December 14, 2011

agent112778 was LIVE on the "Suplado Show"

12 December 2011
Suplado Show Studio
Makati City


Our co-blogger Ms. Stef of Life and Fever ( asked everyone to create a cancer awareness post for a charitable cause. Many responded including me. (my cancer awareness post is here.) After a few weeks, she then said that some of the responders will be given a chance to guest at the Suplado Show. She created a shorlist of guest and I am one of them. After another few weeks, That show guesting was scheduled on Dec 12 2011 and i made it.

What is the "Suplado Show":

Suiplado Show is an internet talk show aired over Digradio.PH every mondays 9-11pm. The show is hosted by Mr. Stanley Chi - a comedian and TV personality. To me, its somehow like "late show with David Letterman".

I first seen Mr. Stanley Chi on a TV show called "Front Act with Mike and Stanley". Which later becomes "Hecklines" which is aired every Saturdays 11pm over GMA News TV 11.

On with the Show:

As the time goes near 9pm, many of us invited are arriving one-by-one. When Ms. Stef and Mr. Stanley arrived, She set up the buffet table for use to eat as He set-up his desk to start the show.

We are about more than 10 invited guest and each gap will interview three guest. On the first gap, its me with Ms. Jesrhell ( and Ms. Gellie ( I cant remember all the questions and answers that transpired on our gap. Mr. Stanley gave us many times to promote our respective blogs in between Q&As. We also had two phone-in questions and they won our tokens: caller Supermom got my GCs and; a male caller won Gellie's body care products. After our gap, Ms. Stef asked for our cameras so that she can take our souvenir photos.

* left to right : Me; Ms. Jesrhell; Mr. Stanley and Ms. Gellie

Its all fun. Im happy that i promoted my blog and i hope that the listeners on that night will come and visit my and other guests' blogs.

After i finished my dinner plate. I bid thank you and good bye to Ms. Stef then went strait home.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot SX130is in
R&D Building
Guijo St., San Antonio, Makati City
last 12th of December 2011

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