June 25, 2011

@ Pizza Hut Buendia LRT 2 of 3

Pork BBQ Rice

20 January 2011

As I shared last Saturday (19 June 2011) that I'm with my GF's youngest sister and that sister's hubby to accompany them accomplish GF's Sister's Visa. after all the transactions for the day, we headed to Buendia LRT to have (a late) lunch and afterwards, they will go to their eldest sister's home in Batangas.

They chosen to dine in Pizza Hut and GF's Sister ordered this one. Sadly, she did not finished it. The serving is so big for her and even for me. When I asked her if i can have a bite, she said yes.

Its flaked pork BBQ served with rice. The serving is big even for me, i guess its somehow like 3-4 servings in local eateries. as for the taste, its too sweet for me, i cant taste the smokey BBQ which i had in mind. the sweetness also covered or over empowered the salty taste.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Pizza Hut Buendia LRT branch
Taft ave. corner Buendia ave.,
Pasay City
last 20th of January 2011

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