June 19, 2011

@Chowking Makati

Orange Chicken Rice Meal

20 January 2011 - a date with GF's sister and her hubby

GF's sister finaly got her imigrant visa. some of her papers are with me thus she and her husband asked me to be at the embasy to turn-over all those papers. as they complete her travel papers and requirements, I volunteered to acompany them. they went strait to embassy from Cagayan de Oro City onboard the first flight thus they are hungry. after the her appointment in the embassy, we all went to have breakfast at chowking, i ordered this meal.

The meal consist of : rice, prawn crakers; and Orange Chicken. it tasted good,you can really taste the sweetness and citrut zest of orange.

after our breakfast, we went to Manila for her pre-departure semminar then back to Makati City to attend mass in Greenbelt then went back to the embassy to claim her visa.

from the embassy, we went to the bus terminal for they plan to visit her eldest sister. before boarding the bus, we had a late lunch. what we ate on that lunch will be featured next weekend.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
VA Rufino Ave corner dela Rosa st.,
Makati City
last 20th of January 2011

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