October 19, 2011

Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch

What's the best thing you've ever printed?

18 October 2011
SM North EDSA Cyberzone
4/f SM North EDSA Annex,
EDSA, Quezon Cty

I got an email from Nuffnang Philippines. They are inviting me to attend the "Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch". After the RSVP instructions, they also asked me to send a photo that to me was the best thing I ever printed. I send it and it was featured on the photo exhibit.

Of course, I am so proud that my photo was posted on that wall. That wall was seen by mall goers and launch audience alike. A little background on that photo.

It was I can say one of the best photo I ever printed. It was taken at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It was my first time to be in Mindanao. With me to take that photo was my GF and her parents. It was also my first time to visit them thus that trip was so memorable. Memories are best on prints isn't it?

We then registered and went inside the event area. I took shoots at the exhibits. They exhibited the photo works of Canon Pixma Brand Ambasadors :

Mr. Jo Avila who exhibited his family photos;

Mr. Per-Andre Hoffmann who exhibited his world adventures;

and Mr. Jun Miranda who exhibited his Cambodia tour.

As I go around the Ambassadors' exhibits the band is sharing their talents. They are really good. The songs they interpreted had this new sound, not just acoustic but the percussion gave it a Latin beat.

After those photo shoots, It's time to charge up a bit. Las Paellas Cafe catered the snacks but this is good enough for me - I'll wont have my dinner. It is a buffet just present your food & drink stubs and to make it more best, it's self-service :D

from 12 o'clock position clockwise : Mozzarella Sticks; Crispy Squid Tentacles; Canonigo; Pasta Chorizo; Chicken Fingers and; Roast Beef Panini. (no photo on ice tea, sorry)

After I ate, I went again to the ambassadors' exhibit for a second wave of glance then I viewed and photo shoot the exhibition for Canon Pixma Printers.

There are 14 printers on display but these five stands out (from topleft corner clockwise) Canon Pixma MP287; Canon Pixma MG8270; Canon Pixma E500; Canon Pixma iP4970; Canon Pixma MG 5370(center).

Then the program started, I went to the front row beside my sister. The program was hosted by the lovely Ms.Honey.

A welcome remarks from the Vice President of Canon.

A video presentation was shown to launch the said five printers. Trivia game was next which participated by some members of the Audience. Then they raffled of minor prizes.The host went to the printer exhibits and asked two of the exhibitors to demonstrate the power of Pixma.

Ms. Jill Santiago of Canon Philippines present the performance of the Pixma Printer both on the field and on the market.

Definitely owning a Pixma Printer is an investment to one's company or home or business. On her presentation, she shared where Pixma got its name. Pixma came from "pix" of "pixel" which means quality print up to the smallest pixel and "ma" from "maximum speed". In short, Pixma means "Fast and Highest Quality prints and images".

Then a game of "scan and print", then another round of raffle of minor prizes. geess! they have lots of prizes instore. Game winners took home a Pixma printer "each" and the consolation prize of a expensive watch. Not bad at all! my sister even got one prize from the raffle.

The host went back to the stage and called the ambassadors to answer 2 questions : What was the best thing you've ever printed? and; Why Pixma?

Mr. Hoffmann's best printed photo was the "Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil" He then shared that I was taken ridding an helicopter just to get those clouds. He chosen Pixma because of Quality.

Mr. Avila's Best photo was "grandfather and grandchild" He shared that this is the most touching moment he captured. In the photo was Mr. Avila's kids and his father. He chosen Pixma for low printing cost.

Mr. Miranda's best photo was the this temple in Cambodia. He chosen Pixma for performance.

With the ambassadors on stage, they announced and awarded the best photo submitted.

The winner, Ms. Joanne Ladrido was not around anymore thus the awarding did not took place and the event was concluded with a raffle of major prizes, they gave away 6 pixma printers.

Sadly, I did not had a chance to own one. Before leaving the event, we took a photo in the Pixma wall and as we leave, organizers gave us a loot bag containing two Rudy Project pouches, a pen and a stick-on notepad.

Even though I wasnt lucky enough to bring home a pixma, I'm still happy to see my photo on that photo exhibit and that exhibit will be there until the 28th of October. That's not just print but an imprint that delighted me always.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
SM North EDSA Cyberzone
4/f SM City Nortth EDSA Annex
EDSA, Quezon City
last 18th of October 2011

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