October 5, 2010

My Teacher, My Hero

World Teachers' Day 2010

photo taken from Manila Bulletin using Canon Powershot a580

I am so glad that my Girlfriend is a teacher, and I'm proud of it. I really admire her for she is one of those who mold these children not only to be ready for school but also be ready for life and to make a difference. She makes me proud every time she touches the hearts, minds and life of these children. Every time she shares to me the stories how did these children appreciates her deeds though hugs and kisses, I can really fell her full happiness and gratitude. "I love you miss"; "thank you miss"; "why are you absent miss? i missed you" are some of the words that makes her heart melt.

to you pangga, and to your co-teachers,to all teachers out there.....

THANK YOU FOR your hard work and dedication to teach us,
THANK YOU FOR your sacrifices just to mold us on who are we now,
THANK YOU FOR not for you, we will not excel in their own field, careers and profession.
YOU are MY HERO!!!

in behalf of all students,


MAY THE LORD bless you;
grant you wisdom and knowledge
as you prepare your lesson plans,
deal with your students and their parents;
protection going to and from the school;
strength of both body and mind, character and spirit;
and may He replace all your sacrifices with His immortal Love.

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