December 13, 2010

My Everyday Eveready Moment


My youngest sister is was - well until now -working in a restaurant in Ortigas. She comes home so late, eleven in the evening was the earliest and 2am the next day was her latest.

It was Typhoon Juan that time when she texted me at around midnight asking me to stand by the house gate so that she can see where our house is. Candles are inappropriate to use since it was so dark, windy and rainy. The candle flames will just be out in seconds. Good thing we have this LED lantern. I grabbed our Eveready "D" sized battery and fix it to our lantern. I stood on the street holding that lantern as soon as I can hear the tricycle’s noise. When the driver seen me standing he stopped for he also got the signal that I'm waiting for his passenger. My sister just said to me "you look like Hagrid" to break the ice. We both then entered our home and got to sleep. But I kept my lantern (ever)ready.

Few days later - nights I should say. She again texted me for assistance. But it’s not the same as above. At that time, she came home so late, tricycles are not available-probably to end the shift or they are hired. So she walked while texting me. Grabbing again my ever-trusted lantern and an old mop handle, I fetched her. "You look like Hagrid,” she said upon sight of me. She cracked the joke on her nervous tone, as she added, "there's a big black dog here! That’s why I texted you"

"There’s no such dog when I passed through?!"

"Oh! Good thing he left" and we walked. "Thank you" she added when we reached home safe and called it a night.

Every time I recall these stories, I always remember my dad who always advised and reminded us (before he came to heaven) "Batteries are in this drawer. Always stock up, keep it new and handy. Its better to be ready everyday than sorry". That is why, in God's Grace, we survived every stormy black out-nights".

We have more stories on how Eveready accompanied us in our lives. Be it on the storm; or a simple to major power failure; to camping and outdoors. But this is the latest and to me, the most sweetest.

By the way, if in case you don't know Hagrid. Hagrid is a character in the movie series Harry Potter. He is a gentle giant who lives in the woods thus he carries a lantern as his source of light at night.

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