June 17, 2011

The fastest and the brightest

Believe it or not, im still using a monochrome (black letters in green LED) cellphone in spite of all hi tech cellphones available now a days. I guess I’m using this phone for about 4 years now and the battery becomes empty after a 20 minute call.

If you ask me why I'm still using that phone. The only answer i can give you is that I'm using my cellphone only for call and text plus alarm clock and calculator. the hi tech phones calls my interest but I’m not that fast to get it, same reason for smart phones, in spite of all features I’m still hanging on to my trusty old phone.

The scenario will eventually change. there is this "genius" phone that answers all my wants and craves in a gadget: camera?! with its 8MP camera with LED flash, WiFi?! yes it has, big memory?! yes! 512 RAM, 8Gb internal and up to 32Gb Micro SD external, GPS?! yes and it has aGPS support. These features makes me "want and wish" to have that gadget. Camera to answer the call of "capture the moments". Memory to answer the call to store all those photos and music (MP3) and make the application work. GPS so that i cant get lost in the wilderness and to map out my travels.

If you’ll say to me "a smart phone can do that" well, yes it can but this device im featuring has an extra trick on the sleeve. its not actually a trick its a "real" feature and it makes it worthy to be called "genius". Genius in the sense that it has out smarted the smart phones. I’m talking about the new "LG Optimus 2x P990".

The CPU of the LG Optimus 2x P990 is dual core and dual core simply means doing the certain task in half the time. If a smart phone can run an application in 10 seconds LG Optimus 2x P990 can run it just 5 seconds. Genius isn’t it? Just imagine if a smart phone captured a single 8MP photo, LG Optimus 2x P990 captured two photos. No more wasted moments. Starting an application, capturing photos, playing music or videos all done in half time. Running two applications at the same time is just that effortlessly, no buffering, no downtime, just pure simple pleasure and that’s genius.

My blogging and my mobile lifestyle is surely be done by LG Optimus 2x P990. My travels will be map out by its GPS. My (food) photos will be captured by its 8MP camera. To kill that boredom, MP3s will be played by its 7.1 surround sound speaker, or play or record videos with its 1080p full HD playback & recording. Update my facebook and blog with it's WiFi connectivity. I'll definitely ditch out my monochrome phone and switch to LG Optimus 2x P990.

here’s the list of the specs of LG Optimus 2x P990 and other information

Retail price of 27,990 PH pesos or about 690 US dollars

BUT WAIT there’s more! LG Optimus 2x P990 has a sister.

Did you experience using your cellphone's screen to light up a dark place like a flashlight? When you wake up in the middle of the night and you grab your phone and use its screen's light to illuminate your path to answer the call of nature and then said to yourself "I hope this LED light is much brighter like a flashlight.

Did you also experience covering your cellphone's screen just to see what’s on the screen in a very well lighted area like a sunny outdoors? You can’t see what’s on the screen because the glare bounces on your screen thus your screen is somehow like off. The LG Optimus Black P970 has the world's brightest screen with its 700Nits LCD display. Now you can see in the dark as well as in a well lit area.

here’s the list of the specs of LG Optimus black P970 and other information

Retail price of 19,990 PH pesos or about 465 US dollars

LG Optimus is a blogger's Swiss knife! LG Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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