key cities in the country. It revolutionized the air travel industry and changed the way Filipinos traveled. Now, it operates over 2,200 weekly flights to 34 domestic and 28 international destinations, utilizing 55 aircraft. With its wholly owned subsidiary Cebgo, it offers the widest network in the country. The airline also recently flew its 100 millionth passenger.

May 28, 2015

Cebu Pacific Air holds Cabin Crew Recruitment Fair

The Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific Air (PSE:CEB) aims to fill over 100 cabin crew vacancies with a nine-city recruitment fair in the coming weeks.

This recruitment will support the expansion plans of CEB and Cebgo, its wholly owned subsidiary. This year alone, CEB is scheduled to launch direct Manila-Doha flights, and take delivery of two more Airbus A320 aircraft.

The recruitment fairs are scheduled on the following dates and locations: May 30 in Boracay (Patio Pacific Boracay) and Davao (The Royal Mandaya Hotel), June 6 in Iloilo (Sarabia Manor Hotel) and Zamboanga (Garden Orchid Hotel), June 13 in Dumaguete (La ResidenciaAlmar Hotel) and General Santos (Roadhaus Hotel), and June 20 in Legazpi (Pepperland Hotel) and Bacolod (Sugarland Hotel).

CEB will also hold a recruitment fair in Manila (Cebu Pacific Building, Domestic Airport Road). Female cabin crew applicants can come on June 27, while male cabin crew applicants can come on July 4.

The airline will process the applications on the same day, between 9am to 3pm. Acceptance of updated curriculum vitae will be until 1pm only.

“We will be going to key cities all over the Philippines, in search of fun and dynamic individuals who can be part of the Cebu Pacific family. As we expand in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, we look forward to providing more career opportunities to everyJuan,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.

“Aside from unlimited travel benefits, competitive compensation packages, annual performance bonuses and a fun working environment, our employees also enjoy career opportunities that keep them close to their families. We encourage everyone to join us in providing high-quality service all over the world,” Iyog added.

Requirements for being a CEB cabin crew include an age between 18 and 25 years old, a dynamic personality, height of at least 5’3” for female and 5’7” for male, weight that is proportional to height, clear complexion and good eyesight, among others. Responsibilities include guaranteeing the safety of guests on board the aircraft, and ensuring that guests have a fun and pleasant flying experience.

The detailed job descriptions and qualifications can also be found on www.cebupacificair.com or CEB’s page on jobstreet.com.ph.

April 7, 2015

Krispy Kreme Introduces New App

Krispy Kreme has always been one of the well loved doughnuts and coffee shop in the Philippines since they opened the flagship store in 2006. People always make a beeline just to eat and take home boxes of their delicious doughnuts and coffee, and the store has always been at the forefront of innovative ideas – may it be with the doughnut flavors or with different promos.

Krispy Kreme now introduces the first mobile app of its kind that lets the customers order their favorite Krispy Kreme treats using their smart phones. Powered by Mobext, it is available both on IOS and Android, and through it, customers can already place an order – either for delivery or pick up. The delivery area is currently limited to certain key areas within the Greater Manila Area, but fans who are not covered by the delivery area can still order doughnuts for pick up.

Upon installing, sign up and supply the necessary details.

Then you choose the products you want to order and proceed to checkout. For delivery orders, supply the address of delivery, for pick up orders, indicate the branch and the time of pick up so it will be ready once you arrive at the store. Review the order slip, and if you have any requests and instructions, there will be a box below for you to write on. For example, if your order is for delivery, you can say “Look for Ms. So and So” and if it is for pick up, you can also indicate who will pick up the order.

This app is so flexible because people can now order for people far from them. A mother living in the province can now have a box of doughnuts delivered to her son or daughter studying in Metro Manila as her way of congratulating them for finishing the semester with flying colors, A friend who cannot attend a college get-together can now send boxes of doughnuts as contribution to the potluck party, and a boyfriend can now order doughnuts as peace offering to his girlfriend.

Once you successfully placed your order, a customer service representative will call you to confirm your order. If you have any last minute requests, you may also use this time to do so.

As for my sister, she opted to order her doughnuts for delivery, since she is working in Makati City and wanted to treat her colleagues. She placed the order the night before, and asked the doughnuts to be delivered 12nn of the following day. She expected some delays as her work place is a little difficult to find, but by 12:10pm of the next day her order arrived.

Delivery orders are available from 8am to 8pm only, and orders must be worth 500 pesos up. Given the initial stage, I am impressed with the experience, though I hope they will have a bigger coverage in the future.

April 1, 2015

Globe Telecoms is Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Exclusive Carrier in the Philippines

Globe Telecom has acquired exclusive rights to carry the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the Philippine market on the back of its strong partnership with leading device manufacturer Samsung. The leader in postpaid is offering the device exclusively to its distinguished customers through its premier postpaid brand Globe Platinum.

The ultra-premium device, which got its name from its Sleek Edge Screen feature, exudes with brilliant craftsmanship and luxurious feel that discerning customers can exclusively enjoy with a Globe Platinum postpaid plan. The Sleek Edge Screen not only adds dimension but also enables a seamless multitasking experience with applications running independently on the gadget’s prominent surface. This secondary display makes for additional screen options like folders, application controls, personalized messages, and ticker-style notifications.

Note Edge also boasts of brighter, clearer images from its powerful 16MP Smart OIS rear camera and 3.7MP front-facing F1.9 lens camera that allows for 120 degree wide angle shots. The device also powers up in a flash with faster charging time and higher batter capacity (3000mAh) that allows it to zoom from zero to fifty percent in only 30 minutes. The Galaxy Note Edge also comes with the handy S-pen that allows users to multi-task and navigate through all of the productive and cool features of the device.

During its unveiling last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge made waves with the announcement of limited distribution in only 22 countries. With the arrival of the Note Edge in the Philippines through Globe Platinum, Filipino consumers get the privilege of becoming one of the few in the world to own the smart and stylish smartphone device.

Those who want to get their hands on one of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge units can subscribe or upgrade their existing Globe Postpaid plan to Globe Platinum’s premium plans such as the Customizable Plan 3799 and Roaming Plans 5000 and 10000. These plan offers come with unlimited calls and texts, worry-free mobile surfing, worldwide roaming services, and exclusive Platinum perks and privileges such as a dedicated Platinum hotline, priority handling in Globe Stores, 24/7 concierge service, and exclusive discounts from partner establishments.

“As one of the world’s premium devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has found a perfect telco partner in Globe Platinum. Both are meant for discerning customers who need a device that performs extremely well and is powered by a worry-free mobile postpaid service. We are excited to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to our customers who will be one of the few in the world to own it, once again giving them the exclusive privilege that Globe Platinum customers continue to enjoy. We want Filipinos to get their hands on this rare and revolutionary device powered by our robust network that delivers on superior service and world-class connectivity,” shares Globe Vice President for Platinum and Roaming Business Coco Domingo.

With design and features that fuse luxury and innovation and paired with Globe Platinum’s unmatched plan offers, the Galaxy Note Edge comes to Filipino consumers bringing only a compelling device experience backed by superior mobile service. Get a Globe Platinum Plan now by calling 730-1888 or visiting a Globe store nearest you. To know more about Globe Platinum, visit www.globe.com.ph/platinum.

March 19, 2015

Protect your Gadgets with NanoFixIt

Nanofixit is one of the world’s first liquid screen protectors. The new generation of Cellphone and Tablet screen protector completely replacing any traditional plastic screen protector.

One of the big problems when iPhone 6 came out was that nobody really knew the size of the phone so nobody could produce any screen protector for it and actually for around 2 months there was no protector for it in the market.

This will be a more and more common problem on the fast growing, fast releasing electronics of the future and there is a need for a “one size fits all” solution.

This is where NanoFixIt comes into play.

Besides being a completely transparent protection this geeky new nano-liquid has several other benefit too.

Here are the Top 7 benefits of Nanofixit:

1. In makes your phone more than 10 times more scratch resistant! Actually under tests we did we could not scratch it with even a razor blade and definitively not with the traditional keys and coins we have in our pockets.

2. The colors on the screen become more vivid and clearer. With a plastic protector your screen becomes dull and unclear. The Nanofixit product really makes your screen crystal clear.

3. The phone becomes water resistant. So anything you spill on the glass just runs off it.

4. It has an anti-bacterial feature so bacterias does not stick to your phone . When you wash your hands you do it to clean your hand from bacteria and then you touch your phone, the most bacteria infected item you have in your ownership. The days of having bacteria on the glass you put on your face to talk to your misses are over.

5. It increased the megapixels on your phones camera with up to 50%. Under tests the camere becomes cleared and brighter and works better in the dark as the nano coating creates a filter on the camera that actually works capturing the light better.

6. Your finger slides smoother on the screen and works faster. Plastic on the screen will make your screen less responsive and now there is no plastic hindering your touch on the screen any longer.

7. One size fits all. When you buy a bottle of Nanofixit you can use it for much more than that single Cellphone. You can also use it for your Tablet, your other family members phones and even your sunglasses.

Nanofixit is really a product that works.

To know more about the product or become a reseller please contact the company on their website http://www.nanofixit.com

March 6, 2015

GCash MasterCard

GCash MasterCard is a GCash Card with MasterCard benefits linked to the customer’s GCash wallet. It allows customers to shop securely from partner establishments (local and international) that accept MasterCard as a mode of payment.

GCash is a mobile money service which transforms your Globe/TM phone into a virtual wallet, empowering customers to buy load, pay bills, send money, donate, and shop online at the convenience of their fingertips.

Keeping it simple and easy, the GCash MasterCard acts like a credit card sans the hassle! It does not require a maintaining balance, doesn't require you to pay an annual fee, and expires only every 5 years.

Get your GCash MasterCard now by visiting the GCash caravan! You may see our schedule via GCash Website (www.globe.com.ph/gcash).

March 2, 2015

MTRCB Launches its 2015 TV and Film Infomercial

2015 marks the 30th year of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

To kick off the celebration of its anniversary, MTRCB formally launched its new infomercial on 23 February 2015 at 2:00 p.m., MTRCB Building. Directed by renowned film and television director Jose Javier “Joey” Reyes, Jr.,DGPI and conceptualized by Mr. Erlito “Lilit” Reyes, the infomercial features actors-spouses Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo in a typical morning situation at home. In such scene, their depicted child picks up a word from a TV feature and asks the elders in the house what it means.

The infomercial aims to challenge parents and responsible adults to be aware of the media content our children are exposed to, and to be mindful of the MTRCB’s classification ratings. Parents are also reminded that the primary duty in guiding their children as to the media the latter see still rests in them.

Details of the infomercial were discussed by Director Joey Reyes, Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo, Lilit Reyes and MTRCB Board Members Bibeth Orteza and Manet Dayrit, the latter being Co-Chairpersons of the Infomercial Committee.

The launch was culminated by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the TV Networks and theater operators to ensure showing of the infomercial and to continuously empower the general public towards discerning viewership and thus, among other objectives, inform parents as to the media and entertainment their children may see. The infomercial will be aired in all television networks and theaters nationwide starting 25 February 2015.

DISCLAIMER : This blog does not own the words and the photos. This article is posted for public awareness and information.

February 16, 2015

Honda Philippines promotes XR125L

Honda Philippines, Inc. continues to provide the motorcycles in the industry particularly for the On/Off-Road category that is specifically designed for Filipinos who travel frequently. XR125L, one of the On/Off Road Motorcycles in the Philippines’ loved by many because of its simplicity, solid look and reliable performance.

For this year’s initial race, Honda Philippines, Inc. held the XR125L Off-Road Race Clinic, together with Desmark last February 14, 2015 at Cagayan de Oro City.

Fun Race
Some of the activities highlighted during the racing event were the actual track day and friendly race competition for XR125L riders. Honda Philippines, Inc. also included Fun Race for those XRM riders who wanted to join the event. The off-road race clinic was instructed by Mr. Jovie Saulog, one of the greatest riders in the history of Philippine motocross. The off-road race clinic is open to all off-road riders who wanted to learn more about Motocross, may it be beginner or expert – they are all invited to join!

The off-road race clinic was instructed by Mr. Jovie Saulog with Mr. Jordan Herera (rider)
Free Honda MC servicing was conducted throughout the day and awarding of winners happened later in the afternoon.

Free Honda MC servicing

For more information visit www.hondaph.com

February 12, 2015

Have a Valentine's Date at Max's

A Delightful Valentine celebration awaits all customers who will be dining at any Max’s Restaurant from February 13 to 15, 2015. Diners with a minimum food spend of PhP 1,500 will receive a box of yummy Choco and Caramel bites from Max’s Corner Bakery – all for free!

“Valentine’s Day is such a special occasion for Filipinos. It is during this season that we really go out of our way to show our appreciation for our loved ones. Max’s understands this endearing tradition very well. It inspired us to create the most romantic opportunities for our customers to celebrate Valentine’s,” shared Orlando Villanueva, Max’s Restaurant’s Marketing Manager for Dine-In, Take Out, Delivery, and E-Commerce.

Max’s further sets the romantic mood with “Meal for Two,” an intimate all-day feast, for two that’s perfect for couples who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day while enjoying their favorite classic dishes from Max’s. Meal for Two creates the perfect date, with a regular half serving of Max’s sarap to the bones Fried Chicken

Complemented by a savory choice of Sizzling Tofu

or Adobong Kangkong,

steaming white rice, two glasses of iced tea or any Pepsi softdrink. This hearty meal is sweetly capped off with delicious Buko Pandan. Sharing an intimate meal with a loved one doesn’t need to be hefty on the pocket too. Max’s Meal for Two is only priced at PhP529, or with as much as PhP 191 savings for customers and is available until February 28.

For a sweet and fun Valentine’s treat, Max’s Corner Bakery is offering its Love Letter Cookies, Love Birds Cookies, melt-in-your-mouth White Chocolate Butter Cake, a delectably light and fluffy butter cake garnished with milky white chocolate shavings and topped with rich whipped cream and cherry; and yummy Choco Peanut Butter Cake, a rich and moist chocolate cake, filled with premium peanut butter icing and coated with delicious chocolate frosting. There's nothing sweeter and more romantic than sharing these sweet treats from Max's Corner Bakery!

White Chocolate Butter Cake
“At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating with the people who are important to us. For Max’s, every season will always be about touching lives and creating memories that warm the heart.” Villanueva said.

Surprise your loved one with Max’s Delightful Valentine, or catch Max’s Meal for Two and Max's Corner Bakery's sweet treats for Valentine's anywhere in the Philippines for the entire month of February, available for dine-in, take-out and delivery. Visit your favorite Max’s branch and create the most romantic Valentine celebration for your special loved one.

Learn more about what’s new at Max’s by logging on to www.maxschicken.com. Visit www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant and be the first to know about the coolest offerings from the Filipino’s most loved brand.


About Max’s Restaurant
Max’s, a brand under Max’s Group, Inc. is one of the country’s leading fast-casual dining restaurants. It traces its roots to a family’s generosity and passion for good food. Max’s, “the house that chicken built,” continues to innovate and expand worldwide with plans to open branches outside the United States. Today, Max’s Restaurant has established itself as a household name, an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition, zealously upholding the values passed on from its early beginnings in 1945 to the present –day generation of food aficionados.

Flash Sale for the Nubia Z5 S Mini

ZTE together with Lazada.com.ph to hold its flash sale for the Nubia Z5 S Mini tthis February 12 at exactly 12 noon!If you are looking for more value out of your money coupled with an impeccable design and packed with intuitive features, be sure to log on to www.lazada.com.ph/zte/ this February 12 at exactly 12 noon as the ZTE together with the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.com.ph will be staging another anticipated flash sale for this game-changing phone which will be carrying a price tag of PhP 8,990 during the flash sale.

Hailing from its original price tag of PhP 16,790, the Nubia Z5 S Mini will be on a flash sale at PhP 8,990 giving the lucky flash sale shoppers a discount of more than 45%. For those people on the go, you can definitely still get the chance of being part of the flash sale simply by shopping via your Lazada Mobile App – which is available for both iOS and Android phone users.


About Lazada

Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph) is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerceby providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensiveproduct offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to householdgoods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the bestpossible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provideadditional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.For more information, please visit http://www.lazada.com.ph. For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines).

February 3, 2015

Italianni's New 'Taste of Italy" Dishes

The passion and flair that Italians are known for are evident, not only in their culture and the arts, but in their cuisine as well. Antipastos and primos lovingly tease the palate ; secondos are savory, they immediately satisfy while dolces are decadent, you could not afford to miss a mouthful.

The delectable dishes of Italy come alive in Italianni’s new offerings collectively known as “Tastes of Italy.” Created by Bistro Corporate Chef, Josh Boutwood, these were inspired by the authentic flavors of the region using fresh ingredients. What’s more, they are available in big servings that are made for sharing, staying true to the Italian tradition of celebrating with family and friends over mounds of food on the dining table.

Start off with Osso Bucco di Fattoria, a Milanese specialty of veal shanks braised in a richly-flavored sauce of vegetables and wine. Served on a bed of polenta, it is rustic and comforting which explains why Chef Josh chose to add fattoria (farm) to its name.

Osso Bucco di Fattoria
The heartiness of Italian cuisine is also apparent in Agnello Brasato, lamb shanks cooked in a robust mixture of vegetables, red wine and other seasonings. Choose between creamy polenta or garlic mashed potatoes to soak up the delicious sauce.

Agnello Brasato
Dining at Italianni’s is not for the faint-hearted, especially when feasting on hearty meat dishes like pancetta or Italian pork belly. Chef Josh has prepared the Pancetta Croccante e Vongole which are crispy fried pork ribs and Manila clams served with Arancini (or Italian rice croquettes).

Guanciale Croccante e Vongole
The vast coastline of Italy also presents a great opportunity for relishing seafood. Italianni’s introduces the Parmesan & Garlic crusted Atlantic Cod, a light but filling fish dish seared with lemon potatoes and little neck clam sauce. And while you’re at it, have your favorite glass of wine with the Pan-Seared Peppered Fish. Italianni’s has opted for the popular Tilapia and melded it with mixed fresh almond infused pappardelle, artichoke, sundried tomatoes and olives.

Pan Seared Peppered Tilapia
“Tastes of Italy” guarantees that you’ll get the most out of your Italian dining experience in every visit. Italianni’s warm and effusive flavors beckon you. Come in. Have a taste.

To know more about Italianni’s, check out its website www.italiannis.com.ph; like Italianni’s on Facebook: facebook.com/italiannisph and follow on twitter and instagram @italiannisph

January 29, 2015

# The VC experience

Victoria Court has a dream. That dream is to transport its guests to a different reality from the time one drives into the properties until they check out. Victoria Court has a vision. That vision is to be the perfect host and delight guests every time, every stay.

Having these challenges in mind, the team has come up with #TheVCExperience – a campaign aimed at informing guests of the distinction that comes with staying at Victoria Court. What makes Victoria Court unique? What sets Victoria Court apart from its competitors? It is #TheVCExperience.

#TheVCexperience showcases everything you can possibly do at Victoria Court. Victoria Court’s goal is to own milestones. From Anniversaries to thematic debuts, they offer the experience customized and catered just for you. Being known for having Superthematic Suites that cater to one’s fantasy date or perfect thematic party, why not party in costume or character. Choose who you want to be for your birthday or stag party. If you want to be the President of the United States for a day, try the Oval Office at Victoria Court Pasig. Addicted to game of thrones, choose your Kingdom and win the Throne at Victoria Court Cuneta. So many themes to choose from – Be Someone Else today.

Wanting that perfect place for a proposal? Choose from Victoria Court’s destination suites. Santorini, Maldives, Sedona, Bali, whatever backdrop you wish, they can provide. Victoria Court will do everything it can to make her say YES. Share with the world how She said Yes.

Dance like no one is watching or try to hit those high notes, in the privacy of your own suite with only your friends to see and hear. Party Beyond Ordinary is Victoria Court’s promise.

Relax and put your feet up. Victoria Court’s amenities include Jacuzzis and intimate tubs where you can just forget the world, even just for awhile. Enjoy the LED Flat Screen TVs and surround sound system and cheer for your favorite Ms. Universe candidate and scream as loud as you can when she wins.

This 2015, Victoria Court will be coming up with more themes and packages experiences to tickle your fancy. Victoria Court’s dream is to give you the perfect experience for that once in a lifetime milestone. Victoria Court’s vision is to be THE perfect host at that perfect moment.
Find your Sweet escape, Party Beyond Ordinary, Feel the distinction and let Victoria Court share with you #TheVCExperience.

For inquiries and reservations, please call us at 0917-9810084. Follow @victoriacourtvc on Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook Fan page www.facebook.com/VictoriaCourtph or check our website at www.victoriacourt.biz for new promos and events.

January 14, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening Day on Jan 29

Buffalo Wild Wings, America’s well-loved restaurant famous for its wings, beer and immersive sports viewing experience, announces its arrival on Philippine shores with nothing less than “Free Wings For A Year” to the first 100 guests who will line up during its opening day on January 29 at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons in Pasig City.

Be the first of the 100 guests to receive 52 coupons that can be exchanged for snack size servings of Buffalo Wild Wing’s award-winning New York-style chicken wings for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, those who won’t make the cut can still win free wings as Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away coupons for the rest of the day to lucky customers.

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in Ohio 30 years ago by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, who both have a passion for wings, beer, and sports. Its New York-style chicken wings, handspun in 18 varieties of signature sauces and seasonings with sensational flavors ranging from Sweet BBQ to Blazin’, have won recognitions and awards through the years.

Aside from serving wings and boldly-flavored American comfort food, Buffalo Wild Wings also boasts of its extensive selection of local and imported beers and state-of-the-art wall-to-wall HD flat-screen TVs that capture the energy of a sports stadium. Thus, expect to experience Buffalo Wild Wings as one of the coolest restaurants where guests are always welcome to dine, chill out and relax while rooting for their favorite games.

Who doesn’t want free wings for a year? If you are a sports-loving Filipino foodie, line up and be counted!

Buffalo Wild Wings’ foray in the Philippines is made possible by The Bistro Group of
Restaurants, one of the country’s biggest restaurant operators and a pioneer in the local casual dining segment.
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