October 8, 2011

The Next Azkals and Volcanoes

In the sports news, The Philippine Soccer Team called "Azkals" and The Philippine Rugby Team called "Volcanoes" gave their outmost effort in putting the country's name in their respective sport. I salute you guys and keep up the good work.

Whats the difference between Soccer and Rugby anyways? When I was a child, its really a big puzzle for me and I cant really understand why both are called football. The other one is kicking the ball and the other one is running the ball. Here are some thing I just found out.

Football is the most wide played sport in the world. It was called "football" or "foot ball" because its a sport on foot or a sport that needs more foot work.

Rugby is called such because it started in "Rugby School" in England. The game involves physical contact thus the uniform has this armor like padded suit and helmet. The ball is elliptical mostly brown in color and its outlawed to kick the ball thus it is held and ran towards the goal.

As for the Soccer, the ball is spherical with black and white pentagon spots. The ball is kicked or bumped using other body parts except the hands. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball.

Soccer is not new in the country. Even before the Azkals, football stars are in the schools. There are two universities here in Manila that have two to six soccer fields. As for the Rugby, I havent seen a rugby field here but I seen some kids and teens who have a rugby ball and play fetch. Since they dont have the standard Rugby gear, they can play it in a soft manner.

Soccer matches are held every year in some schools here. The kids are so passionate to the game, they look and play like professional athletes. During these events, major sponsors pour in to make the event possible and during the games they have booths to give away promotional coupons. The kids and parents are happy to see such kind of support. These kids really feel like they are little Azkals. I seen kids running and sliding in the corridor just to practice their moves. After their game while resting, they air their sadness because of the highly priced shoes. Even if they can afford it or even if they have discount vouchers, chances are the stocks are limited almost none or the kids' size is not available. So they resort to borrowing shoes from their friends or to those who graduates from school or the most common scenario, when a big kid had out grown their shoes, they gave it to the small kids.

The Azkals and the Volcanoes lifted the kids spirit to their sport. I do hope and pray that these kids will excel in the field and for me, the only way that we can support these kids are thru our cheers and providing them the gears to help them play. A kid with a complete gear has high morale to achieve.

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