August 6, 2010

Food Trip # 43 : @ P. Joe's Dinner (1 of 2)

Sizzling Squid

P.Joe's Dinner captured my interest first hand by its facade. It has replica of plane parts. The second floor has the cockpit, wings and turbo prop engines and at the entrance has the tail. On my second visit to Cagayan de Oro, me and my Girlfriend had a dinner date there and the place is amazing. It's like a war museum inside and themed in the 50's American diner place. It has posters and lots of memorabilia. When I went to the second floor, the area is not clean. The crew said the rain messed up the place thus it's still dump and wet like a flood went thru it.

Since I'm not into fatty foods, I always order fish or seafood. I first ordered for sizzling ostrich - yes, I'm not yet got over with my Cusina de Oro experience - but sadly the meat is not available so I ordered this. It's big enough to fill my appetite. I forgot if it is stuffed or not but what I do remember was I enjoyed my meal and my dinner date with my girlfriend. The gravy is enough to cover or to sauce the big squid. The squid is tender perfect to the bite and the mixed veggies make it more wholesome. I'll feature her - my Girlfriend's - meal on the next entry (that would be tomorrow). The meal and the ambiance is good and I like to visit it again.

BTW, as i said, we dinned here on my second visit (January 2010) and upon my third visit (April 2010) P.Joe's Dinner has changed its name. It's now called Bistro. I haven't got the chance to visit the diner again so I can't tell the difference as of this writing. Probably this change of name was the reason why somehow the second floor is not that well maintained. The interest of going back to this dinner escalated and when I had that chance to visit it again, I'll tell you more, but for now, until next time.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
P. Joe's Dinner / Bistro
LKK Rosario Arcade, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 12th of January 2010



Guiltless Grub said...

Ah, I've never tried a squid that saucy. It looks interesting.

shydub said...

My favorote squid, kung paano mn yan niluto im sure superb and sarap.

Jenn said...

Ayoko ng sizzling squid...gusto ko calamares. :)

My FTF entry is up HERE. Happy weekend!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Namamasyal lang,Jay..

Vernz said...

droooooling sige hanap ako nito sa Davao... heheh.. Sarap mukha palang.

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Luna Miranda said...

sizzling squid is good, especially when the squid is fresh.

charmie said...

I like sizzling squid..I'm sure this is delicious mukha pa lang masarap na!

Gee said...

I am getting hungry looking at all these delicious recipes said...

I love Squid basta huwag lang yung sobrang malaki nakakatakot na kainin, lol!

Newlyweds said...

looks yummy! anything basta squid i like.. ; )

blankPixels said...

Squid - my favorite seafood! Gosh.

I haven't tried sizzling squid with that much gravy, though. Thanks for sharing 'cause now, I'd love to try it at our next food trip.

- blankPixels of -

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