October 9, 2010

Food Trip # 71 : the Cakery

Moist Chocolate Cake

Me and GF and her family loves Moist Chocolate Cake thus choosing the right wedding cake for GF's parents' renewal of vows is so easy. We ordered this cake at "Burp" and when we got it, they changed their name into "Cakery". We bought it here since we got many good feedbacks and GF herself is satisfied with the taste. Even her sister and some of her friends got their wedding cakes here. To add more convincing factor, they got the lowest price to that date.

It was the time of rotational brownouts in the city, so GF ordered this cake in full advance so that they can make some adjustments for them to meet our deadline. But sadly, GF and me are not satisfied by saying "we should had bought red ribbon instead". We did not dared to rant our dismay to the management. We just blamed the brownout and left the question "why other cakes the made was far better than this?" hanging.

This cake was made on April 2010 and her sister wedding was May 8, 2010 and the cake is sooo gooood thus the question really hangs.Good thing it was good, if not, this rant manages its way to the management.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Grand City Hotel
Velez st., Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 26th of April 2010

Digital Scrapbook was created using Microsoft Visio
using "atomic turquoise 1" as background paper by sandylion

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