December 2, 2011

my 33rd Birthday (2nd of 3 entries)

Family Lunch @ Chic-Boy


"Where we will be this sunday?" baby sister asked me. "Chic-boy!!!" I answered. "Mommy wants to dine in there too." This is the short conversation we had days before 27th of November.

My baby sister now works at Chic-boy and I guess that made our mother interested in dining in there. We did not went to baby sister's work place but we dined in Chic-boy's Fairview branch because its the nearest branch.

Chic-boy got its name from CHICken and baBOY (pork). Baby sister said that the owners once went to Cebu and tasted the famous Lechon Cebu and felt in love with it thus they put-up this food joint when they got home.

Mother and sisters went ahead to the place. I went first to place an order of Spaghetti as my treat for CFC Singles for Christ.

Main Entry:

For this entry I'll feature the meat section of our Lunch.

Chic-Boy's Specialties:

Lechon Manok;

Lechon Liempo.

Baby sister love sisig thus she ordered Lechon Sisig with egg.

Baby sister knows I love Japanese food thus she pointed Chic-Boy's Japanese line. She also said that she forgot to order drinks for me thus I ordered a bottomless Ice tea and this Tuna Sashimi.

Both Lechon Manok and Liempo is so good. They reason why I love lechon. I'm skeptical in eating liempo BUT we got a meaty(less fat) part so I had more than the usual.

As for the sisig, the sizzling plate is so big for its content thus the sisig was totally cooked from the remaining heat of the plate. Its good but since it was cooked so well-done we did not totally enjoyed it.

AS for the sashimi. Its thick than the competition but when they served it to me its somehow still frozen so I let it thaw for a while, while I savor our orders.

Next week, I'll feature the Veggie and the Dessert section of our Lunch so please visit me again.


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Pearl Drive corner Commonwealth Ave.,
East Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines
last 27th of November 2011

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