February 8, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 74 of 365 and
Tuesday Couch Potato # 77 : Phileo / Friendship Love (Camaraderie and Friendship)


Our neighbor just arrived from a trip in Davao City and they gave us Durian Candies.

Justification to the week's Theme:
Protagonist Lightning McQueen is a selfish race car who values fame in winning the "Piston Cup". He did not value the friendship of his semi-trailer truck "Mack" and partnership with "rustees" guys.

Camaraderie : I seen this to the "radiator springs" populace who makes and effort to clean, beautify and promote their town. They have each and everyone inspite of the hardships of life.

Friendship: The selfish Lightning McQueen became more friendly and compassionate to his new found friends in Radiator Springs. Further more, the rusty "Mater" which is a tow truck valued McQueen as his Best Friend inspite McQueen's selfish character.

Likes: the cars (characters); when McQueen pushed-towed King towards the finish line and said "the king must finish the race". When Mater rode the helicopter

Hates: nothing :D

Philippine Movie Classification : General Patronage (GP)

Summary and Info are here:
Yahoo! Movies Info and Reviews
Wikipedia Info


Digiscrapbook Layout created in Microsoft Visio
using "DCWV Fall Stack 23" as a paper background

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