October 18, 2009

La.Pi.S # 70 : Strawberry


Pink Midnight Snack

I'm laughing to myself. just imagine, a big guy like me likes this pink midnight snack or breakfast.

its colored pink due to it strawberry flavor. a yogurt drink with strawberry juice and a strawberry flavored butter.

hmmmm ????? i hope that one day there will be a pink coffee too =)) until then, lets have some pink power.

when the LaPiS theme 1st came, i noticed that Ms.Admin used my idea to use one ingredient as a theme ingredient (ala iron chef). i was definitely amazed and happy but i became worried for this theme. strawberries are not that abundant here in the Philippines - specially now that the farms and roads are ruined due to the last storm. yes, the grocery has canned, frozen, preserved, jams, jellies and flavored ones, thus i used this as an entry.

Have a great day ka-Lasang-Pinoy :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
last 17th of October 2009
in our home



Mirage said...

haha ok lang yan! masarap talaga wala tayo magagawa kahit fenk pa!

Pinky said...

Strawberry flavored butter? Bago yan a! Masarap ba?

Di baleng magpaka-pink ngayong linggo, macho ka pa rin naman sabi ni pangga - hahaha!

Happy LaPiS, Jay!

Clarissa said...

No problem 'bout that pink thingy,Pareng Jay--lalakeng-lalake ka naman sa panigin ni Pangga mo!!\(^0^)/

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