January 1, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 36 of 365


Subject: The last time i went to the grocery, shopping for Christmas Notche Buena, i seen a pack of "crazy cut" yellow fin tuna, making kinilaw came to my mind. I cant literally see how "crazy" the cut is for its frozen solid, but i think this is the remaining cut-outs from other cuts. a week later, the shopping for New Year Media Notche came and i bought the crazy cut tuna and made my plan. after thawing, i seen how really "crazy" the cut is. Im craving for kinilaw so even if its not cut the usual way, its still tuna! craving solved

Camera = Sony Ericsson w395

Date = 31 December 2010
Time = 12:03 (GMT+8)

Location = Our Home

Digiscrapbook Layout created in Microsoft Visio
using "DCWV Fall Stack 23" as a paper background

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