January 3, 2011

Media Notche to 2011

New Year Eve Meals

This is our Media Notche (New Year Eve Meal). I planned and made this menu. The neighbors also shared their blessings but never had the chance to take its photo.

the theme for my spread is "grilled festival" thus the star of feast is the grilled platter (center photo). it has grilled: eggplant; chicken thighs; pork BBQ; Tilapya; and squid. a simple tomato and bagoong as dip/side dish.

top left corner photo is yellow fin cheviche.

top right corner photo is my sister Jesz's brought home a big puto (6inches) topped with ham and egg.

bottom left corner photo is my sister Jenn cooked Lumpiang Shanghai.

lastly, the bottom right corner is my major disaster seafood taosi. i swear, i never cook taosi ever again.

May the Lord bless our new year and the years to come.CHEERS to the year 2011 and thank you 2010 for the wonderful experiences!



Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Our Home
last 01 January 2011

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