October 11, 2008

Taste My Life # 02 : Culinary TV Viewier

I am so hook on Culinary TV shows

When I was on my elementary days, I'm fascinated with this Chinese Cook and his show "Wok with Yan". Then I became a "Tita Maggi" fan (a lady dressed in yellow and red dress who endorses and uses Maggi products). Then "Del Monte Kitchenomics" segment on a noon time show and I became a Kitchenomics member.

At present, i follow numerous kitchen TV shows, thanks to Lady Han & Jang Geum (characters in a Korean TV soap "Jewel in the palace") and to the Iron Chef (tokyo). Since Culinary is a major thing and profession today, I believe there is more shows and segments to come.

Here is the list of shows and cooking segments I follow, and this is not listed or arrange in any order or rank.

"A Taste of Life with Heny Sison", sadly its off the air, don't know why. I am just a simple Heny Sison fan :)

"Ka-toque"; QTV11; Sat 11am. A group of young Chefs who battle with each other who can win over the guests' discriminating taste.

"Tablescapes: Life on a plate"; Studio 23; Mon 11pm. Its a travel and cooking show. The Host Chef Bruce Lim wonders the place to source out native dishes and cook/mimic it back home. Since not all local/native ingredients are readily available here in Manila, Chef Bruce make use of a better substitute. While Angel Aquino tour the viewers of the place and buys some household items and use it on the shows later part - the dinner. At dinner, both host will met and dine together with a guest.

"True Confections"; QTV 11; Sat 6pm. A baking and dessert show with Pastry Chefs Aileen Anastacio and Jackie Ang Po and TV host Sam Oh. I am really amazed how these bakers do the presentation of simple baked goodies. They just stated airing last sat (oct 4, 2008) and it is a blast! cant wait for the next episode.

"Quickfire: 10 minute kitchen wonder"; QTV 11; daily 6pm & 7pm; sat & sun 9pm. This is a 10 minute segment hosted by Chef Rosebud Benitez. She does quick & easy dish in just 10 minutes. this is good for busy people and for those "unexpected guest".

"Chef to Go"; QTV11; sun 7pm. Hosted by Chef Rob Pecson who cooks a full course meal for its guest(s). Same quick and easy to prepare meals.

"tara lets"; segment of "the beat"; QTV11; mon 10pm. Where the host Tonypet Gaba tours and reviews restos and other dinning places. Oh! I envy his work.

"rapsa papa"; segment of "balik-bayan"; QTV11; fri 10pm. Where the host Drew Arellano tour diferent places where stars are born & grew up. at this segment he will cook a local dish.

If I'm lucky, I can watch early morning cooking segments but its hard to wake up that early just to wait for the cooking segment to come. I'm still sleepy. It is hard to wait when you are sleepy, I will definitely doze-off in waiting.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid sponsorship nor endorsement to the said shows, personalities, website links and entities.


mikky said...

cooking with the dazas was my favorite... :)

shutterhappyjenn said...

Love ko si Rachel Ray! I love the way she tosses salt "for good luck." Hehehehehe.

maricar said...

hi! i read your article about heny and how you missed her old show. well, you might be pleased to know that she is coming our tomorrow with a new cooking show (with a twist!), as she will now be seen travelling to different regions. i hope you will have the time to watch it. it's a very different heny... thanks!

maricar said...

oh, by the way, heny sison's new show is entitled HENY'S KITCHEN. it will premiere november 23, 2008, every sundays thereafter, 8:30-9 am, QTV. thanks again!

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