October 20, 2010

adendum : Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

I am Sad.I am Happy

18th of October 2010
I received an SMS from http://www.nuffnang.com.ph stating that I got/won two (2) movie premier tickets for the screening of "the social network" the next day(19 October 2010). I was then advised to confirm my attendance, and I did. After a few hours, I opened my Email stating that I really won those tickets. Once again, I confirmed my attendance.

Both messages (from SMS and Email) came from the same person, same entity and same message content thus I can clearly say its not a hoax. So thus the typhoon "Megi" (aka typhoon "Juan" in the Philippines) with its rains are keep on knocking on to our roof. Now im worried.

19th of October 2010
The typhoon's rains are still alive and kicking. Thus, I finally decided that I will not go to brave the rains, floods and traffic just to see that movie. I rather spare my life's long dream that to get soaked and get sick. In short, I send an SMS to the same person who SMS me to cancel my attendance and dishonor any claims on my behalf.

20th of October 2010
I hope that the next time I'll win a movie premier or any prizes that need to be claimed into the sponsors' office, I hope its not raining or any kind of fortuitous events.

Yes! I am sad for not doing one of my life's dreams, but I am happy that we (me and my Family) suffered minimally in the typhoon's rains.

I am sad for I did not met and greet my fellow bloggers and nuffies, but I am happy to be with my family during this storm. I am much happier that I had a chance to call my Pangga.

Problems can be a disaster or a blessing, its up to us where to look at.

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