August 13, 2010

Food Trip # 46 : @ Vienna Kaffeehaus (2 of 5)

Neptune Platter

For the 2nd entry, i'll present this crispy Seafood, ordered by yours truly.

It's really hard to decide on what to order specially if there are many to choose from and you like most of it. that's my dilemma when i ordered in this restaurant. so i focused myself in seafood section and come across to this meal.

It's a platter indeed with garden salad of lettuce, carrots and cucumbers w/ mayo based dressing (top bowl). a crispy cuts of shrimps, squid and tuna with dip - garlic ranch i guess - plus rice. i ordered bottomless lemonade so that i can fully enjoy my meal. i also ordered an extra rice, the viand is to much for one cup =))

background of this entry:

January 2010, My Girlfriend's sister and her fiance invited both of their families to have a get to know dinner in this restaurant. Luckily I am present on that day and I was also invited. At last, I said to myself, I can now go and dine in this very inviting restaurant that captured my interest from the day I first heard about it.

Sorry for the low quality photo, the function room is dimly lit from its little incandescent bulbs they use. I cannot also have a good angle in taking the photos. The food they ordered is far from me so I used the zoom which makes it (more) blurry.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Vienna Kaffeehaus
Velez st., Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 13th of January 2010


3 comments: said...

As long as you mentioned Seafood, I always go for it!

Gizelle said...

Nice, they named it in German, but it should have been "Wiener Kaffeehaus" para authentic ;-) kaso nga copyrighted hehe.

Anyway, this looks good as does the Stroganoff...happy FF!

Newlyweds said...

visiting and nakikikain, followed you through google connect..

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