October 5, 2011

World Teachers Day 2011

"Teachers for Gender Equality"

I came across to this photo in Facebook and I admit I cant find the real source of this photo BUT the description says "Re-post if you are a teacher, love a teacher, or appreciate a teacher." Since I do appreciate a teachers' love for work and their dedication is a commitment definitely I can say that "a teacher is a hero". Im not telling this because my GF is a teacher but read letter in the photo then you will see how much I appreciate them. What struck me most was the last line.

photo from Facebook from an unknown author

The word was "investing" not "expending". What the difference you might ask. Experts say that "investing" is expending money to gain returns but expending has nothing to gain thus wasting money. For example, if we buy a freezer for household use that is expending but if we use the freezer to sell - something like ice or process meat - that's investing because we gain something in return.

As for the teachers. they use their own money to buy chalk; materials for visual aids; they even buy some school supplies(paper, pencils/pens) and give it to their students' use. For what? to see their students excel in life and mold them as future leaders, and movers and shakers of our country. That's what they gain thus they are investing.

In the provinces, specially in northern Philippines, some of the houses have this wooden or metal engraving that bears the name and profession. One day, a teacher walks infront of that house and thank the Lord by saying "Thank God! You made him an engineer, he was my former student when he was still in High School".

When was the Last time we thank the Lord for our teachers? Today, right now is the right time.

I salute you our dearest teachers for your dedication, commitment and hard work in molding us to became a better person, a better citizen. With that, I thank You. May the Lord grant you wisdom, knowledge, protection and guidance in every thing you do.

"Teachers for Gender Equality" is this year's global theme. The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) picked that theme because they aim for more women in the teaching profession. Yes, they are more female teachers than men but two-thirds of illiterates are women.

WHAT?! two-thirds of illiterates are women? hmm? I don't know what made them say that OR what are their sources BUT for me, in my own opinion I only have two main reasons why.Before I share that, let me first say that illiteracy knows no gender.

First is culture. Some - if not most - of world culture is prohibiting women to pursue education thus they can't pursue any career or field of expertise. I hope that the world will allow women to pursue education

Second, is the fact that women has a bigger population than men. they say that three babies are born females is to one male baby.

Since its a fact that women has the bigger population, I just hope and pray that world's cultures will allow women to pursue education and career. Its not only for women empowerment but also for the progress of our culture. Let me share this to you as my ending statement and as an example why I'm sharing this.

The Philippines have many cultural groups. Some call it tribe, other are called ethnic group and some call it Indigenous people. There is this one cultural group - lets call it a tribe - that prohibits women to pursue education. One young lady disobeyed their rules, went downtown and pursued education. She then became a teacher. After a few years, she went back home to teach their tribe's children. At first the male adults are mad and angry at her but as they see the tribe's progress thru the education she is giving to the kids, they allowed her to continue, they even built a bigger hut to be their school building. And they lived happily ever after.

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