August 20, 2010

Sky Watch Friday : Season 4 - Episode 06

Manila Bay Sunset 3 of 4

The most famous scene here in the Philippines is the coastal horizon. Our country is an archipelago of 7,100+ islands, coastal horizons is not that far. Be it a sunrise or sunset, viewers will always be captivated by it's majestic beauty.

For the next few weeks, I'll feature photos of world renowned sunset of Manila Bay. My location that time was in the view deck of Manila Ocean Park. Here's my 3rd of 4 photos.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Manila Ocean Park
Quirino Grandstand grounds, City of Manila, Philippines
last 30th of December 2009



AL said...

I believe you, Philippines is a beautiful place and I'm looking forward to your nice photos soon.

Gwendolyn L said...

Great idea. Lovely photo. I like the colors of the sky against the ship. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

Lovely photo and the Phillipines does look beautiful.

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