May 28, 2010

Kitchen Lab # 05 : from Yummy Magazine May 2010 page 42


Farmhouse Chicken Soup

here's another dish from a glossy magazine. a classic chicken soup but a new one for me. while im reading the recipe, i immediately said to myself "why didn't i think of that!". a great, hearty and creamy good old sopas using potatoes instead of pasta. budget saver and time saver indeed.

for the exact recipe, pls buy the Yummy Magazine May 2010 issue. ill just share to you my version of it since not all ingredients are staple in our kitchen.

first, tenderize chicken pieces (i used chicken breast) by boiling it in water, peppercorns, half of a carrot, celery, salt and onions. skim off scums and oil while boiling. when done, strain and save the stock. shred chicken meat discarding its bones. set both aside.

then, saute garlic, onions and chopped bacon. add celery, cubed potatoes and carrots (new set of carrots; not the one used in broth). sprinkle 1 1/2 Tbsp of flour.

pour stock and bring to boil. lower the heat and simmer until veggies are done. add all purpose cream (heavy cream was used in the magazine) and the shredded chicken. mix well, season w/ salt and pepper to taste.

serve while hot w/ bread, rice or crackers.

for this photo i garnished it w/ chopped leeks and a fried wanton wrapper.

Have FUN FUN FUN in the kitchen, for a happy cook makes hearty meals :D

ive been a fan of yummy magazine. in fact i have atleast 3 blog post herein. i collected each copy every month. we can now expedience the yummyness of this magazine here in the cyber world. their main website is full of fun, information and of course, yummy recipes. you can also catch them in twitter at and in facebook at so, what you are waiting for, log in, add them in twitter and facebook, browse in their web page and start cooking.

share to us too about your yummy experience.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
our Home Kitchen
last 14th of May 2010



maiylah said...

hearty dish! :)

will go check out the website
thanks, Jay!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

With the way you post all your experimental recipe, looks like someone is getting married soon *wink*, she's one lucky girl because you can cook good! :)


Anonymous said...

Nyak! I thought naman ikaw lang mismo nag-experiment nito, galing pala sa magazine. :)

My FTF post is right HERE. Hope you could visit. Happy weekends!

Sunshine4Life said...

Hmmm ang sarap. am not much of sopas but this one looks tempting, Jay!

Great for the rainy season ay.


Cecile said...

yum, sarap naman ng soup mo, ma try nga yan :-) thanks for the link.

Clarissa said...

yummy and hearty soup!!I bet your pangga will love this!!^_^

chubskulit said...

Ahem, wedding belss na ba lol, nakiusyuso eh..

Sarap naman nyna!

Spice Up Your Life

Luna Miranda said...

getting ready for a filling midnight snack, are you? :P

momgen said...

I like it yummy...Happy FTF!

Mine is here

iska said...

I like sopas, especially during cold, rainy day. Sometimes I prep my chicken sopas with pasta and potatoes together.

Sheren-May said...

Nice recipe... surely I will try that... thanks for sharing... Have a great day ahead Jay!

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