October 28, 2011


18 October 2011
Catered by Les Paellas Cafe

On my last entry - the Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch - the organizers gave us free meal and it was catered by Las Paellas Cafe. They have 3 dishes captured me and I'll feature this first for I am so guilty about this. Hear (read) my confession.

Bless me my dear readers for I am guilty. I dearly love sweets. I love cola (softdrinks), Leche Flan, Brazo de Merzedes and this...

The first time I heard about Canonigo is in a culinary show which is sadly off the air months ago. The chef who made the demo in TV said Canonigo is just like Leche Flan. To make it more "appetizing" she made is as tall a possible, its really like Leche Flan in a bucket.

For this one, I like its sweetness (not so light and not so heavy either) sadly, I forgot to put the custard sauce on my share. I want to come back for more. *&^% I should had got 3 slices on my first take.

BTW, the photo is the serving platter not my dessert plate.


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