January 8, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 43 of 365

Blank CDs/DVDs

Subject: I made an inventory on my blank Cds and DVDs. I like to burn all my files so that i can free up some Hard Disk space. Im using an old laptop and this only have less than 37Gb in total Hard disk space. I dont want to save files on main Hard drive so that it can be used by the virtual memory. Im using the secondary hard disk with a total of 17Gb and now its just 5Gb free so if i burn some files - specially the photo files - ill free up 9Gb more.

Camera = Canon Powershot A580
Mode = Manual
Metering = Evaluative
ISO = hi auto = 640
Shutter Speed = 1/15s
f-Ratio = 2.6
EXP = 0(zero)
Flash = off
WB = auto
Color = Vivid
Macro = on

Date = 06 January 2011
Time = 23:30 (GMT+8)

Location = Our Home

Digiscrapbook Layout created in Microsoft Visio
using "DCWV Fall Stack 23" as a paper background

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