November 28, 2011

Instant Fashion Red Carpet

Wedding is a milestone in one's life. I've been invited in some weddings as a guest and as part of the entourage. For me, being a male, outfits for wedding is just simple, I'll just wear casually in short sleeved polo in slocks or ill dress formally : in a long sleeved shirt and tie or; the Philippine Barong Tagalog and its done. But as for women - as I observed - its a detailed task from choosing a perfect pair of footwear that matches an outfit to hair and make-up and nails too. I know, because I live with three women -my mother and my two sisters. The memories of my parents' 25th wedding anniversary is now at the in the back of my mind.

* faces are intentionally blurred to protect privacy and identity
** from the stock photos of sugarplumfairy-lyn

Choosing wedding outfits for women requires full attention to details. First, they will ask the bride when will be the wedding and their motif. after that they will decide weather if the dress will be: store bought; rented or; tailored. One has different pros and cons but store bought is the first choice.

Technology now is so good, you can now chose and buy online just like the wedding outfits for women at their wedding store online.

For the year 2011 alone, my mother and my youngest sister, i think, was invited for 3 to 5 weddings. My mother was invited to became one of the principal sponsors and my sisters to become guest and our mother's companion. So in every invitation, they really made it into a point that they will dress and look nicely in whatever outfit they wear.The latest wedding they attended was the photo above.
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