February 11, 2011

MyProject 365 Cycle 01 : 77 of 365 and
Food Trip Friday # : 98

Steamed is the new Fried

My sisters are out to attend a bloggers event. Its juts me and my mom for dinner. When I met my mom at the market, she suggested to steam these Tilapya for dinner. She bought Okra too for her lunch tomorrow and It will be steamed too. While she is at it, I bought fish paste.

Yes! steamed is the new fried hre in our home. no more fried. No more flipping and no more oil splatters =))

In the photo is the Tilapya stuffed with tomatoes on the belly. as a side dish, i put in some okra in the second half of the steaming time. Since we are Filipinos, tomato and fish paste for mom and for me, in a separate bowl (the with w/ a spoon) I added onion, ginger, vinegar and chili-garlic sauce.

hmmm??? I wonder how its gonna taste like if i baked it in tomato sauce and cheese on top :-?

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