October 10, 2008

Taste My Cooking # 01 : Orange Chicken

Grilled Chicken:

1 Chicken Breast Fillet (skin & bone off)
1 Maggi Savor Liquid Seasoning – to taste
1 tsp Maggi Magic Sarap
Black pepper, ground – to taste
Orange Zest

Marinade chicken in the remaining ingredients for at least 30 min.
Drain marinade mix for the sauce.
Grill or fry until done.
Set aside.

Orange Sauce:

Juice from 1 Orange
1 Tbsp Cornstarch
Sugar – to taste
1 tsp Maggi Magic Sarap
Marinade mix

Mix all in a saucepan.
Fire up the stove to low fire. Simmer until slightly thick.
Mix in the chicken. Simmer once again until desired thickness.


Arrange the chicken and pour the sauce on top. Garnish with sliced orange

submitted to yummy magazine as entry to a promo from Maggi Magic Sarap
original posting date was oct. 7 but re-dated for food friday entry


Jenn said...

May nakita akong ganito sa Yummy Magazine, pero fried chicken. Gagawin ko sana. Teka, where did you get the orange? You bought one? Orig recipe ba ito? Send mo sa yummy... hehehehe.

agent112778 said...

original na hindi

hindi kasi common na just like sa KFC's orange chix and chowking's soy chix, i just bind the two.

orig kasi i grilled it and used liquid seasoning. ung iba fried. tapos i didn't used the orange juice sa marinade kasi baka masunog ang natural sugar ng orange juice sa grilling.

sayang lang i forgot to put the orange zest sa marinade, kaya nakalimutan kong isulat sa post.

yan yung natirang orange mo sa ref. nakita ko nung naglinis ako after brownout

Z'riz said...

Hmm I've tasted the Chinese version of Orange Chicken and it IS yummy! :)

Pero ito naman mukhang masarap! hehehe :) Nice ah! Orig pa! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Mukhang masarap huh??Tsaka healthy kasi grilled....


maiylah said...

wow, that looks really tempting! galing naman, you thought of coming up a recipe on your own. :)

thanks for joining, Jay! will add you (once the site is up ... parang down ngayon, couldn't log in)!
happy friday

kikamz said...

hmmm... that's something new. haven't tried one before.

here’s my entry: My Kilawin

liza said...

nakup! bigla naman akong ginutom dito sa entry mo. ang sarap!

salamat sa recipe, susubukan ko ito.

happy ff!

mirage2g said...

I've been seeing this dish na, inisip ko kung saan sa flickr slideshow ko once pala....

It looks sinful! Pahingi!

Mine's here. Happy FF!

mirage2g said...

Katuwa tong magkapatid na to, nagkuhanan pa ng orange sa ref!!! hahaha

mikky said...

looks like a great meal... :)

Lyvvie said...

I love orange chicken. I do not recognize the products you mention. What is in Maggi magic sarap? I may find an alternative. Thank you posting, I will try this soon. Looks great for bento *wink*

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