December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Spread

This is our Notche Buena (Christmas Eve) Spread. My sister planned and made this menu. The neighbors also shared their blessings thus we had more meals than expected

My sister Jenn cooked Quesadilla (tortilla; grilled chicken slices and; cheese).

My sister Jesz cooked Fish and Fries with mayo-garlic dip (cream dory fish in beer batter; ready-to-cook french fries with sour cream flavor; mixed mayo and ranch dressing plus spices for dip).

Our neighbors shared:

Macaroni salad; cheese sticks; and cassava cake courtesy of "Rb" family;

Spaghetti (photo shown in table spread); Brownie; carrot cake; corn bread; and fruit salad courtesy of "J" family;

Macaroni salad from "V" family.

from my Family to yours, Merry Christmas!



Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Our Home
last 25th of December 2010

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