February 22, 2011

Tuesday Couch Potato # 79: Agape / Unconditional Love (To Love Selflessly)

Schindler's List

Justification to the week's Theme:
In world's darkest days, Oskar Schindler sacrificed his money, position and almost everything to save 1,100 Jews.

A jew gave up his tooth gold-filling just to create a gold ring for Mr. Schindler.

Likes: the girl in red coat, the making of the list, the ending where they showed all Schindler survivors.

Hates: kids hiding in toilets, black and white format

Quote : " whoever saves one life, saves the world entire"

Philippine Movie Classification : Restricted (R)

Summary and Info are here:
Yahoo! Movies Info and Reviews
Wikipedia Info

Have fun with the Movies

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