October 29, 2010

Sky Watch Friday : Season 04 - Episode 16

Lumbia Airport (5 of 5)

a photo of Lumbia Airport's passengers from a flight from Manila which will turnaround and it will be my flight home to Manila. the orange umbrella are the airline's property for the use of passengers for this very sunny day. the passengers must return it when they approached the arrival hall and baggage belt.

Lumbia Airport is commonly refered as Cagayan de Oro City Airport, which is located in Misamis Oriental, Philippines. it has an IATA code of "CGY" and an ICAO code of "RPML". its a domestic airport with routes to&from: Manila, Cebu & Davao serviced by three airlines.

Background of the Entry:

the night before my flight to Manila, i was texted (message thru SMS) by a certain airline employee that my flight will be re-scheduled 2 hours late. I was kinda confused for i don't fully understand the reason - the aircraft assigned to my flight will under go additional serving- but i am more skeptical to the legitimacy of this message. Thus, me and my Girlfriend decided for me to be at the airport as scheduled just in case the text is just a hoax. with my Girlfriend's parents they brought me to the airport. upon check-in, i immediately asked the clerk if the message is true, they said yes and its from their ticket office. so i saved that number on my phone, check-in my bag and i went out of the airport, went to the mall, have an early lunch then went back to the airport's pre-departure area. i waited there for about an hour more before i finally boarded my flight. during this long wait, i had the chance to take photos of the sky, thus this entry.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Lumbia Airport
Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 31st of August 2010

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