July 27, 2013

NBA 3X Manila 2013

25 July 2013
Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP Complex, Pasay City

The Philippine is having a NBA fever right now (and for almost a week) as NBA Stars come to Manila for the NBA 3-on-3 basketball tournament (NBA 3x). The said event is being held simultaneously across the globe and Manila is part of it.

Last July 25th, they held a presscon in Sofitel Philippine Plaza and Im so lucky enough to cover it. Coming to Manila for this event are:

The Indiana Pacemates (Indiana Pacers' Dance Team Ambassadors)and Memphis Grizzlies' Team Mascot 'Grizz'

NBA 3x Manila 2013 - Grizz and Pacemates

and NBA Stars James Harden (@JHarden13) and Eric Gordon (TheofficialEG10)

NBA 3x Manila 2013 - Harden and Gordon

Speaking in the event is Mr. Carlos Singson NBA's Country Manager in the Philippines. He shared to us all upcoming schedules for the NBA here in the Philippines.

NBA 3x Manila 2013 - singson

Also, since this event is presented by Sprite, Mr. Adel Tamano speaks on behalf of Coca-Cola Philippines.

NBA 3x Manila 2013 - tamano

They presented this event simply because Coca-Cola Company is advocating active lifestyle thru sports.


Tomorrow (Sunday 28th July 2013) will be the finals of all events. Catch you at the SM Mall of Asia Center Court. Games start at 1pm onwards. Dont forget your cameras and pens and papers for that once in a lifetime chance to have a photo and autograph with the Pacemates, Grizz and of course Eric and James.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot SX130is in
Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
last 25th of July 2013


July 22, 2013

Enjoy Philippines Midyear Book Launch for Enjoy PH Privilege Card

18 July 2013
Rue Bourbon
Dela Costa st. cor Tordesillas st.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

Enjoy Philippines (Enjoy PH) is giving us the Enjoy PH Privilege Card. with over Php 350,000 savings in terms of: discounts of 10% to 50%, vouchers, buy 1 get 1 free or free items by just presenting your card or voucher or both.

Before we talk about the card, let share to you first the press launch of Enjoy PH Midyear Book

The party was held in Rue Bourbon, a New Orleans themed nightlife place for food and drinks. The place was filled with party people from Enjoy PH executives, card holders, and partner merchants.

Rue Bourbon in Salcedo Village

After registration of attendance, we were offered free flowing drinks from: Rue Bourbon's famous "Caramel Beer"; cocktails; and wines from Artisan Cellars.

Open Bar

Me and my sister have a round of beer to quench our long walk to the venue. After this the buffet table was opened. They offered us: Chili Chicken Wings, Pizza, Fish and chips, nachos, creamy carbonara and 'fresh' sticks salad.

Buffet Table

The chicken wings are knock out winner, its so yummy specially if paired with blue cheese dip. Every thing is good too thus I keep on going back for more.

Then the midyear launch follows. They raffled off many Gift Checks and vouchers from both new and old partner merchants. The crowds' favorite was 3 days 2 night stay in Boracay. Luckily me and my sisters won.

Since Enjoy PH have many many partner merchants, the prizes are a lot too. Virtually everyone is a winner. While the prizes are raffled off, I tried Rue Bourbon's famous "Orleans Sling".

Orleans Sling

I got the recipe for this good drink but I will not reveal it on this entry. The most interesting about this drink is not only for its taste but also from its 'jar' as drinking glass.

After the party, we then went home.


Now, about the Card. To become a member of this great VIP Privilege program we will just pay Php 1,995 annually. Sounds expensive? Somehow but the what's in store is more expensive, the membership is worth almost 350,000 pesos savings from over 250 merchant partners nationwide.

 photo DSCF1015_zps088c29bf.jpg

Upon approval of your application, you will be given a tin can that contains the car and the books of vouchers: one for Metro Manila partners, another one for Cebu/Boracay/Davao/Cagayan de Oro partners' branches and another one is for the supplementary book of vouchers for new partners. This said supplementary book is the purpose of this launch.

Each page of the books are vouchers. its divided in to two parts: the small part that perforates serves the instant voucher and the big part that binded in the book is the guidelines for Enjoy PH members' privilege. Each voucher and privilege could be a 10% to 50% discount, or a buy 1 get 1, or free upgrade of items, or a free item. At the back of each page is the rules and applicable branch where we can only get that privilege, so read it carefully.

Enjoy PH Privilege Card and Book of Vouchers

Let me warn you too that each book is thick enough to be heavy weight, having it always on our bags will become a burden in due time, Thus, Enjoy PH enabled the said books to be available in Enjoy PH App for smartphones like Samsung. iOS will follow soon. For more information, visit enjoythebest.ph and like them also in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you want to be a member too? Go to the website and click the "join now" box then fill up the online form then in the section "where did you hear about enjoy" please click "memeber/friend referral" then type "username = agent112778" as details.

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifilm Finepix XP100 in
Rue Bourbon
Dela Costa st. cor Tordesillas st.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
last 18th of July 2013


Modern Shanghai with an epic appetite 3/3

11 July 2013
Modern Shanghai
3/f Glorietta 2
Makati City, Philippines

For the last installment for my first Modern Shanghai experience, I'll share to you our Set Menu B. If in case you haven't read the previous parts, on the First Part I featured the place and the tea we had. Then on the Second Part was the first half of the new items/dishes that Modern Shanghai is offering. For this part would the last half.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

To start of, they now have Hakaw, a Steamed Shrimp Dumpling.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

Its good! yummy good! the wrapper tasted like its homemade (not commercial grade). The shrimp is a big chuck not ground.

For noodles, they gave us Fried Shanghai Noodle with Seafood.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Fried Shanghai Noodle with Seafood

I love the thickness of the noodles, its has a bit texture and somehow bland but the sauce blends it to complete the taste. At first I said I'll eat a little but then I just realized that I already ate alot. Good thing this is my last dish before heading home.

Here's another classic Chinese food that I really love, the Wok Fried Sliced Beef and Broccoli.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Wok Fried Sliced Beef and Broccoli

I admit, every time I cook this dish, It's always taste like your drinking soy sauce or having a spoonful of oyster sauce strait from the bottle. This dish is far from my cooking. I also love the addition of mushrooms and leeks.

This next dish is my favorite of all dishes served, the Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper

Let's admit it! Cooking squid is very tricky! Thus, don't be surprised if youll get a tough squid on this side and a very soft on the other. I love squid, I love the way they salted this dish, the spicy rock salt is separated to the squid thus the squid is not too salty. The topmost part is the most salty all you have to do is to tap the squid first on the plate to shake off the salts. I also love the spicy kick.

Lastly, the most mysterious dish of all the Eight Treasures in Hot Bean Sauce.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Eight Treasures in Hot Bean Sauce

I said mysterious because we all guessed what are the eight treasures. Sadly we forgot to asked the chef what are they. I only got: cashews, tofu, leeks, bell pepper and what else???? See! I only got four :lol:. This is worth a try!


Thank You so much Modern Shanghai for this heavy loaded feast and to Ms. Lia as well for being a good host to us, best wishes to your upcoming wedding.

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifilm Finepix XP100 in
Modern Shanghai
3/f Glorietta 2
Makati City, Philippines
last 11th of July 2013


July 21, 2013

Figaro Coffee Company opens Patriarch Branch

17 July 2013
Figaro Patriarch
Chino Roces Ave. cor Don Bosco St., Makati City

When I covered and posted about the opening of Figaro Fort Pointe Branch last February I teased in there that they will open more branches, I mentioned three and Figaro Patriarch is one of them and at the same time and date they also opened Figaro Garden Plaza branch in Santa Rosa, Laguna and let's wait for the upcoming branch in Marikina City.

Figaro Patriarch - Ribbon Cutting

Me and my sisters went to Makati City as early as 4am for our youngest will punch to work at 6am. So we stayed there until 7:30am then walked towards Patriarch Bldg. Good thing we are early to witnessed their simple ceremony for this cute and simple Kiosk type branch.

Figaro Patriarch - Ribbon Cutting

Security Bank Patriarch also opened for business that day thus we somehow attended a two-in-one event. After the ribbon cutting the priest came from Security Bank to Figaro.

Figaro Patriarch - Blessing

After the blessing, the coin toss came next. Coins and laughter filled the area.

Figaro Patriarch - Coin Toss

Since two businesses opened at the same time, the coin toss came in three batches: for the bank, for Figaro and for the building. After which,the feast of reception followed and personnel from both businesses shared the buffet offering of breakfast and snacks and of course coffee and cakes from figaro.

Figaro Patriarch - Cakes
clockwise from top left: Blue Velvet Cake; Tablea Knockdown; Carrot Cake

I had an Iced Latte and Oreo Cheesecake to quench my thirst. How I wished someone can invent a transparent paper cup.

Figaro Patriarch - Iced Latte and Oreo Cheesecake

After a fun filled feast and story telling, we bid goodbyes and went home.

Thank you so much once again Figaro Coffee Company for inviting me and my sister to cover your event.

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifim Finepix XP100 in
Figaro Patriarch
Chino Roces Ave. cor Don Bosco St., Makati City Philippines
last 17th of July 2013


Modern Shanghai with an epic appetite 2/3

11 July 2013
Modern Shanghai
3/f Glorietta 2
Makati City, Philippines

As promised in Part 1 I will share to you the two set menus that our host shared to us. These menus features all latest items. For this part I will share the "Menu A" and on the next part will be the "Menu B". Me and my sister are on the the longest table and we are 5 in our group thus we are blessed to have both menus. Other tables are either got  A or B and they are a group of 4 per table. As a sign of friendship with a common goal, either groups got a change to take pictures on both menus and since both menus have generous servings, all of us got a chance to taste all dishes.

Before I feature Modern Shanghai's newest and latest offerings, let me share to you this first. This is one of the original dishes thus this is not part of the menu. Modern Shanghai's best selling Shandong Style Shredded Chicken.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Shandong Style Shredded Chicken
Shandong Style Shredded Chicken

Its the best roasted chicken I had and its sauce named "Shandong Sauce" is out of the ordinary. We are all familiar with Chinese cuisines like Cantonese and Pekinese but Shandong!? Its new to me and I love it.

Ready your appetite as I present to you the first set of Modern Shanghai's best sellers. Here is Menu Set A.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

Lets all start with an appetizing treat of dim sum, the good old Steamed Pork and Shrimp Siumai.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Steamed Pork and Shrimp Siumai
Steamed Pork and Shrimp Siumai

Pardon the presentation, the steamer got knock on the table and the siumai. Anyway, it is one of the new items in Modern Shanghai. I love it, it doesn't have an overpowering pork fat taste.

Next is Deep Fried Fish in Spicy Fish Sauce.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Deep Fried Fish in Spicy Fish Sauce
Deep Fried Fish in Spicy Fish Sauce

At first I thought fish sauce is patis but its not. This is dish is a much better version of Sweet and Sour Fish or Escabeche. Its less sweet, not sour, mildly spicy hot. The fish is not fishy and breadedly good like tempura. The black specks are not taosi but its wood ear mushrooms. I'll definitely try this at my kitchen.

Chinese belief says that noodles symbolizes long life. This Crispy Noodle with Seafood will not only symbolizes long life but unity too. It is a big platter of noodles good for 4 to 6.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Crispy Noodle with Seafood
Crispy Noodle with Seafood

The crispiness adds more texture to the dish that will surely excite you to eat. Upon serving, try to taste the noodles so that you can feel the crispiness, for the sauce will wilt it in due time. The sauce is great! ito na ang pinaka saucy na pansit canton.

Next stop will be the Sliced Marinated Pork Knuckles.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Sliced Marinated Pork Knuckles
Sliced Marinated Pork Knuckles

The kitchen crew deserves a salute for this one! Look at that slices, its thin and even and I wonder how they deboned the knuckles to present it this way. Taste? good! not porky, super tender and its slightly bland thus you must dip it first.

Lastly, my favorite for this set, the Native Hong Kong Crispy Chicken.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Native Hong Kong Crispy Chicken
Native Hong Kong Crispy Chicken
Ms. Lia, the marketing manager for Modern Shanghai, ate with us. She shared a trivia for this dish as she said that only native chickens imported from Hong Kong are used to make this dish thus it has a tenderness with a bite, medio lumalaban. And she is right that slightly not so tender part is I think a character of native chickens and it add more flavor and texture thus its really good. This is not an ordinary fried chicken or chicken emperor, this is far better. As she shared that trivia, I just remembered Jackie Chan's movie "Rush Hour 2" where in the American Detective was lost in the streets of Hong Kong and asked a chicken butcher for directions.

So there you have it the first set of dishes that Modern Shanghai has to offer. Want some more? Then come back again for the last part and I'll share another 5 best sellers in Modern Shanghai.

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifilm FinePix XP100 in
Modern Shanghai
3/f Glorietta 2
Makati City, Philippines
last 11th of July 2013


Savor breakfast anytime of the day with FlapJacks’ old and new dishes

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. And for most of us, whether sweet or savory, breakfast is our go-to comfort food. And regardless of the time of the day, we find ourselves craving for fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and creamy eggs. The good thing is, there is a dining place especially crafted to indulge our breakfast cravings.

Named after the American way of making pancakes, Flapjacks caters to all our breakfast cravings, morning, noon, and night. With satisfying food and interiors that are sure to brighten your day, this home-grown concept from The Bistro Group is a sure-fire way to keep you sunny and happy.

Feast yourselves on an array of dishes that will suit any kind of mood you are in. Having a protein kind of day? Bacon & Mushroom Omelet, Smoked Chicken Longganisa and The Original Hashbrown Burger are very much recommended.  Or if you feel like treating yourself, but are too guilty to, you can always try the Sunset Fajita Wrap, a dish that is considerably light but jam packed with taste and texture from the grilled chicken, roasted peppers, and juicy salsa.

Turn that frown upside down, with the latest additions to their menu. Cheesecake and pancakes are probably two of the most indulgent food out there. And who says you cannot enjoy them both at the same time? Fork into the fluffy goodness of Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake and you will never go wrong.

Whether you’re on-the-go or looking forward to a laid-back dining experience, the new Frankjacks will never let you down. Choose from any of its five varieties: Greek Hotdog, Chili Cheese, Bacon-Jalapeno, Cowboy or Tex Mex. And to keep things more interesting, enjoy every order of Frankjacks with nacho chips on the side.

And because Flapjacks aims to let you feel and taste the love, it is bringing back old favorites: Stuffed French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and Congee.

Drop by at their branches in Greenhills Theater Mall and you will surely find your happy place at FlapJacks.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FlapjacksPhilippines, and follow @FlapJacksPh on Twitter and Instagram.

Flapjacks Branches:

F&B3 Arts Plaza, Greenhills Theatre Mall, San Juan
Contact Numbers: 584-0639 / 0917-507-8654

Retail Center, Ayala TechnoHub, Commonwealth, Quezon City
Contact Numbers: 4411314 / 0917-582-6731

Website: http://www.flapjacks.com.ph/index.php

July 15, 2013

Modern Shanghai with an epic appetite 1/3

11 July 2013
Modern Shanghai
3/f Glorietta 2
Makati City, Philippines

Having an authentic Chinese dishes is definitely worth sharing and yes, of all Chinese restaurants I've been to, this is the one with the most traditional taste in a modern ambiance. I need to share to you this story in 3 parts so that it will not flood in one entry. To give you a glimpse: first part focuses on the place and my pre-meal tea; the second and third parts will feature the menu A and B respectively that our host offered us.

The place:

The place is situated on the third floor of the new Glorietta 2. Nearby shops sells gadgets and other consumer electronics thus Modern Shanghai is somehow located out of place but stands out.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 facade

Upon entrance, you'll be greeted by a receptionist or a dining crew to hand you the menu and bring you to your table.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 receptionist

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

Riding an aircon bus to Makati City for about 3 hours makes chilled thus I asked for a hot tea to kick start my tummy for a Chinese feast that awaits us. Not only that, I still believe that drinking tea will enhance our experience closest to Chinese customs. I ordered Ginseng Oolong Tea.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2 Ginseng Oolong Tea

My sister ordered for a blooming tea called "Lily Bloom". It was just like a ball of leaf but when the crew poured the hot water.

Modern Shanghai Glorietta 2

The leaf ball will seep the water so after a few minutes, it will became like this

Lily Bloom Tea; photo grab from my sisters FB page


I saved some of my tea so that I still have some for the feast later.

UP NEXT: Part 2 Our host gave us Modern Shanghai (customized) Menu A
UP LATER: Part 3 Our host gave us Modern Shanghai (customized) Menu B

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifilm Finepix XP100 in
Modern Shanghai
3/f New Glorietta 2,Makati City, Philippines
last 11th of July 2013


Cathay Pacific B-HUJ

Cathay Pacific


Airline: Cathay Pacific
Aircraft: Boeing 747-467
Registration #: B-HUJ
Serial # / Construction #: MSN 27595; Line # 1061
First Flight: 14-05-1995
Test Registration: - no data -
Delivery Date: 25-08-1997 (re registered)

First Class Seats (F): 12
usiness Class Seats (C): 47
Economy Class Seats (Y): 324

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Taxing for Take Off  / Lining Up

Canon Powershot A1000is

Photo Date and Time:
February 2009

Information Source:

July 13, 2013

New and Upcoming from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

11 July 2013
Angel's Pizza.Pasta.Combo
Makati Ave., Philippines

Angel's Pizza.Pasta.Combo has new and exciting upcoming promos for all.

Whats NEW?!

Angel's Pizza.Pasta.Combo offers new pizza flavor, the Chicken Parmigiana.

Angels Pizza.Pasta.Combo Chicken Parmigiana in Hand Tossed Crust
Angels Pizza.Pasta.Combo Chicken Parmigiana in Hand Tossed Crust

What's in it? it has Culinary Cream, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes. Green Bell Pepper and Chicken Chunks. It comes in two different crust varieties: Hand Tossed or Thin Crust.

Angels Pizza.Pasta.Combo Chicken Parmigiana in Thin Crust
Angels Pizza.Pasta.Combo Chicken Parmigiana in Thin Crust

It comes in three different sizes: Medium (9 inches); Family (12 inches) and Big Family (14 inches). You can also ask the crew to cut it into 8pcs wedge or in Chicago cut squares.

left: thin crust in squares and right: hand tossed crust in wedge
left: thin crust in squares and right: hand tossed crust in wedge


This coming 15th of July, they will have two new exciting promos that will sure be of our interest and we can also fully enjoy our Angel's Pizza experience.

First, the Angel's Pizza Club card.

Angel's Pizza Club

For only P299 annual membership fee we will have the following freebies:

1) Buy 1 Take 1 any day on every Family and Big Family sized pizza. We can order up to five per visit;
2) a 25% discount on all pizza purchase;
3) and a Birthday treat of free 1 medium sized pizza in Angel's Aloha or Angle's Bacon and Cheese flavor. Valid for dine-in or carry-out.

Angel's Pizza Club

please read the card's cover for more details.


Also on 15th of July, Angel's Pizza and Globe Tattoo tied up to give us Globe Tattoo Sonic Internet Stick.

Angels Pizza.Pasta.Combo Free Globe Tattoo Sonic Stick

For every 600 pesos worth of Pizza plus Globe products transaction, we will earn 1 point. After collecting 10 points, we can have our own Globe Tattoo Sonic Stick. So dont forget to get card (as photo above) and bring it with you and present it on every purchase so that you will not miss a single point. Just read the full mechanics on the card.


Lastly, come this August, Angel's Pizza.Pasta.Combo will launch its website for fast and easy on-line orders. As of this moment, its in the works so let's all watch out for it in www.angelspizza.com.ph

Photo herein is captured using
Fujifilm Finepix XP100 in
Angel's Pizza.Pasta.Combo
Makati Ave., Makati City, Philippines
last 11th of July 2013

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