August 14, 2010

Food Trip # 47 : @ Vienna Kaffeehaus (3 of 5)

Beef Stroganoff

For the 3rd dish. i'll present my Girlfriend's order.

i was so surprised that she exclaimed that its not delicious. out of curiosity, i asked her for me to have some, she did and she waited for my reaction. all i can say that time was "bakit ganun?!" then i asked her to mix every thing up because its not creamy that a stroganoff must have. the cream (the white sauce) is not mixed in the sauce, it was swirled in the middle, for plating i guess. after she finished mixing it all up, its still taste the same. in short, we are both not satisfied. my guess, the beef, the sauce and the cream should have been cooked all together so that the cream will bind its flavor to the beef and sauce.

background of this entry:

January 2010, My Girlfriend's sister and her fiance invited both of their families to have a get to know dinner in this restaurant. Luckily I am present on that day and I was also invited. At last, I said to myself, I can now go and dine in this very inviting restaurant that captured my interest from the day I first heard about it.

Sorry for the low quality photo, the function room is dimly lit from its little incandescent bulbs they use. I cannot also have a good angle in taking the photos. The food they ordered is far from me so I used the zoom which makes it (more) blurry.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Vienna Kaffeehaus
Velez st., Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 10th of January 2010


1 comment:

maiylah said...

I don't think i've been there before. well, medyo malayo kami from CDO (we stayed in Malaybalay) so food tripping in CDO was reserved on weekends. lol. too bad it wasn't what you expected...maybe some of their dishes tasted good? :)

thanks for playing again, Jay
enjoy your weekend!

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