August 7, 2010

Food Trip # 44 : @ P. Joe's Dinner (2 of 2)

Baby Back Ribs

As I promised yesterday (06 August 2010) that I'll share to you my Girlfriend's meal when we had our dinner date here in P.Joes Dinner.

She ordered this very yummy looking meal. very mouthwatering indeed, that I almost forgot my "no-fatty food" rule. She gave me a chance to taste it. Even on a bite sized meat, I can trully say its so yummy. It doesn't taste like "A1 steak sauce".

I don't like Baby Back Ribs not because of the "no fatty food" rule, but because of I always say to myself that "all baby back ribs are 90% rib bones and 10% meat" and that's not a good deal. but I was so wrong when she said to me she can't finish it and gave me the rest of it. good thing it's not fat laden in the first place thus she left me more of lean meats. in short, that serving seen in the photo is intended for one person BUT it's so big it can serve two thus she cant finish her meal.

the only rants I can give to this restaurant is the service is so slow :( I don't know why. at that time they are only serving three tables that's about six persons. while me and my Girlfriend where chatting while waiting for that slow service, we seen the table in front of us, but in distant - the entrance pathway in between. the server gave them a bottle of beer. after a few seconds, before the server can reach the said table, the customer flip her bottle of beer upside down. the server grabbed the bottle and went to change it. the bottle is not empty, its just totally frozen. me and girlfriend giggled to silence our laughter and i told her "why do they serve it totally frozen, i hope that they check all bottles and put frozen bottles in room temperature so that they can serve it cold. well, i just hope that they will change these rants now that they change its name.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
P.Joe's Dinner / Bistro
LKK Rosario Arcade, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 12th of January 2010


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maiylah said...

i try to stay away from fatty foods, too...but i almost always fail. hehehe. that's too bad about their poor service. when that happens i try to stay away from the place, kahit masarap ang food. i hope they offer delivery service, though. ;)

thanks for playing again, Jay
enjoy your weekend!

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