December 15, 2011

my 33rd Birthday (3rd of 3 entries)

Family Lunch @ Chic-Boy part 2

27 November 2011
Fairview, Quezon City


Part 1 of the Chic-boy Family Lunch is here

On this last part of my birthday series,im sharing to you our Veggies and Dessert orders. But before i move on, i cant help but sharing my views regarding the viral photos of the so called "chic-boy scandal". that said view will be featured lastly on this post.

My sisters ordered these colorful and yummy dishes. If in case you havent seen the second part (the meat dishes) of this series, heres the link. As I said, ill feature on this post the Veggies and Desserts. My younger sister is into veggies thus we have lots of it for this occasion.

Main Entry:

(Spicy) Gising-Gising. Its like chop-suey with a spicy kick. At first i thought its not that spicy but the sauce and the chopped chili kick my throat thus my though was wrong.

Pansit Canton. Birthdays will never be complete with noddles. besides, our mother loves pansit. She can skip rice for pansit.

the most trending and most controversial (as of today) chic-boy dish is this. Kangkong sa Bawang. as its looks, we somehow guessed that Its chopped steam kangkong then sauteed and topped with garlic bits. as we are eating this, we are asking our baby sister to ask their chef on how they did this dish. its not overcooked, its crispy green, slightly oily but it's OK, it sauteed and the toasted garlic bits on top complements the texture and flavor.

as for desserts, we had:

Turones con leche. a strip of plantain banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper served with milk sauce dip.

and leche flan.

Overall, the veggies are all not overcooked, the colors are still vibrant and crispy fresh. That is why i really dont get the logic is to why someone or some entity is ruining the "kangkong sa bawang" dish. My views on the controversy is below the credits.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Pearl Drive cor Commonwealth Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines
last 27th of November 2011


I guess i have the right to share my views about the controversy since i was had that dish and i can tell that the controversial photo is fabricated. here are some of my observations on why i find it fabricated.

1) the kangkong, both stalk and leaves, are chopped into an average of 1cm in length but "pillar" is inches in length. So i guess if the kangkong is mishandled, "pillar" should be chopped too, but its not, its whole.

2) the fabricated photo has a hint of sauce on it (on the right side of "pillar". but the original dish doesn't have a sauce.

3) "pillar" is more thicker than the kangkong and i do believe its not the typical pest of kangkong. I havent seen such kind of pest in kangkong. snails (kuhol) are to me the pest of kangkong.

4) since "pillar" is bigger than the kangkong, it should have been seen and removed by the crew immediately. The crew will not intentionally leave it behind for it will only put their jobs in jeopardy.

5) I have many more views but it not yet that organized. But I guess, both parties are settling this issue in judicial court.

6) Fabricated or not, we should not judge the whole company by/from a certain branch's fault.

7) lastly since i have these views, i am still "team chic-boy".

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