November 12, 2011

Aligue Pasta and Roast Beef Panini

18 October 2011
Catered by Les Paellas Cafe

On my last entry - Canonigo - I admited that there are three dishes in the Canon Pixma Exclusive Product Launch that captured me. First was the Canonigo and for this entry I'll share to you the next two dishes.

The second dish this, the Aligue Pasta:

I admit, I did not enjoyed this because of my diet restrictions - so i have to eat in a very small serving. I dont like aligue thus I remove the head every time I eat shrimps or prawns. I only eat crab meat on its claw.

I dont know if the caterer/chef used the real aligue in this dish but as thge name implies, it tells me "I'm yummy" then I said "I just eat in small portion". I dont like aligue BUT the dish really sounds interesting thus it captured my attention.

Lastly is the Roast Beef Panini.

Yes, I know its just an ordinary sandwich to some but for me, this sandwich is for me considered "once in a blue moon" chance to eat.

Both dishes are yummy, I like the tenderness of the pasta and of the roast beef. sadly, I only ate in small portions due to my diet restrictions (for the aligue) and im so shy to get three pieces of sandwich.


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