May 30, 2010

Kitchen Lab # 06 : from Yummy Magazine May 2010 page 30

Tuna Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls. i virtualy tried it all but i never used canned tuna. i always use fresh fish meats. i saved time doing this dish since canned tuna is already cooked and flaked.

for the exact recipe, pls buy the Yummy Magazine May 2010 issue. ill just share to you my version of it since not all ingredients are staple in our kitchen.

first, i drained canned tuna (i used "flakes in oil"). onion, garlic, tuna, chopped onion leaves and celery. set it aside to let it cool.

wrap it on lumpia wrappers, sealing it using slury. deep fry until brown. drain in paper towels then serve while cripy hot.

for this dish, i added a sliced hotdog (1/4 lengthwise) for more appetizing and appeling to the kids.

the next time ill do this dish, ill use "hot and spicy" tuna or the corned tuna. i wonder how it will taste if i used other flavored tuna like bicol express and adobo.

Have FUN FUN FUN in the kitchen, for a happy cook makes hearty meals :D

ive been a fan of yummy magazine. in fact i have atleast 3 blog post herein. i collected each copy every month. we can now expedience the yummyness of this magazine here in the cyber world. their main website is full of fun, information and of course, yummy recipes. you can also catch them in twitter at and in facebook at so, what you are waiting for, log in, add them in twitter and facebook, browse in their web page and start cooking.

share to us too about your yummy experience.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
our Home Kitchen
last 14th of May 2010



Bogie said...

Nice one! You are indeed a great cook! Thanks for joining.

Perfectly Blended

tatess said...

my kids like tuna spring roll but I always use canned tuna in water. saves me time to prepare.

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