October 5, 2008

Taste My Life # 01 : Excited to fly

Excited To Fly

Cebu Pacific started their operation in flying every Juan since March 1996. At that same date, I also wanted to fly on one of its planes. After few years, they had these colorful paint jobs on its planes, thus, it made me more got eager and excited to fly. And now that they have all-in fares, seat sales, go-lite fares, fun tours and the youngest Fleet in the country, flying is never that hard to imagine.

On year 2009, I am planning to go to my dream destinations: Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

As February nearly comes, I am getting more and more excited to fly. I will go to Cebu City to attend a conference. From 2002, I have been attending conferences traveling by water or by land but on this conference, I decided to travel by a plane.

I will be with my sister in the conference. We are planning to arrive there a day earlier and leave a day later. We will stroll around where the City of Cebu is famous of - Basilica de Santo NiƱo; Magellan’s Cross; Provincial Capitol and the City Hall; Cebu Archdiocesan Museum. I will also ask some friends to impart us some information about gimmicks or things to do while we are in Cebu.

After the conference, I need to earn again for I will go to Cagayan de Oro to visit a friend. Good thing that she will have a month long vacation on the month of April. I will not only stroll around the city with her but also I will visit her in her home to meet her family.

The last time we talk about this, we were able to plan to go to the following places: St. Agustin Cathedral; Macahambus Adventure Park where there is zipline, rappelling & hanging bridge skywalk; White River Rafting on Cayayan river; to her workplace, a school wherein she’s a teacher; her school in college where there is also a museum; the Provincial Capitol, the City Hall and the Plaza; and my much awaited to see – the Divisioria weekend night market, lastly the Pineapple plantations of Del Monte Corp.

Oh dear! I’m really excited on these plans - to stroll the cities of Cebu and Cagayan de Oro and to meet her after a yearlong of waiting. I hope that she can also attend the conference and that there would be no conflicts on her work schedules and from her Masteral Arts Studies. I really am so excited to see her again as much I am excited to ride on a plane as well.

Dearest Lord, I hope you will grant these wishes, bless my Dreams. As early as now, I am giving you thanks and praise for hearing our prayers.

Parting words:

Cebu Pacific flies daily to our dream destinations. They have all-in rates, go-lite rates and seat sale rates, piso fares and zero fares and even Tour Packages. Check out their website at www.cebupacificair.com for more details on rates and destinations. It is Cebu Pacific's commitment to let every Juan flies and every Juana have fun.
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