October 14, 2011

Domain and Web Hosting

I was so happy when I bought my domain name. At first, I am sad because my blog title was bought by another entity and he/she is selling it. I did not bother to check its price it might have an undesirable results - malware to high price. So I stick to my web name and thus the name behind the domain. My happines of being a "dot-com-er" is enough for me to celebrate. Its a one year contract and I need to renew it this November.

Most of Blogger events and blog giveaways offers promotional coupons and even free one-year domain name with web hosting as a prizes. My sister even got one one-year web hosting. Since we are both hosted by this platform, she cannot get the web hosting as of this moment. One time, she even gives it away to me but I have to decline. But I did asked her for we will just save it for next time. Who knows, it might be useful in the future. Further more, Web Hosting is really a good investment. Its like owning a company's stock certificates that in due time it will have a lucrative offer or rewards. My sister then agreed, we will save her Web Hosting Certificate for the rainy days.

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