December 3, 2010

Shiny Car

Since I was a child, I dreamed of having a new shiny car. My father declined to have one simply because we cant afford its up-keeping since me and my sisters are still in our schooling days. Thus my father advised me to strive hard in school so that when I graduated from college, I can have a shiny paycheck to buy and upkeep a shiny car. I'm not good at school and I'm not that bad either. Every time I see an auto while I'm inside the bus or while walking in the streets, Its amazes me and my father's words of advice is ringing in my ear.I do like cars in the like of VW new Beetle; Chevrolet Silverado; and a Ford Escape.

My cousin now resides in Texas. One time she shared to me that after they had a road trip they need to see a mechanic to check their car. After a miles of journey and fun, they got to have a break job to change the disk pads and refill its break fluid. "Wow! that means you really had a long road trip" I said. She replied "Good thing my husband felt something wrong in the car, thus we look for a dallas auto repair shop right away". Come to think about it, if they are in the middle of the road without breaks only means accidents will come to them. "better to check your car before and after a road trip, for precautionary measures" I added and she said yes in reply.

I dearly miss my cousin, I'm happy that she is happy in her new life in Texas.

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