December 8, 2010

for the love of sea and oysters

When i was younger, i love to eat meat specially pork, beef, chicken and goat (chevon). eating such meat only means more cholesterol build-up. Every time time I recall my fondness to meat i remember a line in the movie "Finding Nemo" that goes "Fish are friends not food". but this lifestyle had changed more than two years ago.

Our family health concern was centered in two illnesses : heart problem and diabetes. Since my father died we must abstain to some meat products specially high in fats. Good thing our country the Philippines is an archipelago, we are surrounded by blue sea for the sea is abundant with life saving food such as: fish; shellfish and even plants. Our diet significantly changed. Its now less meat, more seafood.

There was a time when we are in our mother's hometown. we dipped in the pebbled shore. My sister said "there's oyster here!" when she showed it to me I immediately took out my Swiss knife and began eating oysters. We flipped every big stones to find those oysters. While om enjoying these treat i began to ask myself "how can i buy oysters online?"

I guess there is. many restaurants have seafood suppliers from far away islands and the best way to do this kind of transactions are through online. Technology now a days can perk up online seafood sales

Oh! I love blue sea, sandy beach, tan on skin, the sound of waves. I hope summer will come sooner.

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