June 11, 2011

FoodBlast from the Past : @ Casa Ilongga


18 February 2009

It was my first time in Cebu! with me are my sister and my friend. Upon arrival Mactan Cebu Airport, we contracted a coupon taxi to bring us to our hotel, I thought it was clear to the driver where we are heading thus we find our self lost in Barangay Lahug. thus I reiterated to the driver that we must be in go to Colon st. after showing my map to him, we finaly came to our hotel. after the usual check-in process we now must find a food place since we havent had our lunch yet, it was already two in the afternoon. I asked the front desk crew how we can go to Robinsons Place, she said that its just a single jeepney ride, giving us the jeepney code (yes, every route in Cebu has a code as seen on top of the jeep and on its side)

when we arrived in Robinsons Place, we went to the food court and one by one we took our orders on different places. I ordered this kinilaw na tanigue which is my favorite visayan dish catered by Casa Ilongga. It also come with rice and soup. My sister ordered pork BBQ and my friend ordered rellenong alimasag; pork asado and lumpia. we all shared our orders thus we had a tasted of it. after our late lunch cum early dinner,we strolled a little in the mall then went to the grocery to have some supplies, water and food for the rest of our stay.

Background of the Entry:
I got my first digital (point and shoot) camera last September of the year 2007. I dont have a blog site yet but I do have a multiply site since January of 2006. My blogging started August of year 2008. In between those dates, I captured many photos of places, food, events and virtualy any thing that my heart desires on that time. Blogging those photos was my primary reason why I captured them. Blogging on those times was kind-a difficult for me for I dont have the means. So im reviving my old food photos to make these entries.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A1000is in
Robinsons Place Cebu Food Court
Fuente OsmeƱa, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
last 18th of February 2008

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