February 15, 2012

Figaro Dinner Meals

Hello, Jessie here once again! My brother's still not able to blog, so allow me to post here once again to share to you a very sweet deal I found out recently.

It's nearly the end of Valentine's Day as I type this. I am not one of those who went out with a loved one to celebrate this day as I am sure restaurants and malls would be crowded, and since payday's still a day away, I guess most of us will just have to way a wee bit longer to celebrate V Day.


Recently, my sister Jenn of Tara, Let's Eat! and I were at Figaro in Tomas Morato and we found a very great deal that didn't just satisfy our tummies, it also saved us precious bucks.

Figaro Dinner Meals
at Buy 1, Take 1 at 50% Off


My sister had the Chicken Rice Bake, which reminded me of the cheesy rice she used to cook for me as my packed lunch when I was still in High School. The rice was soft with mild flavors, chicken chunks, mushrooms, carrots, and bell peppers. My favorite part of the dish was the cheese on top. The serving may look small, but since each spoonful is packed with goodness, it was actually enough to make one full.


I on the other hand had the Tofu Steak Rice. Tofu is one of us siblings' favorite food, and I really really love its special sauce. Sure it was a little sweet, but there was something in it that made me eat more and more of it. I actually am craving for it every now and then... simply because the sauce captured my interest and my tastebuds!

Each of the Dinner Meals cost p150. Not bad for a good meal, but currently, Figaro's offering these meals at Buy 1 Take 1 at 50% off. Now that's a very good deal - the p75 saved we could use to try another Figaro dish!


Each of the meals came with a regular glass of Lemonade.

This deal is an ongoing promotion and is happening at 6pm onwards at these participating outlets: Alabang Town Center, Cattleya, Emerald, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Shangri-La, Robinson's Place Manila, Festival Mall, Gateway, Liberty, Tomas Morato, SM City North EDSA Sky Garden, and SM City Sta. Rosa.

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True, Valentine's Day just ended... but should you drop by any of Figaro's branches and spent about p500 worth of food and / or drinks, you will receive a free box of Cioccolato Morsi - valued at approximately p100. These chocolatey goodness wasn't so sweet and had a hint of alcohol, which made it really tasty. The nuts not only added texture, it also added taste to the pastry, too. These babies are only available (for free) until 15 February 2012, so grab this freebie while it's still available.

So...shall we see you at Figaro? :)

* Jessie *

February 9, 2012

Max's Restaruant Valentines Treat

*** It's been quite a while since I last posted here on my blog, far too many things to attend to,
but while I still can't fully get back into blogging,
I will give the floor to my sister Jessie for this awesome treat.***

In a few days, it'll be Valentine's Day and for sure many of us will flock to the floral and pastry shops to get our loved ones that awesome Valentine's Day gift. Here in our house, Valentine's Day isn't something we really, really celebrate... but that doesn't mean we won't be treating ourselves with some sweet gifts, right?

Max's Restaurant has been one of our family's favorite restaurants, and this Valentine's Day, they have lined up not one, not two... but five treats (courtesy of Max's Corner Bakery) to make this day of celebrating love ultra sweet.


>>> On February 10 - 14, receive a free box of 9-Piece Assorted Pastry Bites for every purchase of p1500 in any Max's Restaurant branches. Offer good for dine-in, take out, and deliveries.


>>> If 9 pieces of pastry bites will not be enough, or you just want to get the treat without having to order for any Max's Restaurant dishes, just buy your loved one this box of 15-piece Assorted Pastry Bites for only p199.


>>> Like most celebrations, Valentine's Day is often celebrated with cakes, but if you think the typical cakes are a little bit too much to eat, you may consider getting this cute heart shape Chocolate Moist Cake, for only p199.


>>> As cheesy as it may sound, most of us refer to the number 3 as something that symbolizes "I love you." With that, you may consider giving these new cupcakes, especially made for the month of hearts. From left to right: Banana-Chocolate, Black Forest, and Blueberry. Each cupcake cost p50, but if you want to go for three items to say "I love you," get the three-piece cupcake set for only p135.


>>> Also this month, you can get your preferred Max's Corner Bakery Cakes not in their typical circular shape, but in heart shape! Prices vary based on the flavor, of course.


>>> For the kids (and the kids at heart), these cute Sugar Cookies will be a sweet gift.

Max's Restaurant is really about family. Valentine's Day may be a day for couples... but we all can still celebrate it - even with friends, family, or just by ourselves. Spread the love with these treats!

With the exception of the first treat, all other treats are available the entire month of February. For more details about these treats, feel free to check Max's Restaurant Website, Max's Restaurant Facebook Page, and Max's Corner Bakery Facebook Page.
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