October 28, 2011


18 October 2011
Catered by Les Paellas Cafe

On my last entry - the Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch - the organizers gave us free meal and it was catered by Las Paellas Cafe. They have 3 dishes captured me and I'll feature this first for I am so guilty about this. Hear (read) my confession.

Bless me my dear readers for I am guilty. I dearly love sweets. I love cola (softdrinks), Leche Flan, Brazo de Merzedes and this...

The first time I heard about Canonigo is in a culinary show which is sadly off the air months ago. The chef who made the demo in TV said Canonigo is just like Leche Flan. To make it more "appetizing" she made is as tall a possible, its really like Leche Flan in a bucket.

For this one, I like its sweetness (not so light and not so heavy either) sadly, I forgot to put the custard sauce on my share. I want to come back for more. *&^% I should had got 3 slices on my first take.

BTW, the photo is the serving platter not my dessert plate.


October 19, 2011

Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch

What's the best thing you've ever printed?

18 October 2011
SM North EDSA Cyberzone
4/f SM North EDSA Annex,
EDSA, Quezon Cty

I got an email from Nuffnang Philippines. They are inviting me to attend the "Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch". After the RSVP instructions, they also asked me to send a photo that to me was the best thing I ever printed. I send it and it was featured on the photo exhibit.

Of course, I am so proud that my photo was posted on that wall. That wall was seen by mall goers and launch audience alike. A little background on that photo.

It was I can say one of the best photo I ever printed. It was taken at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It was my first time to be in Mindanao. With me to take that photo was my GF and her parents. It was also my first time to visit them thus that trip was so memorable. Memories are best on prints isn't it?

We then registered and went inside the event area. I took shoots at the exhibits. They exhibited the photo works of Canon Pixma Brand Ambasadors :

Mr. Jo Avila who exhibited his family photos;

Mr. Per-Andre Hoffmann who exhibited his world adventures;

and Mr. Jun Miranda who exhibited his Cambodia tour.

As I go around the Ambassadors' exhibits the band is sharing their talents. They are really good. The songs they interpreted had this new sound, not just acoustic but the percussion gave it a Latin beat.

After those photo shoots, It's time to charge up a bit. Las Paellas Cafe catered the snacks but this is good enough for me - I'll wont have my dinner. It is a buffet just present your food & drink stubs and to make it more best, it's self-service :D

from 12 o'clock position clockwise : Mozzarella Sticks; Crispy Squid Tentacles; Canonigo; Pasta Chorizo; Chicken Fingers and; Roast Beef Panini. (no photo on ice tea, sorry)

After I ate, I went again to the ambassadors' exhibit for a second wave of glance then I viewed and photo shoot the exhibition for Canon Pixma Printers.

There are 14 printers on display but these five stands out (from topleft corner clockwise) Canon Pixma MP287; Canon Pixma MG8270; Canon Pixma E500; Canon Pixma iP4970; Canon Pixma MG 5370(center).

Then the program started, I went to the front row beside my sister. The program was hosted by the lovely Ms.Honey.

A welcome remarks from the Vice President of Canon.

A video presentation was shown to launch the said five printers. Trivia game was next which participated by some members of the Audience. Then they raffled of minor prizes.The host went to the printer exhibits and asked two of the exhibitors to demonstrate the power of Pixma.

Ms. Jill Santiago of Canon Philippines present the performance of the Pixma Printer both on the field and on the market.

Definitely owning a Pixma Printer is an investment to one's company or home or business. On her presentation, she shared where Pixma got its name. Pixma came from "pix" of "pixel" which means quality print up to the smallest pixel and "ma" from "maximum speed". In short, Pixma means "Fast and Highest Quality prints and images".

Then a game of "scan and print", then another round of raffle of minor prizes. geess! they have lots of prizes instore. Game winners took home a Pixma printer "each" and the consolation prize of a expensive watch. Not bad at all! my sister even got one prize from the raffle.

The host went back to the stage and called the ambassadors to answer 2 questions : What was the best thing you've ever printed? and; Why Pixma?

Mr. Hoffmann's best printed photo was the "Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil" He then shared that I was taken ridding an helicopter just to get those clouds. He chosen Pixma because of Quality.

Mr. Avila's Best photo was "grandfather and grandchild" He shared that this is the most touching moment he captured. In the photo was Mr. Avila's kids and his father. He chosen Pixma for low printing cost.

Mr. Miranda's best photo was the this temple in Cambodia. He chosen Pixma for performance.

With the ambassadors on stage, they announced and awarded the best photo submitted.

The winner, Ms. Joanne Ladrido was not around anymore thus the awarding did not took place and the event was concluded with a raffle of major prizes, they gave away 6 pixma printers.

Sadly, I did not had a chance to own one. Before leaving the event, we took a photo in the Pixma wall and as we leave, organizers gave us a loot bag containing two Rudy Project pouches, a pen and a stick-on notepad.

Even though I wasnt lucky enough to bring home a pixma, I'm still happy to see my photo on that photo exhibit and that exhibit will be there until the 28th of October. That's not just print but an imprint that delighted me always.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
SM North EDSA Cyberzone
4/f SM City Nortth EDSA Annex
EDSA, Quezon City
last 18th of October 2011


October 17, 2011

Appetite Magazine's Restaurant Festival 2011

Grand Launch

13 October 2011
Grand Atrium
2/f Shangri-la EDSA Plaza
Mandaluyong City


My sisters attended a culinary event and they covered it as invited bloggers. As that event nears to end the organizers(or PR) gave them this ticket (photo below) and they gave it to me.

I was so thankful to them - most specially to my sister Jenn (http://taraletseat.blogspot.com/) for giving me this ticket. I already accepted that I can't join the Restaurant Festival because my Facebook friends are not enough to generate "likes" during the campaign period. Since I have my ticket to the event, I can surely come together with my sisters.

Check In:

We arrived at the venue two hours early. We don't want to be in EDSA after 5pm so that we will not be caught in rush hour traffic. We strolled a little and stayed at the food court. At around 6:30pm we registered at the check-in counter and the organizers gave us this little booklet that serves our "passport". We have our ticket (look at the ticket, it says "passenger") and our passport and we will just wait for our Launch time. As we wait, me and my sister Jesz (http://sugarplumfairy-lyn.blogspot.com/) strolled more by visiting all participating restaurants and taking their Facade Photos. Then we came back just in time for the Launch.


When gained access to the event area. We took our camera(s) as we took photos of all featured dishes of all participating restaurants. We did this so that we can have good -if not best- photos of the dishes before serving.Ill feature these photos after this entry. After the in-flight catering photoshot, we secured our cocktail table as we wait for the Launch.


As you can see, I used the words "passenger"; "passport"; "check in" and; "Launch". Yes! the motif of the launch is "flight". The program started by a lively greeting from the Chief Stewardess (the host) Ms. Sam Oh. She welcomed us with her warm smile and hospitable personality. She then called the flight crew to deliver their speeches : First, from the Associate Publisher of Appetite Magazine, Ms. Monique Buensalido; then the Editor-in-Chief of Appetite Magazine, Ms. Nina Daza-Puyat; then a representative from Mastercard (sorry no photo, the official photographer came infront of me) lastly, Ms. Lala Fojas of Shangri-la Plaza.

Ms. Daza-Puyat and Ms. Fojas unveiled the banner as the "Restaurant Festival 2011" as they declared the festival open and will end at the last day of the month of November. The festival have a sampler menu and it will cost from 500 to 700 Philippine Pesos (depending of the restaurant). On the next entries I'll feature these menus, for the mean time, sample on these samples I got.

But if you are so excited to know more of these, go to Appetite Magazine's Website Restaurant Festival Page

In-Flight Food:

I had these yummy goodness that really tickled my appetite. The photos herein are just samples & less compared to the one you'll get when you dine at the participating restaurants.

For round 1 samples from Sing Hainanese Chicken House : Hainanese Chicken (bottom) and Fish Cake(w/ toothpicks).

For Round 2 samples from Secret Recipe : Chocolate Indulgence Cake (right) and Black Pepper Chicken (left)

For Round 3, samples are getting to run out of stock then I need to watch out for my sister's bag & for our table as well thus I'll get a little bit of samples. 

These are from : (top of the rice) Clawdaddy : (L) Smoked BBQ Chicken Quarter and (R) Buffalo Wings; (bottom of rice); 

from Cravings : (L) Mango Cream Crepe; and (C) Chicken ala Pobre w/ Mushroom Gravy and; 

from Cafe Provencal : (R) Grilled Chicken Provencal

The sample from Cafe Provencal is so small but my appetite is still up and big thus even its hopeless to get the "right" serving of samples, I still went to the next remaining restaurants. 

For Round 4, samples from Lemongrass : Pork BBQ (on top of rice) and Lemon Chicken (on the left)

with a little twist of the plate and a little push of the samples, I still got these thumb sized samples from Crustasia : (bottom left) Hunan Cumin Ribs and (top right) Battered Shrimp (its just a part of the Grand Javanese Sampler)

another push and this Pork Humba from C2 managed to get into the plate.

Good thing the Ice Tea is free flowing but there's more restaurants to go to but sadly, they ran out of stock thus I did not had a chance to get from : 

Pho Hoa who have these spring rolls and crepe. I really like to have those.; 

Pepper Lunch which should be my 2nd round but they have a little stock so I did not got one. and yes, i cant move on as of this writing.; 

Cyma's Chicken Souvlaki which I also wanna try.; 

lastly I also did not have a sample from Green Tomato who serves this Sausage and Shrimp Pasta, Four Cheese Pizza and Tiramisu.

But wait! there's one more. As the saying goes "one more for the road", so before the event ends I still manage to eat sample deli sandwiches from Pages Deli, this yummy Sausage sandwich which they call "journey to the center of the earth" (bottom) and turkey and bacon sandwich which they call "animal farm" (top left).

PS : the green part of the silver lined paper plate is a reflection of the lighting.


While resting, we talked to our fellow bloggers and got a chance to have a photo ops with Ms. Daza Puyat, Ms. Oh and Ms. Buensalido. A few more photo sessions at the event's wall and off we go home.

Once again, thank you Appetite Magazine for this event. I enjoyed alot. Thank you Ms. PR (i forgot her name) for the loot bag. and thank you dear ladies for the souvenir photos we had, its an honor to meet you.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Appetite Magazine's Restaurant Festival 2011 held at
Grand Atrium, 2/f EDSA Shangri-La Plaza
EDSA corner Shaw Blvd.,
Madaluyong City, Philippines
last 13th of October 2011


October 15, 2011

BC Bloggers Secret

Im joining this bloggers group so that I can connect my site to its fellow members. With this, I am encouraging all my blogger readers and followers to join this group.

Its a group created by http://www.mommydiary.net/ who aims "to put our blogs into the map".

Do you want to put your blog into the map of blogsphere? if yes, join us now

October 14, 2011

Domain and Web Hosting

I was so happy when I bought my domain name. At first, I am sad because my blog title was bought by another entity and he/she is selling it. I did not bother to check its price it might have an undesirable results - malware to high price. So I stick to my web name and thus the name behind the domain. My happines of being a "dot-com-er" is enough for me to celebrate. Its a one year contract and I need to renew it this November.

Most of Blogger events and blog giveaways offers promotional coupons and even free one-year domain name with web hosting as a prizes. My sister even got one one-year web hosting. Since we are both hosted by this platform, she cannot get the web hosting as of this moment. One time, she even gives it away to me but I have to decline. But I did asked her for we will just save it for next time. Who knows, it might be useful in the future. Further more, Web Hosting is really a good investment. Its like owning a company's stock certificates that in due time it will have a lucrative offer or rewards. My sister then agreed, we will save her Web Hosting Certificate for the rainy days.

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October 9, 2011

@ Greenwich


27 April 2011
Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City

So after buying the blank CD that GF requested, I waited for her. When she's out on her masteral class, we meet at Greenwich. We shared for the usual pizza and pasta meal and we had this for dessert

We both agreed to get the double chocolate. Its good, sweet & creamy and its not worthy to be called "double"! You know why? Look at the photo first.

It should be triple - choco bits on top (nestle crunch I guess); choco syrup; and milk chocolate shake. Its so yummy, another reason to have chocolates. Its a promise that every time me and GF is in Greenwich, this mooshake is a must to have.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Greenwich Divisoria (CDO)
Abuela St., Cagayan de Oro City
Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 27th of April 2011


October 8, 2011

@ Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast

Roast Chicken Sandwich

27 April 2011
Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast
Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City

The first time i went inside the Xavier University Campus was on 23rd of April 2011 but it was about 7pm, its dark and I only visited was the chapel. Im so glad on this day (27th of April 2011), it was my first time to go inside by daylight. My primary purpose to photo shoot the chapel to get clear photos and to go to Museo de Oro. I did manage to capture the chapel then I went to Museo de Oro. Sadly, it was closed for renovations. Looking at the brighter side, it will look better on my next visit.

Since I did not went to Museo de Oro, I now had about 2 hours to spare, GF will be out of her Masteral class. So I went to Jonies to have some snacks and wait for GF.

CDO's Divisoria has a new building and it houses new food joints and Jonies is one of them. Since im there for the snacks, I'll order a sandwich. Oh! yes! the rice meal is tempting but its early for I just had my lunch an hour before I ordered this:

Its good but my expectations was high. It taste like roasted chicken w/ mayo which is good but I expect a thicker filling. It has lettuce w/c is good but I felt I did not ate. :( i should have ordered the rice meal instead. Well next time :D

I waited for a while then GF asked me to buy her a blank CD for her slideshow. So off I went then meet GF on the next door food place. For she was hungry after her class. Want to know what this about? Read next entry.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot a580 at
Jonie's Sizzlers and Roast
Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City
Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 27th of April 2011


The Next Azkals and Volcanoes

In the sports news, The Philippine Soccer Team called "Azkals" and The Philippine Rugby Team called "Volcanoes" gave their outmost effort in putting the country's name in their respective sport. I salute you guys and keep up the good work.

Whats the difference between Soccer and Rugby anyways? When I was a child, its really a big puzzle for me and I cant really understand why both are called football. The other one is kicking the ball and the other one is running the ball. Here are some thing I just found out.

Football is the most wide played sport in the world. It was called "football" or "foot ball" because its a sport on foot or a sport that needs more foot work.

Rugby is called such because it started in "Rugby School" in England. The game involves physical contact thus the uniform has this armor like padded suit and helmet. The ball is elliptical mostly brown in color and its outlawed to kick the ball thus it is held and ran towards the goal.

As for the Soccer, the ball is spherical with black and white pentagon spots. The ball is kicked or bumped using other body parts except the hands. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball.

Soccer is not new in the country. Even before the Azkals, football stars are in the schools. There are two universities here in Manila that have two to six soccer fields. As for the Rugby, I havent seen a rugby field here but I seen some kids and teens who have a rugby ball and play fetch. Since they dont have the standard Rugby gear, they can play it in a soft manner.

Soccer matches are held every year in some schools here. The kids are so passionate to the game, they look and play like professional athletes. During these events, major sponsors pour in to make the event possible and during the games they have booths to give away promotional coupons. The kids and parents are happy to see such kind of support. These kids really feel like they are little Azkals. I seen kids running and sliding in the corridor just to practice their moves. After their game while resting, they air their sadness because of the highly priced shoes. Even if they can afford it or even if they have discount vouchers, chances are the stocks are limited almost none or the kids' size is not available. So they resort to borrowing shoes from their friends or to those who graduates from school or the most common scenario, when a big kid had out grown their shoes, they gave it to the small kids.

The Azkals and the Volcanoes lifted the kids spirit to their sport. I do hope and pray that these kids will excel in the field and for me, the only way that we can support these kids are thru our cheers and providing them the gears to help them play. A kid with a complete gear has high morale to achieve.

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October 5, 2011

World Teachers Day 2011

"Teachers for Gender Equality"

I came across to this photo in Facebook and I admit I cant find the real source of this photo BUT the description says "Re-post if you are a teacher, love a teacher, or appreciate a teacher." Since I do appreciate a teachers' love for work and their dedication is a commitment definitely I can say that "a teacher is a hero". Im not telling this because my GF is a teacher but read letter in the photo then you will see how much I appreciate them. What struck me most was the last line.

photo from Facebook from an unknown author

The word was "investing" not "expending". What the difference you might ask. Experts say that "investing" is expending money to gain returns but expending has nothing to gain thus wasting money. For example, if we buy a freezer for household use that is expending but if we use the freezer to sell - something like ice or process meat - that's investing because we gain something in return.

As for the teachers. they use their own money to buy chalk; materials for visual aids; they even buy some school supplies(paper, pencils/pens) and give it to their students' use. For what? to see their students excel in life and mold them as future leaders, and movers and shakers of our country. That's what they gain thus they are investing.

In the provinces, specially in northern Philippines, some of the houses have this wooden or metal engraving that bears the name and profession. One day, a teacher walks infront of that house and thank the Lord by saying "Thank God! You made him an engineer, he was my former student when he was still in High School".

When was the Last time we thank the Lord for our teachers? Today, right now is the right time.

I salute you our dearest teachers for your dedication, commitment and hard work in molding us to became a better person, a better citizen. With that, I thank You. May the Lord grant you wisdom, knowledge, protection and guidance in every thing you do.

"Teachers for Gender Equality" is this year's global theme. The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) picked that theme because they aim for more women in the teaching profession. Yes, they are more female teachers than men but two-thirds of illiterates are women.

WHAT?! two-thirds of illiterates are women? hmm? I don't know what made them say that OR what are their sources BUT for me, in my own opinion I only have two main reasons why.Before I share that, let me first say that illiteracy knows no gender.

First is culture. Some - if not most - of world culture is prohibiting women to pursue education thus they can't pursue any career or field of expertise. I hope that the world will allow women to pursue education

Second, is the fact that women has a bigger population than men. they say that three babies are born females is to one male baby.

Since its a fact that women has the bigger population, I just hope and pray that world's cultures will allow women to pursue education and career. Its not only for women empowerment but also for the progress of our culture. Let me share this to you as my ending statement and as an example why I'm sharing this.

The Philippines have many cultural groups. Some call it tribe, other are called ethnic group and some call it Indigenous people. There is this one cultural group - lets call it a tribe - that prohibits women to pursue education. One young lady disobeyed their rules, went downtown and pursued education. She then became a teacher. After a few years, she went back home to teach their tribe's children. At first the male adults are mad and angry at her but as they see the tribe's progress thru the education she is giving to the kids, they allowed her to continue, they even built a bigger hut to be their school building. And they lived happily ever after.

October 4, 2011

Appetite Magazine's Restaurant Festival 2011

Campaign Period

Appetite Magazine, the country's most appetizing culinary magazine will celebrate its founding anniversary with a gastronomic treat. On the 13th of October 2011 in Shangri-la Mall they will lunch a most anticipated culinary event.

I always wanted to go to a festival and Appetite Magazine is having one and its called "Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011" for their anniversary this October. To get free invites, "like" their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/appetitemag then we simply SAVE and POST the photo below on their wall with the description “I want to go to the Appetite Restaurant Festival!” and ask your friends to "like" it. The top 3 photos will get exclusive invites for two (2)! Just a reminder, you must SAVE & POST the poster as a photo on our wall. 

I want to go to the Appetite Restaurant Festival because I want to taste the world! Please do help me to go there by "like"-ing my entry at their Facebook wall.

They also have a Twitter Account at http://twitter.com/#!/appetitemag (@appetitemag)

October 1, 2011

@ Max's Cagayan de Oro

GF's Parents
36th Anniversary

26 April 2011
Max's Restaurant Cagayan de Oro*
Tiano-Chaves Streets, Cagayan de Oro City

* this branch is now close and they transferred to Level 1 Robinsons Place Cagayan de Oro last August 26, 2011

Its GF's parents wedding anniversary. GF's eldest sister instructed us (me and GF) to buy cake for the parents. We pick up her money at the courier office before proceeding to pick up the cake at Red Ribbon Bakeshop of CDO's Divisoria.

We held it in Max's Restaurant so that I can also use my two Gift Certificates with a face value of Regular Fried Chicken (half) each.

and GF and 3 younger siblings all shared for the dinner. We just added the usual rice and drinks and these two yummy dishes:

Oriental Beef With Mushrooms;

and Chopsuey;

I really like and enjoyed our dishes. All meats are fork-tender; the veggies are not overcooked and they retained thier appetizing colors; and the serving are all generous enough we all ended with a full tummy.

For me, if it its fun family satisfied dinning, it shoud be catered by Max's Chicken. Many of my life's wonderful memories was catered by Max's and this is an addition to that wonderful memories.

PS: Thank you so much Food Friday Meme for featuring my last week's entry.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Max's Restaurant Cagayan de Oro*
Tiano-Chaves Streets, Cagayan de Oro City
last 26th of April 2011

* this branch is now close and they transferred to Level 1 Robinsons Place Cagayan de Oro last August 26, 2011

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