December 25, 2011

Conzace Viral Smackdown

There is this "viral" game app in facebook and its called "Conzace Viral Smackdown" brought to us by Multivitamins Conzace.

For those who doesn't know about Conzace, well, Conzace is a Multivitamin supplement from Unilab, the most trusted pharmaceutical company in the country. It has high levels of Vitamins A, C and E plus Zinc for a heavy duty body immunity.

Before I give you the game app rundown, pls do visit first and like Conzace's Facebook page at Then have your webcam ready, ill tell you why in a short while.After you like the Conzace Page, click "Conzace Smackdown" to begin the game app. Then the app will ask for the usual app permission. View and understand the game mechanics then here's how to play.

First, you need to have a webcam working. the game uses "motion detection". your motion will help you smackdown the viruses. On the first level, we need to smackdown as many yellow microbes we see on the screen by moving our body, in may case, my arm and hand. two points for every microbe we smackdown. after this level, we will get an additional 20 points the proceed to the next level.

On the second level, we must again smackdown the yellow microbes. two points per microbe BUT we must NOT hit the green germs. a deduction of three points for every green germ hits. after this level we will be given 30 additional points before going on to the last level.

On the third and last level, same mechanics as to second level but now we must smackdown the red virus. five points per yellow microbe and red virus we hit and a deduction of five points per green germs. at the end of the level, we will gain an additional 50 points to our total score.

If our total score is high enough, it will be posted on the leaderboard. View the leaderboard before starting a new game so that you will know your goal points to beat. Completing the game being on the leaderboard will give us braging rights plus gift packs will be given away by Conzace. 10 lucky weekly leaders will receive a special gift.

so, after reading this entry, log on to your facebook account and play the Conzace Viral Smackdown game. you can play the game as often as you want, who knows, you might win those gift packs and/or that special gift that Conzace are giving away.


December 15, 2011

my 33rd Birthday (3rd of 3 entries)

Family Lunch @ Chic-Boy part 2

27 November 2011
Fairview, Quezon City


Part 1 of the Chic-boy Family Lunch is here

On this last part of my birthday series,im sharing to you our Veggies and Dessert orders. But before i move on, i cant help but sharing my views regarding the viral photos of the so called "chic-boy scandal". that said view will be featured lastly on this post.

My sisters ordered these colorful and yummy dishes. If in case you havent seen the second part (the meat dishes) of this series, heres the link. As I said, ill feature on this post the Veggies and Desserts. My younger sister is into veggies thus we have lots of it for this occasion.

Main Entry:

(Spicy) Gising-Gising. Its like chop-suey with a spicy kick. At first i thought its not that spicy but the sauce and the chopped chili kick my throat thus my though was wrong.

Pansit Canton. Birthdays will never be complete with noddles. besides, our mother loves pansit. She can skip rice for pansit.

the most trending and most controversial (as of today) chic-boy dish is this. Kangkong sa Bawang. as its looks, we somehow guessed that Its chopped steam kangkong then sauteed and topped with garlic bits. as we are eating this, we are asking our baby sister to ask their chef on how they did this dish. its not overcooked, its crispy green, slightly oily but it's OK, it sauteed and the toasted garlic bits on top complements the texture and flavor.

as for desserts, we had:

Turones con leche. a strip of plantain banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper served with milk sauce dip.

and leche flan.

Overall, the veggies are all not overcooked, the colors are still vibrant and crispy fresh. That is why i really dont get the logic is to why someone or some entity is ruining the "kangkong sa bawang" dish. My views on the controversy is below the credits.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Pearl Drive cor Commonwealth Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines
last 27th of November 2011


I guess i have the right to share my views about the controversy since i was had that dish and i can tell that the controversial photo is fabricated. here are some of my observations on why i find it fabricated.

1) the kangkong, both stalk and leaves, are chopped into an average of 1cm in length but "pillar" is inches in length. So i guess if the kangkong is mishandled, "pillar" should be chopped too, but its not, its whole.

2) the fabricated photo has a hint of sauce on it (on the right side of "pillar". but the original dish doesn't have a sauce.

3) "pillar" is more thicker than the kangkong and i do believe its not the typical pest of kangkong. I havent seen such kind of pest in kangkong. snails (kuhol) are to me the pest of kangkong.

4) since "pillar" is bigger than the kangkong, it should have been seen and removed by the crew immediately. The crew will not intentionally leave it behind for it will only put their jobs in jeopardy.

5) I have many more views but it not yet that organized. But I guess, both parties are settling this issue in judicial court.

6) Fabricated or not, we should not judge the whole company by/from a certain branch's fault.

7) lastly since i have these views, i am still "team chic-boy".


December 14, 2011

agent112778 was LIVE on the "Suplado Show"

12 December 2011
Suplado Show Studio
Makati City


Our co-blogger Ms. Stef of Life and Fever ( asked everyone to create a cancer awareness post for a charitable cause. Many responded including me. (my cancer awareness post is here.) After a few weeks, she then said that some of the responders will be given a chance to guest at the Suplado Show. She created a shorlist of guest and I am one of them. After another few weeks, That show guesting was scheduled on Dec 12 2011 and i made it.

What is the "Suplado Show":

Suiplado Show is an internet talk show aired over Digradio.PH every mondays 9-11pm. The show is hosted by Mr. Stanley Chi - a comedian and TV personality. To me, its somehow like "late show with David Letterman".

I first seen Mr. Stanley Chi on a TV show called "Front Act with Mike and Stanley". Which later becomes "Hecklines" which is aired every Saturdays 11pm over GMA News TV 11.

On with the Show:

As the time goes near 9pm, many of us invited are arriving one-by-one. When Ms. Stef and Mr. Stanley arrived, She set up the buffet table for use to eat as He set-up his desk to start the show.

We are about more than 10 invited guest and each gap will interview three guest. On the first gap, its me with Ms. Jesrhell ( and Ms. Gellie ( I cant remember all the questions and answers that transpired on our gap. Mr. Stanley gave us many times to promote our respective blogs in between Q&As. We also had two phone-in questions and they won our tokens: caller Supermom got my GCs and; a male caller won Gellie's body care products. After our gap, Ms. Stef asked for our cameras so that she can take our souvenir photos.

* left to right : Me; Ms. Jesrhell; Mr. Stanley and Ms. Gellie

Its all fun. Im happy that i promoted my blog and i hope that the listeners on that night will come and visit my and other guests' blogs.

After i finished my dinner plate. I bid thank you and good bye to Ms. Stef then went strait home.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot SX130is in
R&D Building
Guijo St., San Antonio, Makati City
last 12th of December 2011


December 12, 2011

agent112778 will be LIVE on the "Suplado Show"

After posting this entry, ill be going out to Makati City for the "Suplado Show" over

Our co-blogger Ms. Stef, author of "Life and Fever" ( invited me and other bloggers to guest on the Suplado Show hosted by comedian and TV personality Mr. Stanley Chi. Its a once in a blue moon event for me thus it not let it pass over me. We are about six on the list but Ms. Stef said we will be more. More bloggers means more fun thus im trully excited .

To add more fun, the show and other invited bloggers will be giving away prizes and goodies as a small token of application to all lucky listeners and callers of the show. As for me, ill be giving away this Gift Certificate courtesy of Tribu Grill Express.

Its tonight (dec 12) at 9pm so do tune in. Click this link on how to tune in to the Suplado Show.

See you later!

December 2, 2011

my 33rd Birthday (2nd of 3 entries)

Family Lunch @ Chic-Boy


"Where we will be this sunday?" baby sister asked me. "Chic-boy!!!" I answered. "Mommy wants to dine in there too." This is the short conversation we had days before 27th of November.

My baby sister now works at Chic-boy and I guess that made our mother interested in dining in there. We did not went to baby sister's work place but we dined in Chic-boy's Fairview branch because its the nearest branch.

Chic-boy got its name from CHICken and baBOY (pork). Baby sister said that the owners once went to Cebu and tasted the famous Lechon Cebu and felt in love with it thus they put-up this food joint when they got home.

Mother and sisters went ahead to the place. I went first to place an order of Spaghetti as my treat for CFC Singles for Christ.

Main Entry:

For this entry I'll feature the meat section of our Lunch.

Chic-Boy's Specialties:

Lechon Manok;

Lechon Liempo.

Baby sister love sisig thus she ordered Lechon Sisig with egg.

Baby sister knows I love Japanese food thus she pointed Chic-Boy's Japanese line. She also said that she forgot to order drinks for me thus I ordered a bottomless Ice tea and this Tuna Sashimi.

Both Lechon Manok and Liempo is so good. They reason why I love lechon. I'm skeptical in eating liempo BUT we got a meaty(less fat) part so I had more than the usual.

As for the sisig, the sizzling plate is so big for its content thus the sisig was totally cooked from the remaining heat of the plate. Its good but since it was cooked so well-done we did not totally enjoyed it.

AS for the sashimi. Its thick than the competition but when they served it to me its somehow still frozen so I let it thaw for a while, while I savor our orders.

Next week, I'll feature the Veggie and the Dessert section of our Lunch so please visit me again.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Pearl Drive corner Commonwealth Ave.,
East Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines
last 27th of November 2011


November 29, 2011

Me and My Eyeglasses

Me and my eyeglasses are like Diego and backpack. I cant go out without it. I am so tempted to use contact lenses so that I can wear sunglasses on those glary sunnydays. My optometrist said that it would be uncomfortable for me to wear contact lenses because my nearsightedness and astigmatism is to high, the lenses will be thicker than normal. Thus, I'll wear eyeglasses for the rest of my life.

When I was on my 6th grade (aged 13) I always sit on the floor on the front row just copy the lectures on the board. My teachers then asked me to go back on my seat (on the last row for I was one of those tall students) since i cant see the board, i cant copy.

On my 1st year High School, The school conducted a medical exam to all of us. When the doctor asked me to read the eye chart, I really cant read it, i think i can only read the first three lines. When i got home, i shared it to my parents and then my dad asked my mom to bring us to their optometrist (parents also wears eyeglasses). and thats the beginning of my eyeglasses life.

At first, i used lenses made of glass its so fragile, i have to change so often so we used plastic lenses. the problem with plastic lenses, its easily be scratched thus I need to change eyeglasses when it become so dull from scratches.

Good thing technology now a days are so advance, quality lenses and stylish frames are now affordable. As of today, I am wearing a titanium clad frame with ultra-thin glass lenses.

My optometrist suggested that I should use titanium frames so that it will not rust nor tarnish due to my heavy sweating and the ultra thin glass lenses will make it more stylish - thus no more thick as a magnifying lens.

My co-blogger introduced me to Cubik Eyewear. Upon seeing it on their website, its truly is affordable style and quality. They have many frames and style to chose from. As for me, i will still settle for a titanium frames for the toughness i need to face the cruel environment. As I continue browsing their site, this Cubik T101 C2 captured by appetite. I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest

I want the Cubik T101 C2 because its full-rimed but its weight is like rim-less. I don't like rim-less frames because the lenses are more thicker than for full-rim so that it can became sturdy. I like it because its lightweight -its barely there. The gun metal color really makes it more manly and smart good not only on casual clothes but for formal attire as well.

Cubik eyewear have both style & quality and it also conforms and follows standards by allowing only licensed opticians and ophthalmologists to order prescription eyewear and thats peace of mind for me.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Panagatan Seafood Restaurant
Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 30th of August 2010


November 28, 2011

Instant Fashion Red Carpet

Wedding is a milestone in one's life. I've been invited in some weddings as a guest and as part of the entourage. For me, being a male, outfits for wedding is just simple, I'll just wear casually in short sleeved polo in slocks or ill dress formally : in a long sleeved shirt and tie or; the Philippine Barong Tagalog and its done. But as for women - as I observed - its a detailed task from choosing a perfect pair of footwear that matches an outfit to hair and make-up and nails too. I know, because I live with three women -my mother and my two sisters. The memories of my parents' 25th wedding anniversary is now at the in the back of my mind.

* faces are intentionally blurred to protect privacy and identity
** from the stock photos of sugarplumfairy-lyn

Choosing wedding outfits for women requires full attention to details. First, they will ask the bride when will be the wedding and their motif. after that they will decide weather if the dress will be: store bought; rented or; tailored. One has different pros and cons but store bought is the first choice.

Technology now is so good, you can now chose and buy online just like the wedding outfits for women at their wedding store online.

For the year 2011 alone, my mother and my youngest sister, i think, was invited for 3 to 5 weddings. My mother was invited to became one of the principal sponsors and my sisters to become guest and our mother's companion. So in every invitation, they really made it into a point that they will dress and look nicely in whatever outfit they wear.The latest wedding they attended was the photo above.

my 33rd Birthday (1st of 3 entries)

I celebrated my 33rd Birthday last 27th of November. I am so happy that the Lord has given me another year to live and to love.

I'll be making a three (3) part series that will share how was the celebration went. For this first installment, I'll be featuring

My Birthday Cakes

This cake was made by a homebaker-entrepreneur My Delectable Treats who is based in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. She is my GF's sister. For products and info, visit her in this Facebook Page link.

I'll skip the background story, Ill just jump to feature the cake. As you can see, the cake is so simple, simply because me and GF will still travel for the next 12 hours before we reach our respective homes. Its a chocolate cake (my favorite) on a cream cheese frosting. The cake is so dense and heavy thus a slice is good for my big sized appetite. Its so yummy good! Perfect with coke or coffee.

Thank you so much My Delectable Treats!!!


My CFC Singles for Christ community also gave me a mocha cake from Goldilocks. Thank you so much SFC North A1E!!!


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580

for the My Delectable Treats' Cream Cheese frosted Chocolate Cake
it was taken in our home

for the Goldilocks Mocha Cake
it was taken in Hilltop, Lagro, Quezon City and in our home respectively

last 27th of November 2011


November 19, 2011

Prawn House Restaurant and Suites

Opening of Tablon Branch

UPDATE : 25 January 2013
I just been informed that Prawn House Tablon Branch is closed for nearly a year now or just a few months after this entry. I will not pull out this entry for it serves my first experience in Prawn House.

The main branch is still open for business. It is located in Pueblo de Oro, Regata Square, Cagayan de Oro City, near SM City Cagayan de Oro.

25th August 2011
sitio Baloy, Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City


Months back (feb 2011) GF and her family celebrated valentines day Prawn House's main branch in Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro City. As GF shares their yummy family date, "Yummy Seafood" was the first thing came into my mind when I heard about Prawn House Restaurant and Suite.

The owners good management blessed them a second branch and its located in sitio Baloy, Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City (formerly Leo's Grill and Restaurant). This where my entry comes in. Its soft opening and blessing was 25th of August 2011 and it opened to the public the next day. I was on the soft opening thru the invitation of GF's parents.

Main Entry:

Coming back to GF's house after I brought her to work, GF's mother asked me if I want to join them to the blessing of the Prawn House, I said yes without hesitations. "yummy seafood" is now dancing in my mind. From GF's home we went to Leo's Grill and Restaurant. I thought we will go to the main branch (in Pueblo de Oro), but as we went inside, GF's parents were greeted by their tennis buddies. GF's mother then explained that on that day, was the blessing of Prawn House's second branch (here) in Tablon. I grabbed my camera and readied it for my instant "blogger coverage" hence this entry.

First part the blessing.

Second part is the reception. I was one of the last persons in line thus my photos of serving dishes is not that good. So, ill just share to you whats on my plate.

Soup : I forgot to asked for its name but it tasted like coconut cream but thin as soup. it has crabs and mussels.

Appetizer : Kinilaw na Malasuge.

Main Dish 1: Crispy Pata

Main Dish 2 : Pata Tim

Main Dish 3 : Prawns

They also have 2 dishes for crabs but i did not got some for I dont like crabs, look at my soup, it only has 1 claw for I only like crab claws.


Me and GF's mother shared the table for this lunch, She shared to me the owners' "rags to riches" story. Its very inspiring and I can conclude that the Lord truly blessed the owners because of their humble hearts.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Prawn House Restaurant and Suites
Sitio Baloy, Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City
Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 25th of August 2011


November 12, 2011

Aligue Pasta and Roast Beef Panini

18 October 2011
Catered by Les Paellas Cafe

On my last entry - Canonigo - I admited that there are three dishes in the Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch that captured me. First was the Canonigo and for this entry I'll share to you the next two dishes.

The second dish this, the Aligue Pasta:

I admit, I did not enjoyed this because of my diet restrictions - so i have to eat in a very small serving. I dont like aligue thus I remove the head every time I eat shrimps or prawns. I only eat crab meat on its claw.

I dont know if the caterer/chef used the real aligue in this dish but as thge name implies, it tells me "I'm yummy" then I said "I just eat in small portion". I dont like aligue BUT the dish really sounds interesting thus it captured my attention.

Lastly is the Roast Beef Panini.

Yes, I know its just an ordinary sandwich to some but for me, this sandwich is for me considered "once in a blue moon" chance to eat.

Both dishes are yummy, I like the tenderness of the pasta and of the roast beef. sadly, I only ate in small portions due to my diet restrictions (for the aligue) and im so shy to get three pieces of sandwich.


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